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Blackjack Switch is an exciting and unique variation of the classic blackjack game. On this page, our CasinoCanada team will explain all the rules and details of this engaging card game, compare it with other blackjack variations available for Canadians, give some tips, tell more about the unique Push 22 rule, and list the best Blackjack Switch casinos in Canada to play at for real money!

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Best casinos to play Blackjack Switch for real money

Overview of Blackjack Switch

Overview of Blackjack Switch

Canadians who appreciate well-known table games with a twist will enjoy the following blackjack variant. Being based on the standard blackjack rules, this variation has some aspects that make it different and so catchy. The main thing is that players have two hands within a single round and switch cards between them. Plus, the game has a Push 22 rule. Payouts vary depending on the casino’s rules but, in general, you still get the 3:2 payout for blackjack or 1:1 for the hand that is more valuable than the dealer’s. Read our review, find out the difference between Blackjack Switch and regular games, get super match bonuses, and deal with all the other options to keep up-to-date!

History of Blackjack Switch

History of Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch was invented by Geoff Hall, a casino table game inventor, and introduced in 2000. Geoff Hall had previously created another popular blackjack variation called ’Free Bet Blackjack’. With Blackjack Switch, Hall aimed to introduce a unique twist to traditional blackjack that would add strategic depth and excitement to the game. This variant was first introduced at the Grand Casino in Tunica, Mississippi. Over the years, Blackjack Switch has undergone some variations and rule adjustments in different casinos and online platforms. Today, it’s a blackjack game version that is different from the standard and provides Canadian players space for applying some additional strategies.

Rules of Blackjack Switch

Rules of Blackjack Switch

It won’t be difficult to master the game since its standard rules are quite basic for a blackjack game, though you still need to consider a few details that make this type a bit different:

  • Each player is initially dealt two hands, with two face-up cards in each hand.
  • After receiving the initial four cards, players have the option to switch the second card of each hand between the two hands. The switch can only be made with the second cards and not with the first cards.
  • The hand values in the Switch Blackjack card game follow the standard blackjack rules. The goal is to have a hand total closer to 21 than the dealer’s without exceeding 21.
  • One unique rule in Blackjack Switch is the Push 22 rule. If the dealer’s hand totals 22 (bust), all remaining player hands will push (tie) except for a player’s blackjack, which is still considered a win. This rule gives the house a slight advantage.

Variations of Blackjack Switch

Though the variations themselves are absent, Canadians can come across different rules that may vary from casino to casino.

Variations of Blackjack Switch
Parameter Blackjack Switch Other variations
Number of decks The most common variation is played with six or eight decks, but you may also find games with fewer or more decks. On average, between 1 and 8 standard 52-card decks are shuffled together.
When and how you can switch cards between the two hands Some versions only allow switching on certain hand totals, such as 9, 10, or 11, while others may impose restrictions based on the value of the cards being switched (e.g. seven). In other variations, you won’t be able to switch hands, which is the main difference making this option outstanding.
Payouts for winning hands This rate may vary depending on the game. For example, Playtech’s Blackjack Switch pays 1:1 for a single pair of any two matching cards. Typically, a blackjack payout (21 on your first two cards) is 3:2. Yet, some operators can introduce a 6 to 5 payout rate.

Blackjack Switch House Edge

The house edge in Blackjack Switch typically ranges from approximately 0.17% to 0.58%. This means that, on average, the casino can expect to retain around 0.17% to 0.58% of each player’s wager in the long run. Blackjack Switch introduces a strategic element by allowing players to switch cards between hands. The ability to improve hand composition can be advantageous in certain situations. However, there are specific rule adjustments in Blackjack Switch that give the house a slightly higher edge compared to traditional blackjack games. As for payouts, a natural blackjack (an Ace and a 10-value card) pays out even money (1:1), whereas a regular winning hand (non-blackjack) pays out the standard 3:2.


Basic Facts about Blackjack Switch

In the Blackjack Switch version, players are dealt two hands instead of one and have the option to switch the second card dealt between the two hands. This creates interesting strategic possibilities and can potentially improve the player’s overall hand. To understand the Blackjack Switch game a bit more, Canadian casino customers can pay attention to the following facts describing the main concept behind the game and pick up some gameplay tips:

  1. Blackjack Switch is a variant of the classic Blackjack game where a player is dealt two hands and can switch the second card of each hand.

  2. The game is played with six or eight decks of cards, and the dealer must stand on all 17s.

  3. The player can switch the second card of each hand, but cannot switch the first card of each hand.

  4. The player can double down on any two cards, including after splitting. Plus, players can split any two cards of the same value, including Aces.

  5. Canadians can surrender after splitting. The player can also split up to four hands.

  6. Blackjack pays even money and a winning Blackjack Switch pays even money plus a bonus. The bonus for a winning Blackjack Switch is equal to the original bet.

  7. The game is popular in Canada, including the Ontario region, as well as in other countries of the world, especially the US (Michigan, Las Vegas, Iowa, and Pennsylvania) and the UK markets.

  8. The betting limits can be suitable for both newbies and VIP players, depending on the game settings and your preferences.

  9. At casinos with Blackjack Switch, players can seek out sportsbooks by clicking on a corresponding logo or choose from a selection of numerous other casino games.

Strategy for Blackjack Switch

First, you should consider the main aspect that makes this game different. Since you can switch cards, make sure to do it smartly:

  1. Always switch a second card of two or three if it improves one or both hands.
  2. Avoid switching ten-value cards (Ten, Jack, Queen, King) or Aces unless it creates a strong advantage.
  3. Switch fours or five-value cards when the dealer has a six or lower as an upcard.
  4. Consider switching nine values when the dealer has a two to six as an upcard.
  5. Evaluate other switch opportunities based on the specific card values and dealer’s upcard.

While the switching aspect adds complexity, basic strategy principles still apply in Blackjack Switch. Learn and use basic strategy charts specific to Blackjack Switch to make optimal decisions for hitting, standing, doubling down, and splitting. In Blackjack Switch, taking insurance is available when the dealer’s upcard is an Ace. As the Push 22 rule applies, taking insurance becomes less advantageous. It is generally recommended to avoid taking insurance in most cases. Interestingly, Cindy Liu has developed a strategy that assigns point values to the dealt hands and the hands the dealer has.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Blackjack Switch

To play Blackjack Switch successfully, you need to consider the common mistakes to avoid to make your game smooth and strategy-based. Here are the issues that can spoil your gaming experience:

  1. Not utilising switch decision opportunities
  2. Ignoring the basic strategy
  3. Not considering the Push 22 rule
  4. Taking insurance too many times
  5. Ignoring the basic rules of the casino game
  6. Relying on card counting in the online version
  7. Spending too much money and chasing losses
  8. Creating an account on an unfair gambling site

Tips for Winning at Blackjack Switch

Here at CasinoCanada, we always warn our readers that gambling is risky and unpredictable, so following all the basic responsible gambling terms is a must. We also warn readers that any tips or strategies are a helping hand, but they can’t guarantee 100% wins due to the house edge. When these details are clear, you can use these tips to play Blackjack Switch:

  • devote-time-50x50s

    Devote some time to learning the rules

    Different casinos or online platforms may have slight variations in rules, such as switch restrictions or payouts, so make sure to examine them.

  • optimal-strategy-50x50s

    Learn and use the optimal strategy

    Study and apply the optimal basic strategy charts designed specifically for Blackjack Switch. Following the correct strategy minimises the house edge.

  • strategy-tips-50x50s

    Master switching strategy tips

    The ability to switch cards between hands is a unique aspect of Blackjack Switch. Understand the switching strategy guidelines and practice applying them.

  • gambling-bankroll-50x50s

    Manage responsible gambling bankroll

    Set a budget for your Blackjack Switch session and stick to it. Determine your betting limits and avoid wagering more than you can comfortably afford to lose.

  • practice-for-free-50x50s

    Practice Blackjack Switch for free

    Take advantage of free online versions or demo accounts to practice your skills. Practicing without risking real money allows you to refine your strategies.

  • bonuses-for-tables-50x50s

    Get casino bonuses for tables

    Though deposit bonuses for table games are quite infrequent, when you see such a promotion with a good wager, why not add the bonus to your initial deposit?

Benefits of Playing Blackjack Switch

The game boasts a range of advantages, especially when it’s Blackjack Switch online where players can access not only the game but also additional advantages like promotions and other casino games. As for the main Blackjack Switch benefits, consider the following:

🎴 Blackjack Switch introduces an additional layer of strategy with the option to switch cards between hands.
💥 In fact, the ability to switch cards creates more action and excitement compared to traditional blackjack.
🎮 Blackjack Switch offers a fresh and unique gaming experience compared to traditional blackjack variants, so you take part in an exciting game.
🤔 With strategic switching decisions, players can enhance their hand values and increase the likelihood of winning.
📉 Of course, Blackjack Switch is known for having a relatively low house edge (0.17% to 0.58%) compared to other blackjack variations.
💻 As for the online benefits, this way, you can find extra features, choose a casino from a reliable company, and enjoy software of any kind from brands like Playtech.

Blackjack Switch in Numbers

Switch Blackjack real money games require attention to detail, so considering statistical data, especially when it comes to the house edge or the probability of certain outcomes, is a must:

  • While the tie probability in this version is 8.48%, the winning chances in Blackjack Switch are 47.36%.
  • While traditional blackjack has a house edge of 0.66%, Blackjack Switch boasts a more attractive rate of 0.58%.
  • As for the busting probability, this is 44.16% for a player and 33.59% for a dealer.
  • Blackjack can be received in 4.77% of cases (true for both the dealer and the player) – as for the pair combination, the probability is 13.19%.

Where to Play Blackjack Switch in Canada

Due to our rating of the best Canadian casinos, you can play Blackjack Switch online via sites that not only feature valid licenses but also have palatable conditions in terms of fair games, bonuses, and other perks. In order to deliver this rating, we make sure to test each service of every site ourselves. By estimating these gambling sites, we consider lots of essential details, including the following:

📋 Clear information

We check the T&Cs and make sure that Canadians can find all the details regarding sportsbook and casino real funds conditions.

🎲 Range of games

On these sites, bets can be placed on sports bookmakers and a variety of games like video poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, bingo, and baccarat.

🎁 Bonus offers

Thanks to cool bonuses, Canadian users get additional ways to add funds to the deposit, including bookmaker offers for bettors and promo code free spins.

👩‍💻 Helpful support

Customer support available on the platform should be responsive and helpful 24/7. The best contact options are live chat, email, and phone.

📱 Mobile optimisation

The player blackjack experience on mobile (browser or apps) will be just as perfect, which is true for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

💡 Other tips for gamblers

Here at CasinoCanada, we aim to be helpful. Hence, we list withdrawal methods, provide gambling news, and give helpful tips.

As a result, our readers always have an idea of where to play, what differences they should consider with respect to the standard blackjack game, how to place wagers online, how to play on mobile via an app, how to use the basic strategy based on the dealer’s hole card, and how to withdraw Blackjack Switch winnings in Canada.


Blackjack Switch is a vibrant and quite unusual variation of the standard blackjack game. By switching your cards, you can form attractive values and overcome the dealer’s hand. There are complex betting systems built around this game variation but, in the case of the basic strategy, you still cover all the basic aspects and have really high chances. The game also accepts side bet options, but keep in mind that their odds are quite limited.

People who want to try out something new yet based on standard rules will definitely enjoy Blackjack Switch. By making deposits, you can place a stake in the Blackjack Switch game by choosing chips of a certain value, collect points by getting cards of a certain combination, and withdraw cash after lucky games.

Here at CasinoCanada, we offer a rating of the best Canadian online casinos with Blackjack Switch. In this article, we’ve explained how we choose such casinos, what amount of money you should have to make a minimum deposit, and what are the maximum limits to withdraw funds. Choose a site with the best conditions for you, sign up by providing basic details like your name and email, and enjoy Blackjack Switch for real funds in Canada!

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What is Blackjack Switch?

It’s one of the blackjack types that provides players with an opportunity to play two hands at once and switch cards between these two values.

What are the rules of Blackjack Switch?

The only exception making Blackjack Switch different from other variations is the opportunity to switch cards between two hands. As for other rules, you need to get 21 or close to it.

What is the house edge in Blackjack Switch?

The house edge for Blackjack Switch is about 0.58% (may vary depending on your cards), giving Canadians a better chance of winning.

What are some Blackjack Switch strategy tips?

You don’t need to ignore the switch option. Instead, try to learn more about the game from a blog, play responsibly, be careful with side bets, and follow the basic blackjack strategy.

Where to play Blackjack Switch in Canada?

Your choice should be a reliable gambling venue with both sports betting market and gambling services on offer. You can explore our recommendations above.

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