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If you enjoy playing in online casinos, you must have heard about slot volatility. Volatility is one of the key ingredients of good video slot machines. As a significant element of good slot proficiency, we decided to introduce the topic of variance in slot machines. All games have a different level of variance. We typically divide slots into low variance, medium variance, and high variance slots. In this article, we will discuss the medium volatility slots. We will explain what volatility is and how to recognize a slot with medium variance. Moreover, we will show you our top choices when it comes to medium variance slots. 

Playing with medium volatility has several advantages and disadvantages. That is why we included a section dedicated to ups and downs of playing such games.

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What Does Medium Variance Mean?

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Variance is significant for your gameplay. Its principal function is to influence the pace of the game and the total number of wins. In a way, variance represents the temperament of the game. Its level helps you understand how often you can expect gains in your game. 

This element is closely connected with RTP (Return to Player). Content providers try to find the balance between frequency and size of the prizes. To achieve that, they use variance and RTP as two main criteria. 

RTP is the technical indicator of how much money you get back after your place bets. You get cash back through winnings. In theory, medium stability goes well with medium-sized prizes. 

As you can guess, slots with frequent wins belong to the low volatility category. On the other hand, games that often yield gains – but not too often – are in the medium level group. 

Medium variance slots yield substantial wins often. The winnings are not as massive as with highly volatile slots, but they are still bigger than in low-variance games. Moreover, they happen often. Not precisely on every spin, but they are still widespread.

Best Medium Volatility Slots

Players love medium volatility slots. They are entertaining because they always feature exciting themes. For you, we prepared a list of top 3 medium variance titles that you can enjoy in your favourite casinos.

  • guns and roses slot logo

    Guns N' Roses

    Ever since NetEnt released Guns N' Roses, players around the world have been obsessed with games about rock bands. This fantastic 5-reel slot is a story of one of the best bands in the history of music. It sports medium variance, as well as a high 96.98% RTP.
  • game of thrones slot logo

    Game of Thrones

    You can play with your favourite characters from the show in any casino that supports Microgaming's content. Of course, with average variance comes 96.4%RTP and five reels. Microgaming also included 243 winning ways to boost your playtime. If you love branded slots, you must try this one. 
  • Koi Princess slot logo

    Koi Princess

    Players love the game for its simplicity, versatility, and energizing gameplay. It has the lowest RTP on our list (96.23%), but that is still very high for the industry. Its popularity encouraged NetEnt to convert it into HTML5. That is why you can access it in all NetEnt casinos via any device.
Slots info
Slot Name Software Type Release year Paylines Reels RTP % Multiplier Bonus Games Free Spins
Guns N’ Roses NetEnt Video slot
20 5 96.98%
👍 👍 👍
Game of Thrones Microgaming Video slot 2014 243 5 96.04%
👍 👍 👍
Koi Princess NetEnt Video slot 2015 20 5 96%
👍 👍 👍

Advantages and Disadvantages of Medium Variance Slots

  • Pros

  • Medium variance slots are a perfect middle ground between high and low volatility games as they will offer both big jackpots and frequent payouts.
  • With these games it is much easier to trigger bonus features and they have better hit frequency compared to high-variance slots.
  • They are perfect for all types of players as they will give you a chance to win decent money without the same risk involved in low and high volatility online slots.
  • Cons

  • Medium volatility games offer medium-value winnings which might be a deterring factor for high-rollers and players hooked on adrenaline.
  • Low-rollers would also avoid the medium variance slots as they will not pay as frequently as low variance games. Impatient players will often turn to low volatility titles.
  • Medium volatility games which are categorized as closer to high or low volatility are often hard to predict in terms of performance and payouts.


Medium variance titles attract a lot of players. They are fun, easy to use, and do not require any special skills. But there is a catch. They do bring a certain amount of risk. You must be patient, but it will be worth it. Providers usually highlight the info about volatility in the game. However, if you don't have that information, look for periodic payouts. They are the best indicator of medium variance. If you have never tried this type of games, we highly recommend you try them. They are and a fantastic combination of casino entertainment and risk.

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🎰 What Are Medium Variance Slot Games?

Medium variance games pay more often than high variance slots. Also, they offer high stakes in combination with medium-sized wins. As a low-risk version of high-volatility slots, they are the perfect type of slot games for casual players who like to both enjoy the thrill and win some money along the way.

🎰 What Does Medium Volatility Means in Slots?

Volatility is associated with the risk involved with a certain slot game. It tells you how often a winning spin can happen and how much you could win during your playing time. Medium volatility games offer a great balance between the risk and winning potential.

🎰 How Do You Measure Volatility in Slot Machines?

Measuring volatility is not easy. One way to get a better insight into a slot game’s volatility is to have a look at the paytable. Game developers would often indicate the RTP percentage which can be a great indicator of volatility. Medium volatility games are characterized by medium hit frequency. Therefore, you should also check the prizes indicated in paytables. Games with medium prizes tend to hit more frequently.

🎰 Are Medium Variance Slots Better than High Volatility Games?

When it comes to volatility and types of slots, it all comes down to personal preferences. High-rollers would often choose high volatility slots due to their unpredictable nature. More casual players will prefer medium volatility games as they offer a lower risk of losing money quickly.

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