Largest casino and lottery wins in Canadian history

Whenever you’re seated at a casino table, you want to win. Yes, the mere experience of staking money on games of chance is enjoyable, and oftentimes worthwhile enough, but there’s no denying that casino players are in it in the hope of winning big. Plus, apart from casinos, people also like to play lotto as an alternative to big casino wins. Interestingly, many put more faith in winning a lotto draw than striking it rich on the casino floor. Canada has a strong lottery culture and the biggest lottery in Canada has paid tens of millions to lucky risk-takers so far in ridiculous, life-altering jackpot winnings. On this occasion, we’ll be looking at the largest casino wins, the biggest slot wins, and the most jaw-dropping Canadian lottery payouts.

Top Canadian Casino Wins

Who are the Canucks who’ve beaten the house and gone home with the biggest casino prizes? They are lucky people, that’s for sure. Some have earned the favour of Lady Luck, some have cashed in on their skills, and some have profited from a big win in a casino completely accidentally. That’s the charm of casino play – anything can happen.

Let’s start with giant slot wins. Back in 2015, a Canadian whose identity hasn’t been revealed won C$7.5 million dollars on the ever-popular Mega Moolah progressive slot machine. Triggered on a mobile device, the jackpot won by this fortunate Vancouver resident is still one of the biggest mobile casino wins to date. Fast forward to 2016 and the next big winner was Marcus Goodwin. He hit a C$11.6 million jackpot, also on Mega Moolah – one of the big wins slots. The slot paid one of the highest pot wins ever in November that year, bringing joy to this unsuspecting Canadian.

Check from yako casino for 11.6 millions dollars

Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be the biggest slot win ever to be a bizarre case of pure luck. A man from Alberta, Canada was probably born under a lucky star, as he scored big twice on the famous slot Avalon. Within a four-month span, the gambler first landed a C$72,650 win, followed by a C$13,900 payout. Who knew? Sticking with your favourites does pay off.

Judging by the case of Shirley Lima, you can even be oblivious to your actions and still win big. The senior lady was playing at the OLG Casino Thousand Islands in 2015. Unwittingly, she pressed the max. bet button while reaching for her drink. The accidental move resulted in 34 free spins, which grew to 160 free spins. Lima didn’t intend to wager $11.25 on a spin of the reels, but eventually left the casino floor with $33,858, nearly the biggest casino win, in her pockets. If you are to make mistakes while gambling, please let them be like this one.

Kathryn, another blessed lady gracing the floors of Canadian casinos, was 55 when she hit it big. Testing her fortune in a Niagara Falls land-based casino, she staked C$60 on a Michael Jackson-themed video slot. A fan of the Prince of Pop, Kathryn broke the bank when she won C$1.8 million – courtesy of her musical taste.

Here’s another 'rub-the-eyes' amazing success casino story, coming from Woodbine Racetrack Casino, Toronto. Way back in 2008, an average bloke decided to play the C$1 Megabucks slot. It wasn't long before he walked out of the premises carrying a check worth C$4,755,436.56, the biggest win online casino amount for that time. Wherever you are, unnamed stranger, we salute you!

Slots are not the only casino games to generate the largest casino wins. Scott Taylor, a fortunate blackjack player, is a testament to that. The Canadian was playing his favourite progressive blackjack game online, not anticipating winning the pot. Already passionate about the game, Taylor received four aces and automatically got credited with an online casino big win of C$155,345. He admitted he needed to pinch himself to remind his disbelieving mind that the prize was real. What did he spend the money on? On the vacation of his life, of course!

The Biggest Lottery in Canada – Paid Jackpots

A series of spectacular winnings have occurred not only in casinos but also in the lotto world. With the numerous popular lottery draws in Canada, such as 6/49 Lotto, Lotto Max, Millionaire Life and Daily Grand, there is no shortage of opportunities for engaging in the ultimate, regulated game of chance. Whether you decide to play lottery online in Canada or buy a lottery slip at your nearest authorized outlet, the jackpots increase with every ticket bought.

Woman hold check for 64 millions dollars.One woman has even held a check for 64 million dollars. Until recently, the biggest lottery winner in Canada was Zhe Wang from Mississauga. A resident of Toronto’s suburbs, Zhe Wang bought her lotto ticket at a Petro-Canada station on Artesian Drive. Little did she know that she was about to become the 60 million lotto max winner of Mississauga. The young woman’s 6/49 Lotto ticket ended up winning C$64 million, which was a record-breaking amount nationwide and the biggest casino win ever. Want to know the best part? Gambling winnings in Canada are not taxed, so she got the full jackpot amount.

Wang held the record, achieved in October 2015, for the largest lottery win in Canada up until January 2020. The Ontario Lotto Group (OLG) announced that the draw on January 7th 2020 of the C$70 million Lotto Max jackpot generated a single-ticket winner. According to the OLG, the lucky winner bought the ticket in Brampton, Ontario. A C$70 million payout is the biggest lottery prize in Canadian history; even exceeding the biggest online casino win provided by Mega Moolah.


Facts & Statistics

Deposits at Canadian online casinos can turn into solid wins (but this is not a rule, so you should always remember about risks; keep in mind that gambling is not a job and VIP statuses aren’t connected with careers, and play responsibly). Here, we’ll review a range of essential factors and each advantage connected with casino gambling activities (which is true until they become applied for entertainment purposes).

  1. The largest jackpot payout won in an online slot machine game was provided by the Mega Moolah biggest win online slot, and its potential is €17,879,645 ($20,062,600).

  2. The largest winning ticket sold was worth C$70 million.

  3. A $39 million jackpot holds the world record for a slot win. An anonymous Los Angeles player, now placed among the notable gambling stars, managed to achieve this in 2003 (Lotto Max jackpot).

  4. You can hit a large win on any jackpot slot and from any bet, including a side one.

  5. Mostly, slot games are used for progressive jackpots, but you can come across some table games with large online casino wins as well, including roulette, craps, card games like baccarat and poker, and other betting variations with high odds, including bookmakers.

  6. Mobile optimization makes it possible to enjoy varied sportsbook markets, as well as varied slot machines, on iOS and Android, while the graphics and other aspects are top-notch.

  7. Interestingly, there is a Big Wins Casino with a name that attracts players. It is an online casino that was established in 2020. This 'big win casino' is owned and operated by Big Wins Entertainment Ltd.

  8. Casino bonuses can also be helpful for players hunting for a casino big win, including deposit promotions, any sports bonus offer, VIP promotions, tournaments, gift cards, and more.

  9. To place real bets on any casino game, pick a reliable payment method like a Visa card and deposit. If your winnings are huge, consider withdrawal conditions, including the allowed limits and the deposit turnover.

  10. Interestingly, several big wins casino slots can be connected to a single jackpot system. For example, Mega Moolah hosts a range of slot machines, including Absolootly Mad.

  11. Most casinos provide their services in English (British or United States variations) and other highly-spoken languages that customers may need.

Big Wins in Canada: Helpful Tips

Coming ahead, information about big wins looks attractive, but you should remember the lessons to be learned from industry records, while the average payouts can be smaller or even absent, depending on your luck and bankroll. This is why one of the most essential things to remember is to play responsibly. Providing you can stick to this, here are helpful tips for fans of gambling products with large potential:

  1. Make sure to create an account on a reliable site. We list the most trustworthy sites here at CasinoCanada so that gamblers choose trusted and licensed operators that regularly report to the regulators who provide corresponding licenses to these casinos.
  2. Before you sign up, explore the T&Cs policies and view the frequently asked questions. This way, you won’t be surprised by a deposit turnover or cashout limits when it comes to a big casino win you need to withdraw.
  3. Pick games with a high payout percentage. Casinos often have pages for corresponding games, as well as filters for software with bonus purchases (Bonus Buy) and a selection of other slots games with big potential and optimization suitable for all devices.
  4. Before you place a stake for real funds, use our guide to choosing a reliable gambling venue and games with good features for the biggest casino wins. In order to form this rating, we test this data and process deposits and withdrawals ourselves, so you can trust us.
  5. In order to place chips on betting tables, make sure to examine the odds, as well as the main point of the game and other rules. Bettors should consider the presence of the 'Gamble' feature, the value of a card hand when playing cards, and similar options.
  6. To get fresh information about large jackpot wins or other details, you can subscribe to a certain company (e.g. watch Games Global news) or read our reviews where we give an example of each option with good potential for big win casinos, as well as any other fact that can influence your reward.
  7. Active players can collect coins to reach a higher VIP level. It’s enough to play games of the accepted type (e.g. collect hands on blackjack or enjoy action-packed slots).
  8. Keep your private details safe and choose a strong password when playing for real funds.

Choosing the Best Online Casino to Get Wins

Well, gambling is unpredictable and we can’t say that one casino pays better than another. However, some casinos are more attractive in terms of their content, fair conditions, ways to get payments, and payout times. This is why we can highlight four essential factors when choosing a casino online in Canada before looking to download their app.

🎮 Games Offered

The gaming library available through apps or browsers is also important. Be they slots with diamonds, tables with perfect ratings, or sports betting, we need to consider the payout potential.

💳 Payment Options

A number of payment methods to deposit and withdraw cash is also essential. Users should access the market favourites, including Interac, bank cards, and any digital wallet.

🔒 Security and Fairness

The casino’s licence logo should be clickable, while the terms should be public and with regular updates. Offers should also have clear terms to interest players.

📱 Mobile Experience

Having fun on your phone means an opportunity to bring Las Vegas onto your portable device. A lot of operators provide mobile-friendly games today, and we always check this.

Biggest online casinos in Canada

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Canada – A Place Where You Can Win a Fortune

Hearing about the largest slot machine win, that latest million-dollar slot victory and the unbelievable strokes of luck that people have had while playing the lottery makes one want to move to Canada. Stories of gambling success are irresistibly inspiring. If you’re a long-time member of an online casino, keep at it – perhaps the bonanza is just around the corner. We’re here to spread optimism and our faith in Lady Luck. Making history across the country may not be something you expected but, if it comes, you will welcome it with open arms. Get inspired with the biggest online casino wins but remember to play responsibly!

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How many lottery tickets do I need to buy to win?

There is no limit to how many slips you can buy. Some have bought only one and stroke it rich. Others have acquired dozens and are still waiting for their lucky day. The more you buy though, the bigger the chances of your numbers getting drawn.

Are there taxes on lottery and casino winnings in Canada?

Unlike the US, where lotteries and real-money games are subjected to taxes, any winnings from Canadian lotteries and casino games are generally tax-free.

What is the biggest slot machine win ever?

The largest jackpot payout won in an online slot machine game is €17,879,645 ($20,062,600). Jon Heywood from the UK won this prize while playing Microgaming's Mega Moolah. A $39 million jackpot holds the world record for a slot win. An anonymous Los Angeles resident won it in 2003 and the sum hasn’t yet been topped.

At what age can one play lottery in Canada?

Provinces determine which age is appropriate for gambling in land-based venues. In most Canadian provinces, the minimum age to make a purchase is 18 years, but some require players to be at least 19 years old.

How much does the biggest lottery in Canada pay?

When it comes to lotteries, the sky's the limit. So far, the largest winning ticket sold was worth C$70 million. The record payout for OLG (Ontario's Online Lottery) was a combined amount of C$120 million, shared by two winners.

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