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Where to play Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas

Lost Vegas is a zombie-themed online slot powered by Microgaming software. Personalize your gameplay by choosing the Zombie or Survivor mode with unique bonuses available to each. Combined with stunning visuals and highly participatory gameplay, Lost Vegas offers a next-level immersive experience for online slot players.

When zombies attack, you win! When a deadly virus infects Las Vegas, you’re faced with a choice: defend against the zombie horde or join them and wreak havoc on humanity. Lost Vegas has a lot of features and a generous RTP setup.

Bonus Features

Game Symbols

Lost Vegas gameplay includes a variety of symbols that induce special bonuses or rewards. Among them:

  • Wild symbol (Lost Vegas symbol)
  • Scatter symbol (Biohazard Symbol)
  • Free spins (Biohazard symbol)

Players need to spin 3 Lost Vegas/Biohazard symbols to activate Survivor or Zombie free spins (depending on the side you choose when you started playing).

Bonus Rounds & Free Spins 

As zombies close into your hiding place, don’t fret! You just need 3 Biohazard symbols to activate the Free Spin feature. After you’ve obtained 3 Biohazard symbols, Lost Vegas lets you pursue a variety of outcomes based on the side you initially chose.

If you choose to defend the casino with your fellow survivors, you will play Free Spins in the Stash feature (located on the toolbar on the left side of your screen). If a card symbol shows up on a reel, congratulations! That value will be added to the collective stash. All winning lines play again!

Free Spins end once all Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and 10s have been exhausted from the reels. Your Stash earnings will be added to your Bonus Wins at the end of the Bonus rounds.

If you choose to turn on your fellow survivors and swallow their brains, you are rewarded with the Infection feature. This feature helps you infect the Wild symbols in your reels. If a Wild symbol shows up, it automatically becomes the Stacked Wild. Free spins continue until each reel is infected.

Lost Vegas Jackpot

Spinning four or more Wild symbols on any one go makes you a Lost Vegas Jackpot winner!

Game Design

The Lost Vegas slots feature incredible graphics and immersive gameplay, what makes it one of the most unique online slot games available.

Theme & Graphics 

Lost Vegas has the look and feel of the Fallout video game series. The game allows you to place bets and check odds before playing each round. When you score a bonus, there’s a well-rendered animation unique to your side and a particular bonus. Overall, the theme is well-incorporated in the user interface and adds to Lost Vegas’ immersiveness.

Sound & Experience

Lost Vegas stands out for its effective use of real-time quality graphics that indicate bonuses, free spins, etc. For example, the Blackout Bonus prompts the game screen to go black and flicker like a broken streetlight. These animations add zest to your experience and don’t induce lag.

Mobile Compatibility

Lost Vegas is fully compatible with most mobile OS, including iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

Slots Symbols
Enter your line bet amount:
Slots Symbols
Icon Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
wild-60x60s Wild x1.16 x3.33 x10
red-man-60x60s Red Man/zombies x1 x2 x8.33
orange-woman-60x60s Orange Woman/zombies x0.83 x1.66 x6.66
green-man-60x60s Green Man/zombies x0.66 x1.33 x5
purple-woman-60x60s Purple woman/zombies x0.5 x1 x4.16
blue-man-60x60s Blue Man/zombies x0.33 x0.83 x3.33
scatter-60x60s Scatter x0.03 x0.06 x0.33 x1.66
a-60x60s A x0.2 x0.5 x2
k-60x60s K x0.16 x0.5 x1.83
q-60x60s Q x0.13 x0.4 x1.66
j-60x60s J x0.1 x0.33 x1.5
10-60x60s 10 x0.06 x0.33 x1.33

Lost Vegas Hit & Misses

  • Pros

  • Slick visuals and immersive gameplay
  • High-level online slot experience
  • Nuanced bonus system
  • Cons

  • Slot interface might prove daunting for new players


With clean visuals, exciting bonuses and an engaging storyline, Lost Vegas is a cut above regular online slot options.

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Where can I play Lost Vegas?

You can find Lost Vegas on most online gaming websites - we recommend SlotsUp or Sportsbet.

Is it legal to play Lost Vegas where I live?

Always check if a game is legal in your country. has a comprehensive overview of online gambling legality by country.

What is the average payout for a Jackpot in Lost Vegas?

While payouts depend on a variety of factors, jackpot winners can expect between $800-1600 per jackpot.

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