The best rooftop views in Canada and the US

No matter if you’re seeing the sights in Toronto for the first time or lounging back with a drink in your favorite New York bar, there’s nothing quite like a spectacular rooftop view worthy of social media posts.

And even though summer is now passing, the popularity of rooftop bars and skyscraper tourist spots is something that never really goes away. Which got the team at Casino Canada thinking – which cities in Canada and the US have the best rooftop views?

To find out, we analyzed data captured from Linkfluence to assess the engagement rate of numerous social posts across several social media platforms relating to rooftop views in big Canadian and US cities.

Here’s what our data revealed!

Toronto is the Canadian city with the best rooftop views

Best rooftop views in Canada

A must-see place to visit if travelling to Canada for the first time, it’s no real surprise that Toronto made the top of our list with 890,184 social media engagements. From the CN Tower to the Scotia Plaza and Aura, there are so many beautiful buildings that you can capture on camera, especially from places like Toronto Island or Riverdale Park East.

After Toronto, we have Calgary and its bustling urban centre, which earned it a much lower, but still impressive 142,503 engagements on social media. Naturally, those wanting a picture of the Calgary skyline should do so from Cresent Hill, which is the perfect spot for capturing shots of incredible buildings like The Bow and Calgary Tower.

Moving onto third and fourth place, we have Montreal and West End, Vancouver, which received 74,290 and 38,994 engagements on related social media posts. Those looking to photograph the skylines of these cities should make sure to capture the Tour de Montréal in Montreal and Paradox Hotel in Vancouver if they want the perfect shot.

And finally in fifth place on our list came Jasper Park Lodge which received 34,932 engagements on social media.

New York is America’s favorite city skyline

Best rooftop views in US

Moving further down south to the US, it’s doubtful that anyone was expecting a city other than New York to take the top spot for US rooftop views. Boasting a staggering 9,961,387 engagements on social media, The Big Apple is as popular as ever for skyline photos. And with skyscrapers like the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, it’s not hard to see why.

Following on from New York, we next have everyone’s favorite windy city. Housing both the Willis Tower and the St. Regis the Chicago skyline is as popular as ever, as shown by the 993,535 engagements relating to it on social media. Many visitors consider the Skydeck at Willis Tower the best photo spot, but you might want to try Oak Street Beach as well.

Next, in third and fourth, we have San Francisco and Austin. Like New York, it’s no surprise San Fran made the list with 604,754 social media responses, with truly iconic buildings like the Transamerica Pyramid. Meanwhile, those visiting Austin should look to squeeze the Austonian into their pics if they want a share of the 118,984 social media engagements.

Last, but not least, the fifth US city on our list was Nashville, with 115,390 people talking about it online.

Of course, there were plenty of other US cities that also found their way onto our list. Boston took spot number eight with 90,890 social media responses and Portland took the 10th spot with 33,698. Interestingly, the capital of Washington DC failed to land a top spot.

So, now you know the perfect cities in Canada and the US if you’re looking for a fresh skyline shot the next time you’re playing tourist. And if you’re interested in similar pieces like this, then be sure to head over to the Casino Canada news page for even more interesting insights.

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