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What’s great about playing at online casinos is the array of online casinos payment systems that you now have to choose from. There is a payment methods casino variety now to suit every type of player. We understand that this can start to become a little confusing, but below you can check out a variety of safe casino payment methods and learn about their history, pros and cons so you can make the right decision for you when gambling online.

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How To Make Payments For Online Casino Accounts?

  1. Step 1 — Choose your casino

    Use our page to find the best payment in online casino sites for you then sign up for an account with them.
    Everyone will find a casino that suits them.

  2. Step 2 — Choose payment method

    Casinos give us the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of payment options. All are safe and easy to handle. 

  3. Step 3 — Make a deposit and start win

    Head on over to the banking area of your online casino to make a deposit. Choose the payment methods casino section to get started. Now you just have to choose a game and enjoy the excitement of playing casino online



There is a wide range of e-wallet payment method systems to pick and choose from at many online casinos. Some of the most popular e-wallets include:

  • Instadebit – Instadebit is for players in Canada and is used to make safe and secure payment when playing online. You can transfer money from your bank account to his account instantly.
  • PayPal – PayPal is a global brand and there are more Canadian casinos than ever before offering this e-wallet service. This is a great option as it allows you to make instant transactions and there are not usually any fees attached. This is what makes it so incredibly popular.
  • ecoPayz and EntroPay – These payments for online casino sites are from the UK and are available in Canada too. Players will be given a 16 digit account number when signing up and a real card Visa linked card to use with it. Both are great option for deposits and withdrawals.
Using Credit Cards for Online Casino Payments

Using Credit Cards for Online Casino Payments

One of the most popular payment in online casino services is simply to use your credit card. These are convenient as they are accepted at almost every online casino, but if you are using a credit card with a bank based in the US this could be an issue as these banks do not allow you to use your credit card for online gambling. However, you will be able to use it if you get it approved by your province and the Canadian online casino that you want to play at.

What is important to note is that Mastercard is not a credit card that can be used. They cannot be used for deposits or withdrawals and this also includes any Mastercards that are obtained from a Canadian based bank.

If you really want to use a credit card, the best way to do so is to open up an account with your local financial credit union. Independent banks in Canada have a lot more freedom than banks from abroad, therefore, you can enjoy fewer issues when it comes to depositing funds to your casino account or withdrawing your winnings.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards

A prepaid card is a fantastic option as this system does not have to be connected to your credit card or bank. It is secure, easy and you can be completely anonymous while using it. You can get these from a physical retailer and deposit the cash on to it. Before purchasing one, always make sure that it is accepted in the terms and conditions of the Canadian casino you wish to deposit at. When using this payment method you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.



For players who want to use their bank account to fund their payroll, you can do so with an e-cheque payment system. This is an electronic payment that is sent through your bank account. You may have used something similar to this when using the classic travellers cheques in the past. The main difference here is simply that it is electronic. These e-cheques are a very safe online casino payment method to use and some casinos do offer this.

Bank Wire Transfer

Bank Wire Transfer

The vast majority of payment method casino sites accept bank wire transfers. These do require a little more work to complete but are good as players do not have to overshare a lot of their personal information or account details. You will need to contact your bank and ask them to transfer the money to your chosen online casino account.

Instant Banking

Instant Banking

With this online casino payment method, you will be able to link your bank account directly to the casino platform. You will be required to give information such as your cheque numbers and bank account number. Instant banking is okay for deposits and withdrawals, but withdrawals will take longer than other e-wallet services. As long as you are playing at a reputable and trustworthy online casino, this is a safe and secure payment method to transfer funds.

Safe and Secure Casino Payment Methods

Safe and Secure Casino Payment Methods

No matter which payment method you decide to choose, all of the payment methods and online casinos on our site are certified for security and fairness so you can play with complete peace of mind. These casino only accept safe payment methods and use SSL encryption combined with firewall technology to ensure your information and money is safe no matter what payment method you opt for.

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⭐ Are These Payment Methods Safe to Use?

Yes, these payment methods are safe and secure to use. We would never recommend an online payment method that would put your personal details at risk. Many of these payment methods also come with extra security measures that you do not get simply from using a bank card.

⭐ Are There Advantage To Using Online Casino Payments?

Yes, there are advantages to using some online casino payments over others. For example, while some payment methods will have fees attached, others will not. Furthermore, casino online payment methods also have different deposit and withdrawals times which is something to consider if you are impatient and want your winnings fast!

⭐ Are There Disadvantages of Using Online Casino Payments?

There are pros and cons to all casino online payment methods. It is up to you to decide which one has the most advantages that suit your game playing needs and which have too many disadvantages so you can rule them out.

⭐ Do Online Casino Have Extra Security For My Payment Transactions?

On top of using a safe and secure payment method, it is also important that the online casino you are playing at has the right SSL encryption technology as this protects your payments during the transaction.

⭐ Do Casinos Take All These Payment Methods?

No, online casinos will pick and choose what payment methods they accept. While some will offer a wide range of different casino online payment methods, others will only offer a few.

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