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Treasures of Troy

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Treasures of Troy

The Treasures of Troy slot game from IGT is a historical treasure hunt. The video slot game is based on the story of the city of Troy and the elopement of Helen and Paris. Famous historical figures and structures from Troy make their appearance on the reels.

If you love historically themed slots, then this title was made for you. The free spin game bonuses keep the game fresh and exciting. You can wager 1 coin per payline up to a total of 40 coins for 40 paylines and additional 40 coins on 1024 multiways to win.

After that, no matter what amount of paylines you select to wager on, you can multiply your paylines wager by wagering 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, or 30 coins. The return to player (RTP) on this title is 92.90%-95.03%, and there are 40 paylines and 5 columns/5 reels which also count as 20 independent reels in the MultiWays feature.

Bonus Features

The Treasures of Troy slot game is based on Greek antiquity and its treasures. As such, the symbols include treasures like golden pomegranates, belts, shields, and coins. Additionally, the famous characters Helen and Paris as well as the Trojan horse, a sword, and a helmet, make an appearance.

Game Symbols

The high-value symbols include Helen, Paris, and Achilles. The medium to low-value symbols consist of a sword, a helmet as well as four-card suit symbols adorned with golden treasures — an ace with a gold medallion and coins, a king with a gold belt and coins, a queen with a gold belt and coins, and a jack with a golden pomegranate and coins.

The Treasures of Troy logo makes an appearance as the Wild symbol. It replaces all symbols except the brown and purple Trojan Horse symbols and appears on reels/columns 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The brown and purple Trojan horses make their appearance as the free spins symbols.

In the free spins bonus game, the colours get switched up to royal gem colours. The helmet, sword, ace, king, queen, and jack symbols have a royal purple background.

The Paris, Helen, and Achilles symbols also change in the free spins bonus round by facing the opposite direction and getting a different background colour.

Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

Multiway Wins

The Treasures of Troy slot offers unique ways to win. Aside from standard paylines, you can also win via multiways or multiply your winnings when the same symbols appear on one column of reels. With multiways, you get the option to wager on additional 1024 ways to win!

Free Spins Bonus

This game features a free spin bonus round that has its own free spin bonuses built-in.

The Trojan Horse symbol with a brown background will give you the free spin bonuses when it appears two or more times in the base game. This symbol only appears in the third column of reels.

The Trojan Horse symbol with a purple background acts as a free spin symbol inside the free spin bonus game. This symbol also only appears on the central column of reels, and two or more will give you additional free spins while you play the free spin bonus game.

Treasures of Troy Jackpot

This title isn’t a progressive jackpot slot game, but it does offer a jackpot of 200,000 coins as the maximum win for your wagers.

Game Design

The game design offers all the typical card suit symbols like Aces, Kings, and Queens, and it was released in 2013. It’s graphics, look, and sounds follow the overall ancient Greek historical slot theme.

Theme and Graphics

The imagery used in this video slot is based on the story of the Iliad by Homer and features a cast of characters and objects that would have been found in Ancient Greece.

The Treasures of Troy slot game features historical Greek accents like a white marble building with columns as an interface for the reels and the ancient city of Troy as the background. The graphics in the game aren’t the most astounding, but they sure beat some older slot games in its detail.

Sound and Experience

The sounds in the Treasures of Troy game only play when you spin the reels. This lack of consistent background music may be a plus for some people. The sounds that do play are very relaxing harp music during spins, and you may hear a horn when hitting it lucky and lining up a win.

Mobile Compatibility

It’s compatible with all modern Android and iOS devices. You can easily wager and win on both your mobile device and your PC.

Paytables and Winning Combinations

The appearance of the same three or more symbols will equal a win for you. Multiway wins will require four or more appearances of one of the winner symbols. The paytables below are applicable in the free spins bonus game as well as in the base game.

Slots Symbols
Enter your line bet amount:
Slots Symbols
Icon Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
woman-60x60s Woman x1.56 x10 x62.5
red-man-60x60s Red man x1.25 x6.25 x25
blue-man-60x60s Blue man x0.93 x5 x12.5
halmet-60x60s Helmet x0.625 x1.25 x6.25
sword-60x60s Sword x0.625 x1.25 x6.25
a-60x60s A x0.18 x0.93 x3.75
k-60x60s K x0.18 x0.93 x3.75
q-60x60s Q x0.125 x0.625 x1.875
j-60x60s J x0.125 x0.625 x1.875

Treasures of Troy Hits & Misses

These are the main points where the game excels as well as what can still be improved.

  • Pros

  • Tons of ways to win
  • Fun free spin bonuses
  • High RTP
  • Enjoyable sounds
  • Cons

  • Doesn’t have the smoothest reel spin


If you’re a lover of historically themed slots, the Treasures of Troy hits the spot. It’s not the newest video slot game on the market, but the 1024 MultiWays to Win feature will offer a unique and rewarding experience to you.

The relaxing sounds and free game bonuses also make it possible to enjoy this slot during long slot game runs. The higher than average RTP is also a plus.

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🎰 How often will I win?

If you select the 1024 MultiWays to Win feature, you’ll surely win more often. It’s a medium volatility game. This means that you will make regular, medium-sized wins throughout the game.

🎰 What is the minimum wager for this slot?

The minimum wager per coin is $0.01.

🎰 What is the maximum wager for this slot?

The maximum wager is $24 per coin.

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