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Most gamblers are used to playing slot machines with classic 3 or 5-reel layouts, but not all of them are aware of the potential of 6-reel slots. There are a lot of distinctive features and advantages to slot machines with 6 reels. 6 Reel Slots are a type of online slot machine that has 6 reels instead of the traditional 3 reels. And while there is always more room for potential winning combinations, these games also often provide gamblers with unique bonus rounds and features, including free spins, bet and prize multipliers, a progressive jackpot, and other types of promotions. This brief review will provide you with the most essential info on 6-reel video slots and everything you need to know to play them.

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Introduction to 6 Reel Slots

Introduction to 6 Reel Slots

If you've never played a 6-reel slot before, now it's a good time to try. The layout is practically similar to the one you can find in a classic 5-reel video slot, but there is one extra reel added to it. 6 Reel Slots usually have more pay lines than 3 Reel Slots, giving players more chances to win. Meaning, there is room for more symbol positions and possible winning combinations. Most modern 6-reel slots offer hundreds or even thousands of pay ways to land your winning combos. Quite often, you can find as many as 100,000 pay lines in a 6-reel slot machine!

The row number usually remains steady, ranging from 3 to 5, but there is a category of slots with a 6x6 layout, which, on its part, creates perfect symmetry on the game board and contributes to the overall number of pay ways. In the list of 6-reel slots below, we have gathered the ones that have already gained recognition on the market.

Where to Play 6 Reel Slots

Where and how to start your first journey with a 6-reel video slot? Follow the details we provided below and don't hesitate to test your luck.

  • Pick a trustworthy casino

    Pick a trustworthy casino

    Further on this page, you will find a comprehensive list of the most reliable and recognized casinos on the market. Click on any link and acquaint yourself with a site before diving into the game. Check a casino for the presence of a gambling licence, such as the UK Gambling Commission, MGA, Curacao, and others. The things to consider are also a casino mobile app, payment methods, customer support, and a game library. Every company on the list is verified and reviewed for credibility and trustworthiness, so you may have no doubts about depositing your cash there.
  • Register your account

    Register your account

    Only registered users have access to play with verified online casinos. There is an unspoken rule, as at times, even a site that appears reliable and is recognized in the world, might resort to scamming and fraud. Don't be afraid to sign up with any casino introduced to you in our list and, of course, mind the account verification process before depositing your funds.
  • Pick a slot machine to play

    Pick a slot machine to play

    If you already know what kind of game you want to play, don't hesitate to look for it on your chosen casino website. And if not, you will have a convenient filtered search in your hands that will help you pick a desired theme, category, and type of 6-reel slot. A progressive slot? A non-progressive slot? A slot with a mind-boggling top win? A precise thematic game you've long been tempted to try? Be sure that you will quickly find anything you ask for.
  • Start your journey

    Start your journey

    Deposit an allowed amount of money via any convenient payment method and place your first bet in your chosen 6-reel slot. Keep it slow at first and don't rush to spend all of your bankrolls in one slot machine. The variety of games at your disposal is inexhaustible, so make sure to try your luck at all of them. You can also improve your winning chances by taking advantage of various promotion offers at a casino, but bear in mind the wagering requirements.

Rules and Regulations of 6 Reel Slots

While the layout of 6-reel slots is slightly different, the rules for playing are not. The main aim is to land winning combinations of identical symbols on active pay lines and grab your prizes afterwards. Notice that some action 6-reel slots can also provide you with such features as cascade or two-way pay.

In the cascade feature, symbols that are not part of a winning combo might explode and disappear from the game board, and new symbols fall to empty reel positions, making room for more wins. The two-way pay mechanic allows gamblers to land winning combos not only from leftmost to rightmost, as it's done classically, but also the other way around.

Benefits of Playing 6 Reel Slots

If you are a strategic gambler and prefer to make up a winning plan before diving into the game, 6-reel slots are something you should look for in every online casino. What are the main benefits of these slot machines?

💰 Higher winning probability

Generally, these slot machines provide you with a higher chance of gaining frequent rewards regardless of your wager, compared to the classic 3-reel and 5-reel games. The main advantages of 6-reel slots are the increased number of reel positions and, quite often, rows on the game board. This leads to hundreds, if not thousands, possible pay ways for your winnings.

🎁 Generous bonus features

In addition to the increased number of pay lines, the gameplay in 6-reel slots is packed with bonuses, which increase the excitement and add to your general entertainment. The most common bonus features you might come across are in the form of Free Spins, bet multipliers, bonus games, and even jackpots in progressive games.

📈 Moderate volatility

Speaking from experience, most 6-reel video slots tend to have low or medium volatility. These types of slots create room for more frequent winning combos and fewer dead spins.

🎰 Innovation with a relative simplicity

While 6-reel slot machines introduce a new layout, they remain relatively simple and comprehensible even for first-time gamblers. The mechanics are no different from the classic 3-reel and 5-reel slot machines you might be used to.

Strategies for Playing 6 Reel Slots

We have touched on the main pros of playing 6-reel slots for some solid winnings, but what about the disadvantages? It's natural that, like with any other casino game, be it poker, roulette, blackjack, a card, or a table game, there is a certain extent of risk taken. 6 Reel Slots have a higher house edge than 3 Reel Slots, meaning that players have a greater chance of losing money. Is there any way to minimize this chance? With a bold and well-thought-out gaming strategy, you can be sure that lady luck will have mercy on you. Let's break down the main options you need to take into account in our short guide.

  • Start with your bankroll

    Start with your bankroll

    It's no news that managing your money is the very first step in any casino game. You may trust your fortune but don't forget to be practical. While there is a tempting thrill to placing high wagers and creating suspense, it's also important to use your bankroll wisely. Allot a certain amount of money you're willing to risk before spinning the 6-reel video slot and be aware of possible dead spin series. Place moderate bets first and assess how the game is going. Once you're used to the slot's mechanics, RTP, and variance, you might try to increase the odds and place a higher stake. Besides, 6 Reel Slots often have a higher minimum bet than 3 Reel Slots, so players should be aware of this before playing.
  • Check for the bonuses

    Check for the bonuses

    Deposit bonuses and other types of promotions are vital in any slot machine. From our reviews, you probably already know about the common types of bonuses and attached prizes found in virtual slots. 6 Reel Slots often have special features such as wild symbols, scatter symbols, and bonus rounds. As you're playing your first 6-reel slot, try to activate not one but as many bonuses as possible, once you're given the chance. Some people tend to neglect bonuses, while others know that they can significantly multiply their wins and even influence the slot's volatility. Use this information to your advantage and trigger the bonuses whenever there is such an option.
  • Check the RTP rates and volatility

    Check the RTP rates and volatility

    There are many ways in which you can create a winning combination in a 6-reel slot machine, but don't forget to check these essential metrics before diving into the game. While the range of RTP rates is variable depending on the slot and its provider, some of the 6-reel slots are still capped at such rather unfortunate numbers as 94%, 93%, and lower. Luckily, these are in the minority, and we are striving for the maximum winning potential here, aren't we? Before starting out with a new 6-reel slot, acquaint yourself with its brief review on the market and check its Return to Player and volatility first and foremost.
  • Don't be afraid to place maximum bets

    Don't be afraid to place maximum bets

    It stands as a fact that the higher stake gives you an opportunity to gain more valuable rewards. On top of that, in many virtual slots, the paytable is entirely dependent on the wager you're willing to place, and even Wilds and Scatters may turn more valuable once you increase the bet value. Luckily, 6-reel slots have such a format that allows your imagination to roam. Once you're familiar with the slot machine and its rules, risk placing the maximum bet. There's a solid chance that you won't regret it. A good example would be slot machines with a progressive jackpot: there, your selected bet value influences not only your chances to get the max win but the amount of prize money as well.

Common Symbols Found in 6 Reel Slots

6 Reel Slots can have up to 7 symbols on each reel, which increases the chances of hitting winning combinations. The symbols in 6-reel slot machines often depend on the game's theme and general concept. Thus, if you're playing a classic fruit-themed slot, you can expect to see fruits as basic symbols on the game board. And if you're a fan of exceptional themed games, such as mythological or historical, the icons will be designed according to the main concept. Wild and Scatter symbols can be found in almost every 6-reel slot, and their functions are often the same: Wilds replace all regular symbols on the game board or give out bet multipliers, and Scatters activate Free Spins or other exclusive bonus rounds.

Payout Structures of 6 Reel Slots

6 Reel Slots are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential for bigger payouts. Before you make your first spin in a 6-reel slot, don't forget to study its paytable. The payouts on it usually depend on the number of identical symbols you manage to land on active pay lines. However, some slot machines give you the chance to create winning combos with different symbols as well, but these games are rather rare. On top of that, in most 6-reel slots, the values on the paytable fully depend on your selected bet amount. Meaning, the more you're willing to bet, the higher possible prizes you'll get.

The best 6-reel slots from international providers

In the table below, we have gathered the most popular 6 reel slot machines by the leading casino software providers in the industry. Although these developers are best known for their 3 reel and 5 reel titles, there are also a bunch of slots with 6 reels that are worthy of your attention.

Provider Slot Name Number of paylines Max Win
Playtech Buffalo Blitz 4,096 10,000x
WMS Red Flag Fleet 192 750x
WMS Zeus III (Greek theme) 192 1,920x
Games Global (former Microgaming) Bubble Bonanza 12 4,000x
Novomatic Sizzling 6 5 20,000x
Konami Pretty Devil 40 n/a
Big Time Gaming Pirate Pays Megaways 117,649 104,400x
Pragmatic Play Buffalo King Megaways 117,649 5,000x

Must-know facts and statistics of 6 Reel slots

Now that you are acquainted with the most popular 6-reel slot games, their categories, bonus features, and rewards, we have briefed you on some of the most exciting facts about these types of casino games.

  1. 6 Reel Slots offer players the potential for higher payouts than traditional 5 Reel Slots.

  2. 6 Reel Slots are becoming drastically popular, with an estimated 25% of all online slots now being 6 Reel Slots.

  3. The average 6 Reel Slot game has 64,000 possible winning combinations.

  4. 6 Reel Slots often feature bonus rounds and free spins, giving players more chances to win.

  5. 6 Reel Slots offer gamblers an immersive gaming experience, with more exciting graphics and sound effects.

Popular 6 Reel Slots Games

If you want to distract yourself from sports betting, cards, or other types of popular casino games, these 6-reel slot machines will do just right. Pick the one with the most exciting theme and don't hesitate to give it a try.

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Pragmatic Play
Valley of the Gods 2 Review

Responsible Gambling with 6 Reel Slots

Whenever you play on casino sites, make sure to do this responsibly. All trustworthy gambling venues, like GamCare, BeGambleAware, and Gamblers Anonymous, provide their customers with comprehensible information on responsible gambling, regardless of the game type they engage in. On our part, we must say that while there is a wide selection of 6-reel slots online and plenty of gambling possibilities, not all of them are equally worth your attention. If you want to kick back and get a distraction by playing an online slot, you can always find a free demo version of your chosen game online and test the waters without depositing real cash.


In order to make up an extended list of the best 6-reel slots on the market, we pick out each title manually and review it according to the main industry standards. Our team of professionals makes sure to check the credibility, safety, RTP, volatility, rules, payouts, and bonus features of all slot machines introduced in this review. We also take into account the online reviews of other gamblers that have already given these products a try. Whenever you feel like trying something new in your online gambling journey, our list of the best 6-reel slots from top providers in the industry will come in handy.

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What is a 6 reel slot?

A 6-reel slot is an example of an online slot machine with 6 total reels on the game board.

Where can I find 6 reel slots?

In our review, we have gathered the best 6-reel slot machines available in online casinos.

Where do I need to go to play 6 reel slots?

Check out our list of the trusted casinos on the market and pick a venue to play 6-reel slots in.

How many paylines are on a 6 reel slot machine?

The number of pay ways in 6-reel slots is usually variable and can range from 10 to 100,000 and more.

Are there any special features or bonus rounds available in a 6 reel slot?

Like with any other slot type, 6-reel slots provide gamblers with a selection of common and the most anticipated bonuses, such as Free Spins, bet multipliers, bonus games, and even progressive jackpots.

What is the average return to player percentage for a 6 reel slot?

While some 6-reel slots might have RTP rates capped at 93% or lower, the average RTP percentage persists at 96%.

What is the maximum jackpot that can be won in a 6 reel slot?

There is no common jackpot amount set for 6-reel slot machines, and the maximum jackpot depends on the type of progressive slot you play.

What theme or style of play is a 6 reel slot?

A 6-reel slot is an example of a virtual slot machine with 6 reels and a variable number of rows on its game board.

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