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Chinese Dragon Review


Our most recent slot experience has led us to the Far East with Merkur's Chinese Dragon. It really whet our appetite for this 5-reel, 10-line game. We got quite acquainted with this Oriental-styled game in many of our sessions and tried to find out all its secrets and what other hidden surprises it could come with.

The visual style of Chinese Dragon is subtle but effective. The red theatre curtain backdrop and the bamboo-framed reels set an awesome scene for a genuine Chinese experience without bombarding the senses. You'll like the pastel-colored symbols that draw on Chinese culture but stay focused on the game at the same time. We took it for a test run and can say 95.8% RTP sounds right to us.

While the max win of 200x is unlikely to make you care too much, we like the well-rounded approach to payouts in general. It looks like Merkur has managed to create a Chinese culture game without crossing the fine line into overdone territory. Our time with Chinese Dragon revealed a game that offers players a serene yet potentially rewarding journey to the East.

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Game Design

Theme and Graphics

With thousands and thousands of slot games and machines out there, there will be things that make each one different. They will have specific themes or graphically differ from each other.

The theme portrayed by this game is one of a Chinese origin. The background vaguely resembles a red theatre curtain, while the reels are framed with bamboo, and the symbols are pastel-coloured.

The overall look isn’t overwhelming, but it’s not underwhelming either. The game makers have managed to find a way to represent Chinese culture without distracting from the game itself.

Sound and Experience

The sounds added to the game enhance the experience and keep you entertained while playing. Just like the visuals, it’s not overwhelming or underwhelming. The balance is just right.

The overall experience is exciting, and the whole theme is elevated from all aspects, including the font.

Mobile Compatibility

A bonus for any game is being able to play it anywhere, anytime. Chinese Dragon is available to play from the comfort of your own home on your desktop or computer. Alternatively, should you wish to play on-demand, the game is available on any mobile phone or tablet. All you would need is an internet connection.

Bonus Features

Game Symbols

Symbols are the images on the slots that determine your winnings. As mentioned previously, the game includes the well-known ace, king, queen, jack and ten.

The symbols that make the game unique include:

  • Umbrella: the umbrella is a symbol that holds more value than the common ace, king, queen, jack and ten.
  • Pagoda: a temple-like building that holds the same value as the umbrella.
  • Geisha: a wild symbol that can replace all symbols (except for the scatter), the Geisha is a beautiful Chinese woman.
  • Dragon: the all-powerful scatter. Get three of these red dragons in a row, and you’ve just won yourself ten free spins.

Umbrella and Pagoda are the higher symbols you would earn more for, which significantly increases your chances of winning on more than one pay line.

Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

One thing that makes this game more fun is free spins. To get free spins, you’ll need to land three or more scatter symbols. In this game, the scatter symbols are the red dragons.

When you get the ten free spins, it will give you an opportunity to win and increase your bankroll without investing more money from your own pocket. Play smartly!

Chinese Dragon Jackpot

Games are immediately more exciting when jackpots get involved; you pay little and win big. Unfortunately, Chinese Dragon by Merkur doesn’t have any jackpots or any progressive jackpots. The only way to earn extra winnings in this game is from the bonus. Make sure to play smart when playing your free spins; make them count.

If jackpots are something that truly excites you, then you might want to consider other slots offered by Merkur or similar software companies.

Paytables and Winning Combinations

A paytable is something unique to each slot game or machine ever made. The paytable is usually accessed through an icon at the bottom of a screen on gambling sites.

A paytable essentially shows the player all the winning combinations of a specific game. It’s essential to look at every game’s paytable. Otherwise, you won’t know what combinations you’re looking for.

Chinese Dragon Hits & Misses

When deciding whether this game is for you, it can be helpful to read lists of both the pros and cons to help you make your decision.

  • Pros

  • It’s compatible with mobile devices;
  • It’s entertaining due to the visuals and sounds;
  • Ten free spins are rewarded when you get three red dragons;
  • It has a high return to the player.
  • Cons

  • There are no jackpots to win;
  • The paytable is limited and basic.


What is the verdict? Well, the Chinese Dragon Slot by Merkur is culturally informed, through its graphics and entertaining through sound and design. Playing something as simple as a slot can be elevated through themes and graphics, such as in this game.

As mentioned previously, only seven symbols increase the chances of winning on more than one pay line. However, the paytable is limited and should be something to consider before playing this game.

Where it lacks in some areas, such as paytable and jackpots, it makes up for in user experience. The theme is exciting and consistent.

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Is Chinese Dragon a good slot?

Yes, Chinese Dragon is a captivating slot, especially if you enjoy Asian-themed games. It features stunning graphics with traditional Chinese elements, engaging gameplay, and a serene soundtrack that enhances the experience.

Can you win big on Chinese Dragon?

Absolutely, you can win big money playing Chinese Dragon. The game offers various bonus features and with the right combination of symbols players have the opportunity to land substantial payouts.

What is the bonus in Chinese Dragon?

Chinese Dragon offers exciting bonus features including free spins and wild symbols. The free spins round is typically triggered by landing specific scatter symbols, and during this round, multipliers can increase your winnings.

What is the slot’s RTP rate?

The RTP rate for Chinese Dragon is approximately 95.8%. This percentage indicates the average amount of money returned to players over time.

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