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Ski Bunny

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Rabbit, Fruits
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Ski Bunny

Break out the leg warmers because the retro-styled Ski Bunny slot game is here. Only three reels are available on this slot machine with just a single pay line. It has the RTP rating of 96.5%, which is on par with other classic slot games.

Game Design 

Every development company knows that if they want to attract players, the game design and theme need to be vibrant and exciting. Retro-styled games are still popular when coupled with good gameplay.

Theme and Graphics

A traditional ski resort is a backdrop to this pampered bunny’s lifestyle. The arcade-style gameplay and graphics give it an eighties retro feel - a cute and unique idea for a classic slot, something that Microgaming is good at.

The graphics are two-dimensional with bold and well-defined lines. The cartoon look makes the game seem more fun than serious in terms of gambling.

Sound and Experience 

The sound effects are as simple as the graphics. Every action has a different sound effect. When you press various runs, the bunny narrates. If you win, you will hear a sound bite, and you will listen to the ski Sunday tune.

For a bright retro game, the sound effects and graphics give it that throwback experience. Simple rules and gameplay make it a fresh adventure giving players a break from all the detailed graphics-rich games currently made.

Mobile Compatibility

Ski Bunny is available for play on mobile devices. This includes smart devices using iOS or Android operating systems. You can play on a mobile device for free, but if you want to play for money, you will need to register with an online operator. If the operator does offer an app, download it so that the game is better optimized for your device.

Bonus Features

The highlight of online casino games is the opportunity to access bonus rounds and win free spins or extra cash. For a game to be attractive to players, it needs to have bonus rounds that are exciting and filled with potential rewards.

Game Symbols 

The symbols used in this game are that of a traditional slot, and it’s fruit-themed. Cherries, lemons, plums, oranges, and watermelons are the main symbols on the reels. The conventional BAR icon also appears giving it an even more old-school feel.

The bonus game features some new symbols. Not only will you get to see more of the leading bunny, but also carrots, a helicopter, a log cabin, a ski-lift, and a pair of skis. There is an interesting feature that allows you to ‘hold’ any of the symbols appearing on the reels.

You need to use the hold button respective to the symbols. The first hold button holds the first symbol, and so on. Once you’ve chosen the symbol, you want to hold it light up, so there isn’t any confusion. This feature gives you a bit more control of the gameplay.

Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

The game is designed only to hit wins on a single line. However, hitting three matching symbols gets you free spins, and the amount will depend on your choice of slopes. The higher the slope, the more difficult it is to match the symbols, but the higher the number of free spins won if you do get a match.

The blue run is the easiest, it is followed by the red and finally black run, which is the most difficult. Getting three matches will trigger the bonus money round.

Ski Bunny Jackpot

The jackpot of 500x the total wager is possible but only after matching three symbols and gaining access to the bonus game. The maximum payout that you can expect from this game is $5,000. It might not sound like a lot, but if you consider you only need to wager $10, it offers a good return on investment.

Ski Bunny Hits & Misses

  • Pros

  • Simple and easy gameplay
  • Retro feel with bright graphics
  • The hold function makes gameplay more exciting
  • Mobile friendly
  • Cons

  • Money only won on the bonus round


At first glance, Ski Bunny seems to be a rather unexciting and straightforward game. After some inspection though, it turns out that it is a bit more involved than first thought. You need to make strategic decisions as to what kind of risk you want to take with the slopes.

After studying the rules of the gameplay, you can use the Nudge feature for a boost. Once you know how to play, you really should sit back and enjoy the game.

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Who Made Ski Bunny?

This game is another addition to the portfolio of Microgaming as a reputable game development company. It seems that the company is particularly good at designing retro-styled games since the popularity appears to still be high after so many years.

Are There Any Particular Features in the Game?

Ski Bunny has a funky Nudge feature. It is a random feature that allows you to bump a reel down one position, which could potentially help you create a winning combination. There are four nudges available per game. You can use the arrows shown above the reels to take a sneak peek at the next two symbols on the reel.

Should I Use a Strategy to Play?

Any experienced gambler will tell you that if you want to play to win, then you should have some strategy in mind. However, on a simple three slot casino game, there isn’t much of a plan that you could think of. The only suggestion would be to use the Nudge feature wisely so that you can get to the bonus round as often as possible.

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