Canadian slots online real money games with no download

canadian slots for real money and free play onlineWhat do we think of when we think of Canada? Usually its the cold weather (although not too bad) and the fact that it is North of the United States. Fortunately for you slot game players, we are a bit more creative and original and have given you a better understanding of the online casinos and land based casinos. Canadian slots come in many varieties, and whether you’re play them at Diamond Tooth Gerties in Yukon Territory or in the comfort of your own home on your laptop, you will be pleasantly surprised at the fun and excitement of these slots games.

Our Canadian slots online whether for free play or real money can be played with no download, and in the free mode there is no deposit or registration required. All you have to do is get in front of your computer or favorite mobile device and start to play. All of our games are compatible with your favorite mobile device, whether its a tablet or smart-phone, and all are supported by iOS, Android operating system and many others.

The theme of the online slots range from the highly popular Wolf themed slots, to Ice Hockey and everything to do with the frozen Arctic. Title such as Arctic Adventures, Break Away, Arctic Madness, Big Foot, and Winter Wonderland, are all a part of our exciting collection of Canadian themed slots. We are always keeping up with the hottest and most popular slots and as soon as they are released, we will provide them to our dedicated slot game players. Enjoy all of these games whether in free play mode or for real money play and take the time to visit our list of entertaining land-based casinos in your region. Its never a dull moment on our site or at your favorite Canadian Casino north of the border.

Slots players can now not only head to the Great White North to play casino games online but they can go far beyond the borders in the global network that is now online casino gaming. Find Canadian-accepting online casinos to play either classic, traditional slots to the most modern day renditions of slots entertainment.

What do you mean by “Canadian slots”?

We’ll attack this from a few different angles. In terms of actual slots online produced by a Canadian company, the sole major casino software producer/designer based in Canada is Rival Gaming. Because of the regulation and licensure of internet casinos wishing to do business in Canada that has been taking place since the late 2000s, however, Rival Casinos are not accepting Canadian players. (Of course, workarounds to this barrier exist. See elsewhere on this site for tips and tricks as to how to play anywhere in the world.)

On other pages of Casino Canada, we detail some of the more popular slots games among Canadian players, so we might call these “Canadian slots.” Making the list are titles such as Ice Picks and Untamed Wolf Pack. And what red-blooded slot machine-playin’ Canadian could resist slots themed on the national sport like Ice Hockey and Break Away?

And then there are the actual Canada-themed slots…

Are there many Canada-themed slots games?

canadian slots for real money and free play onlineUnfortunately – and surprisingly – not. Unless you count the hockey slots or the Marvel Comics games featuring Wolverine (he’s Canadian, don’tcha know), we literally find zero Canada-specific themed slots. The action/adventure slot Girls with Guns 2: Frozen Dawn is *set* in Canada, but we’re thinking those Charlie’s Angels lookalikes are probably Yanks.

So come on, guys! Where is the maple leaf-inspired stuff? Where’s the Alanis Morrissette “Isn’t It Ironic” slot? What about SCTV or CFL football or just plain ol’ Canadiana like tuques, maple syrup, lumberjacks and the like? How about something themed on the Four Tenors (Okay, maybe not that one…)

Can Canadians play at casinos online?

Sure. Canadian gambling law is quite progressive and a great many options are available to the Canadian player who wishes to take advantage.

Play in 3D slots and in various other multi-line payline games with a variety of non-traditional ways to win like with special features such as free spins, bonus rounds, wilds, scatters, and multipliers. Canadian slots lovers can enjoy machines in every theme from fly fishing slots to movie slots and any other theme you ever thought to dream.

Scanning the web for slots has never been more exciting and with an easy to use directory specifically for the Canadian slots player where everyone can turn. Please see the pages of Cansion Canada for casinos accepting Canadian players, and enjoy safe, secure gambling with healthy welcome bonuses today!