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Being truly an instant game of chance, even this casino game requires some practice, so the free keno version and some descriptions on this page are going to be useful for the fans of lotteries. Find out about the types of the game, learn the basic rules we describe here, and try out the demo machines we recommend!

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How to play free Keno games?

  1. Choose Keno and press "Play"

    First, select this game type at the casino’s catalog and open 1 of the titles.

  2. Pick your keno numbers

    Usually, it’s between 1 to 20 numbers: the more you pick, the better your chances are.

  3. Place your bets

    The numbers you pick influence the total bet as well as the stake you place.

  4. Choose number of games

    If you want to have several sessions, keep in mind that the bet amount will be multiplied by their amount as well.

  5. Hit the "PLAY" button

    For now, it’s necessary to start the game by activating the round.

  6. Wait until results, to see how many you won

    The system determines which numbers hit and which ones are crossed off, so you get paid for the first type.

Different types of free online Keno

As well as other lotteries, free keno games are available in different types and you are welcome to try out any of them.

Single card keno

free online single card keno

Just 1 card with numbers and an instant game, where you find out the results within seconds.

Multicard keno

free online multi card keno

This time, you have more cards with numbers and the results on all of them are still revealed instantly.

Progressive jackpot keno

free online progressive jackpot keno

You could hear about progressive slots. And now, the jackpots are paid to the players of free keno online.

Power keno

free online power keno

With all the standard rules, this type has a tiny exception: when the 20th ball is caught, the winnings are quadrupled.

Top free Keno software providers

top 4 online keno software providers

Working on free online keno titles, these companies are popular enough for their lotteries gamblers are welcome to try out.

  • 1x2 gaming logo

    1x2 Gaming

    About 10 games of this type are available in the catalog of a famous virtual sports supplier. Some of them are Keno Pop and Tutan Keno.

  • Holland power gaming

    Holland Power Gaming

    Meet the HPG casino provider with its famous Triple Diamond Keno and Ultra Hot Keno 2Ball. Though the catalog includes much more.

  • evoplay logo


    Lotteries are a famous part of the catalog of the brand with over a decade of experience. As for its titles of keno, play free Book of Keno, Xmas Kenocat, and others.

  • Rival gaming logo


    The company that was established in 2005 has 2 games of this type for now. They are Vegas Jackpot Keno and Keno.

Benefits of playing free online Keno

When you play free keno titles, the following aspects serve as advantages of all your gaming rounds.

  • hand and casino chip

    Absolutely free

    If you worry about the minimum payment or some risks, rest assured as there is no investment needed at all.

  • keno card

    You can try different types without risk

    Whether you play with 1 card or try the multicard system, take advantage of any of them without paying for it.

  • magnifier

    Easy way to learn strategies

    Of course, it’s a game of luck, but you can try out betting systems to understand how to plan the budget for the upcoming games.

  • casino chips

    You can play max bets

    Click on the ‘Max bet’ icon and don’t care about the consequences as you play with free funds that are not risky to lose.

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Are free casino keno games still honest?

As the RNG is at the heart of each title, yes, they are still honest.

What analogs to this game can I find?

You can try out scratch cards, bingo, and other lotteries available on our site.

Can I find a strategy for this game?

No, as it's a game of luck. But you can balance your betting with the betting systems.

Is the keno for free version available before real wagering?

Sure, the real wagering is available at any time and on any machine.

Are there age limitations for this entertainment?

Yes, you must be of a legal age (18 or 21) according to your country’s laws.

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