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Machine Gun Unicorn

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Where to play Machine Gun Unicorn

Machine Gun Unicorn Slot logoMachine Gun Unicorn is an online slot game with one of the most unique and entertaining themes. Genesis Gaming took a unique design approach by combining magical and colorful ponies with epic machine guns. A unicorn equipped with a machine gun in place of its horn fights against a zombie horde to save pony land.

In this slot game, you’ll help Machine Gun Unicorn and other magical creatures to defeat the evil zombies by landing winning reels. On a 3x5 reel grid, there are 10 fixed winning paylines to watch out for.

Bonus features

Game Symbols

Machine Gun Unicorn’s symbols represent the fight between good and evil. The regular symbols you will see in this slot include epic ponies wielding bloody baseball bats and sharp axes.

Another mythical creature that appears is a fire-breathing dragon. The other symbols are various zombie heads displayed in glass jars. Keep an eye on reel 3 for the wild symbol, represented by the Machine Gun Unicorn.

Game Features

The aim of this slot game is to land winning combinations to blast away the zombie heads. Wild symbols, or Machine Gun Unicorns, only land on reel 3 but can substitute for any symbol. When a wild triggers, the unicorn uses its machine gun to shoot all the zombie heads, resulting in a more significant win.

This slot is so entertaining with all the glitter and guns that it does not need any bonus rounds or jackpots. Since there aren’t any bonuses, this slot is very straightforward and easy to understand, unlike some other slot games.

The lack of bonus rounds and jackpots does prevent you from landing big wins. Machine Gun Unicorn offers up to 2,500x your initial bet. 

Machine Gun Unicorn Hits & Misses

This slot is definitely exciting with all the rock and roll, guns, and majestic ponies, but it might not be for everyone.

  • Advantages

  • Entertaining backstory told at the beginning of the slot game
  • Upbeat music keeps it fun to play continuously
  • Paylines work both ways
  • Wild Machine replaces all symbols allowing for big winnings
  • Limitations

  • Simple design with pretty plain graphics
  • No bonus rounds, free spins, jackpots, or multipliers


If you love to listen to rock and roll music and explode zombie heads with a machine gun, this slot might be of interest to you. Machine Gun Unicorn offers lots of entertainment but keeps the rules simple by leaving out bonus features. 

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Does Machine Gun Unicorn offer a jackpot?

No. This slot keeps things simple by sticking to the basics.

What is the RTP of Machine Gun Unicorn?

The Return to Player rate is 97.18%

Can I play Machine Gun Unicorn on my phone?

Yes. This slot is available to play on mobile devices and desktops.

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