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Gold Fish Slot Online from WMS

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Gold Fish

Gold Fish is a colourful, underwater, fish-themed slot game by WMS. It has 5 reels and 3 rows. The 25 pay lines pay from left to right. The game promises the RTP of 96%.

The minimum wager for the game is 0.01 coins, and the maximum is 3 coins per pay line. To set your wager amount, you need to click the + or - sign near the “Bet line” number. There is no bet minimum or maximum button or any convenient method that matters for setting your wager amount quickly. You would have to “plus” your way to the top.

You can put the game on autoplay by clicking the orange button with arrows and set the number of spins. The game also gives you the function to set autoplay using other settings like winning or losing more than a certain amount.

There are fish and sea-related symbols in this game: different coloured fish, a turtle, a crab, coral, a net, algae, and fish food. The goldfish is the Wild symbol, and the fish food is Scatter.

Bonus Features

The Gold Fish slot has unique bonuses that set it apart from other slot games.

Game Symbols

The game symbols are all connected with the underwater theme of the slot. The 5 types of fish (gold, red, purple, blue, green) are the highest-paying symbols. Other symbols like the crab, the coral, the net, and the algae are the lower-paying ones. The goldfish is the Wild symbol, which substitutes all the symbols but the bonus Fish Food symbol.

Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

The Fish Food feature is triggered when you land 3 or more ‘Fish food’ Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. During this bonus round, you get to choose the type of fish food. If you choose 3 of a kind, you receive awards according to the colour of the fish. Besides fish food cans, you can also find turtle food cans that result in more valuable awards.

There are also bonuses for each type of fish in the game. These can be triggered at any point between spins. This feature has a very high capacity to land a number of goodies:

  • Goldfish awards free spins and multipliers
  • Purple fish gives monetary awards
  • Red fish offers the “fish kiss” that increases the initial award value
  • Green fish triggers the bubble monetary award
  • Blue fish activates the super scatter spins.

Gold Fish Jackpot

The Gold Fish slot by WMS doesn’t offer a jackpot. The maximum win amount for any winning combination in the base game is $250,000.

Game Design

Gold Fish is filled with colour and fun. The design and animation are cartoony, but you might like it if you are a ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ fan. The animation, graphics, and sound all give that light-hearted shallow sea vibe.

Theme and Graphics

Set on a sun-filled oceanic backdrop, occasionally depicting the main characters of the game - the colourful fish, the slot reels look like a fun day on a beach. The reels, however, have a smaller proportion to the whole game-screen. This setting can be quite annoying on smaller screens.

The mediocre use of the screen real estate does not end the annoyances in this game. On the paytable and rules screen, if you fail to interact with the buttons, the screen comes back to the game where you left off.

This behaviour is not helpful at all, especially when you are reading the long text of confusing game features in a tiny font. Setting your wager amount is quite annoying too, and that will also deter people from trying out this slot.

Sound and Experience

The sound is cheerful and creates a very sunny, yet shallow feeling. The soundtrack only plays during the reels spinning, and when the long spinning motion ends, the soundtrack also ends abruptly.

In case you landed a win on the reels, a rhythmic track starts and lasts while the winnings count, then it will end unexpectedly. The sound of reels stopping is not pleasant at all being closer to changing magazines than it is to a slot game.

During the bonus fish feature, the soundtrack changes and even more sound effects add to the existing ones. Music and sound effects compete with each other creating a hot mess.

Mobile Compatibility

Gold Fish is available for instant play in most mobile browsers. Phone screens are way too small for this game, although the UI is better suited on mobile than on the desktop. In addition, you can easily adjust the total bet more on mobile. Larger screens like tablets and iPads would accommodate the game better.

Paytables and Winning Combinations

As the payout system is quite complicated for such a light-hearted game, the paytables in the game adjust to the current wager. For the sake of plain and simple explanation, below is the paytable for the maximum bet amount: 105 for 25 bet lines. All other payout combinations can be found by setting a wager size inside the game.

Slots Symbols
Enter your line bet amount:
Slots Symbols
Icon Symbol 2 Symbols 3 Symbols 4 Symbols 5 Symbols
gold-fish-symbol-gold-fish-60x60s Gold Fish x0.29 x2.86 x28.58 x285.71
gold-fish-symbol-red-fish-60x60s Red Fish x2.14 x8.57 x28.57
gold-fish-symbol-purple-fish-60x60s Purple Fish x1.43 x5.71 x28.57
gold-fish-symbol-blue-fish-60x60s Blue Fish x1.14 x2.86 x14.28
gold-fish-symbol-green-fish-60x60s Green Fish x0.86 x1.71 x5.71
gold-fish-symbol-fish-food-60x60s Fish Food x7.14 x71.43
gold-fish-symbol-tartle-60x60s Tartle x0.57 x1.14 x4.29
gold-fish-symbol-crab-60x60s Crab x0.43 x0.86 x3.57
gold-fish-symbol-coral-60x60s Coral x0.29 x0.71 x2.86
gold-fish-symbol-net-60x60s Net x0.29 x0.71 x2.86
gold-fish-symbol-water-plant-60x60s Water Plant x0.29 x0.71 x2.86

Gold Fish Hits & Misses

  • Pros

  • Light-hearted design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Cons

  • The winning combinations are confusing
  • Setting the wager amount is a torture
  • The sound design is abrupt


Despite some design flaws and annoyances, this game turned out to be a fun adventure for any budget. It is a very volatile slot game with 25 pay lines and fairly high RTP of 96%. Fish bonuses make the game unique and fun, so why not try your luck with a bit of beach fun?

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Last updated on: 01.02.2024


How Many Ways Are There to Win a Spin in This Slot?

The base game provides 25 pay lines for you to win on. The winnings count from left to right.

Is there a High Possibility that I Can Win a Prize?

The slot is highly volatile, which means that you have a chance to land a quick win. Plus, the RTP is 96%, so for every $100 spent on the game, you can expect at least $96 back.

How Do I Set the Maximum Wager Size?

You can set the maximum bet size per line by clicking the + button near the bet line while on a desktop browser or by selecting the max bet amount on mobile.

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