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The world of online gambling is filled with promotional offers to entice players to join various casino sites. This includes promotional incentives that relate to friend referral bonuses. Therefore, this review will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the online casino referral bonus. Name a few interesting facts and explain what a referral bonus actually is.

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PowerPlay Logo

Rating: 6.6/10

Bonus C$500
% of bonus 100%
No deposit

Up to C$500 by successfully referring a friend who makes a deposit of C$500 or more. Rollover terms apply to bonus funds, and you have to be aware of the 45x wagering requirement.

Bodog Casino Logo

Rating: 5.0/10

Bonus $100
% of bonus 200%
No deposit

Up to $100 by successfully referring a friend who makes a deposit of $20 or more. Rollover terms apply to bonus funds, and the wagering requirements are 5x Sports / 5x Horses / 30x Casino.

What is an Online Casino Referral Bonus?

What is an Online Casino Referral Bonus

Nowadays, numerous gambling products support the refer-a-friend program that helps the brand spread recognition among users. This promotion is available to registered members who are willing to benefit from referring the site to another person. These members can invite their friends, contacts, and even family members to register an account, upon which both will receive compensation in the form of a cash bonus, free spins or even a customized reward. It's a good opportunity to boost your bankroll simply by inviting more users to your favourite casino.

How Do Refer a Friend to Online Casino Bonuses Work?

Refer-a-friend casino bonuses are typically sent via email. Usually, you will need to fill out a form with the necessary details to invite someone, and they will receive an invitation with the terms and conditions. Once your referral receives the invitational code or link, they will need to meet certain requirements, such as registering, making a minimum deposit, and sometimes even meeting wagering requirements. If they successfully fulfil these conditions, you will receive a reward from your casino, the value of which varies by brand. It is important to note that the person you refer must be a new player who has not previously registered with that online casino, or else the referral will be invalid.


How to Get an Online Casino Referral Bonus?

  1. Choose a casino with a referral bonus.

    Choose a reliable casino and access the referral bonus page.

  2. Fill in the required information.

    Complete the form with your invitee information.

  3. Your friend will need to meet the T&Cs.

    Wait until your friend meets the instructions and creates an account to verify the promotion has been received.

  4. Get your bonus.

    Once the account is created and minimum deposits are made by your invitee, you will receive your bonus. The same applies to your friend.

Requirements to Receive an Online Casino Referral Bonus

As with all bonuses, there are terms & conditions associated with players receiving the referral. Anyone sending the bonus is expected to have previously deposited and wagered at the casino. Confirmation that money has been funded into accounts will enable players to generate a referral bonus.

Most operators authorize registered members to distribute 5-20 online casino referral bonuses. There are also casinos that don't set limits for bonus distribution. Everyone that obtains this promotion can deposit with fiat currencies or Bitcoin. The wagering requirement linked to these bonuses is usually set by each operator. Standard conditions that have to be met are as follows:

  1. Previously deposited into the casino.

  2. Prolonged usage of one account. Loyalty level is applied towards the referral bonus.

  3. Meet wagering requirements: Some referral bonuses require you or your friend to meet certain wagering requirements before the bonus is released.

  4. 18+ to 21+ years of age, depending on the country both parties reside in.

After completing these steps, bonuses become accessible on yearly rotations. That’s correct; various casinos will renew this bonus type after twelve months.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Online Casino Referral Bonuses

  1. Skipping T&Cs: Before you accept any referral bonus, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. This will help you understand the wagering requirements, withdrawal restrictions, and any other conditions that may apply.

  2. Ignoring the expiration date: Referral bonuses often come with an expiration date, so make sure you use them before they expire. Otherwise, you could end up forfeiting your bonus.

  3. Failing to refer eligible players: To receive a referral bonus, you usually need to refer eligible players who sign up and make a deposit. If you don't refer any players, you won't receive the bonus.

  4. Trying to abuse the system: Online casinos have measures in place to prevent bonus abuse. If you try to create multiple accounts or engage in other unethical behaviour, you could end up losing your bonus or even being banned from the casino.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Referral Bonus

There isn’t any perfect promotion, with each incentive having advantages and disadvantages. Anyone stating otherwise is creating a false persona of online gambling. Fortunately, explanations of the pros & cons associated with the referral bonus have been identified below.

👍 Benefits of an Online Casino Referral Bonus

Promotional cash is rewarded for accepting an invite.Free spins are distributed alongside financial credit. Continued access to other bonuses after registration. Access to hundreds, potentially thousands, of gambling products.

👎 Disadvantages of the bonus

Terms & conditions like the wagering requirement.Withdraw limits based on the promotional or account agreement. Time restrictions on promotional availability. Typically, 14 business days. Certain casinos will restrain the accessible games alongside referral bonuses.

Alternatives to Online Casino Referral Bonuses

Alternatives to Online Casino Referral Bonuses
Online Bonus Description
No Deposit This promotion provides free money for players. However, terms & conditions associated with this bonus are considerably more challenging to overcome than standard bonuses. For instance, the wagering requirements are typically higher.
Cash Back Receive a 10% return on your losses when obtaining the cashback bonus. Depending on the selected casino, this promotion could be exclusive to VIPs. Fortunately, this is rare.
Reload Reload promotions are welcomed gifts from the casino, as random deposits are funded into accounts on behalf of the casino. In turn, this is free money for your loyalty & continued deposits.
Deposit Bonus This is the most commonplace promotion found within an online casino. It’ll match whatever the player has deposited by a predetermined percentage. In most circumstances, that’s 100%.

Interesting facts and statistics about referral casino bonuses

Casino games are continually becoming more popular. As such, deposit bonuses of this nature prioritize the most accessible & identifiable titles possible. For example, slot games, scratch cards, and horse races have become more popular throughout the international betting community. Our team has identified key factors everyone should know before accessing these types of promotions.

  1. The average referral bonus is worth up to $500.
  2. Online casino referral bonuses are offered to existing players that have registered an account. These individuals can refer a friend to sign up with the casino.
  3. The percentage rewarded to friends or family during the first deposit ranges between 10-20%.
  4. Bonuses are gifted to the referrer's account after their friend has made an initial deposit. Afterwards, wagers will be authorized for both parties.
  5. Referred friends are required to meet certain requirements when placing bets. For example, depositing the minimum amount before being credited to accounts.
  6. Neither the referred friend nor the invitee will receive unlimited money for this deposit. These promotions are capped at certain valuations to ensure fair & equal play amongst others.
  7. Deposit bonuses of this nature are accessible and valid for a certain period of time. Afterwards, the promotion expires.
  8. Over 70% of online casinos offer a referral bonus.
  9. The services of the best casinos with bonuses for referrals are optimized for mobile gadgets, so you can install an app or get the bonus (as well as send links) through a mobile browser.
  10. Such bonuses are popular not only in Canada but also in the USA, the UK, and other countries.

These promotional opportunities can enable substantial wins under the right conditions. It all depends on the games being accessed. For example, sports betting is continually rewarding large payouts. That's because players win while wagering on horses and dogs. Moreover, greyhound racing can be profitable when selecting the correct track & competitor. Isn't that an incredible thing? Earn points today by accessing our list of respectable casinos.

Online Casino Referral Bonus: Wagering

Once you’ve got your refer a friend casino bonus, make sure that you can meet its playthrough requirements to process a withdrawal of the bonus money then. The main advantage of such offers is that you receive promotions when other players deposit, so your task is only to wager the offer then. These are the main conditions to consider when wagering.

  • Referral Bonus: Wagering

    The wager itself

    The fact that you need to wager the offer makes it a bit more complicated to receive bonus funds, but when the wager is, for example, 10x (it’s often specified on the bonus logo), it’s quite accessible, while the action when playing slot and card games with bonus money is guaranteed. Choose a game according to the bonus terms, start playing, track your balance, and then process a withdrawal.
  • Referral Bonus: Bet limits

    Allowed bet limits

    One of the things to regulate your gameplay when wagering is the bet limit. Pretty often, it’s determined as an upper amount of, for example, C$7.5. However, in some cases, it can be determined as a percentage of the total bonus value. For example, not more than 10% of the friend bonuses amount. These bets will be allowed in certain categories, and sometimes, sportsbooks are also among the included ones.
  • Referral Bonus: Involved games

    Involved games

    In most cases, you can spend your 100% bonus on slots, though there can be exceptions. For example, some casinos can allow wagering on bingo and keno lottery games, while others will support, for example, 10% on roulette, blackjack, poker, craps, and other table games, including live dealer software. That’s why you should check game contributions (casinos try to exclude tables due to their odds being above average).
  • Referral Bonus: The validity period

    The validity period

    In order not to lose your bonus, make sure to meet all the requirements before the expiration date. The casino platform will inform you regarding this period in terms, and on average, it’s about 7 days for cash bonuses and 24 hours for free spins when you get them in batches. Your profile settings should feature this information with an active timer. Plus, you can contact your customer support.

One more detail is not exactly about your wagering, but it also should be noted. A range of payment options isn’t compatible with promotions, such as Skrill (though it’s not a rule), so the referred player should keep this in mind to activate their bonus and provide you with your reward. Of course, there are quite a lot of details, so it’s worth exploring everything before you get started. Such bonuses are always good perks for gambling customers, but only when all the playthrough conditions are met, while you don’t miss anything regarding terms and gambling responsibly.

Bonuses for Other Categories

Unfortunately, some bonuses can be aimed at casino players, especially slots, so the users of the sportsbook market may find it inconvenient. In these cases, it’s worth paying attention to the popular bonuses mentioned above or searching for something specific right for your category. For example, sports bettors can receive free bets to spend on the bookmakers' markets. This selection can include a variety of the top industry events, including football, horse racing, and other bookmaker types.

On the other hand, when your casino features bonuses for specific table games, it’s also convenient, since with these chips, you can follow a strategy guide and use helpful tips. Plus, you can contact the support manager to find out about personal bonuses. This way, promotions give you a chance to have fun and collect bonuses not only for slots but also for blackjack hands and other entertainment.

Summary: Are Online Casino Referral Bonuses Worth It?

When considering online casinos, several factors play a part in making the right choice. One important aspect is to read casino reviews to determine the casino's reputation and trustworthiness. Another factor to consider is the bonus amount offered to gamblers, which can significantly impact the overall experience. Referral bonuses are one of the reasons players are drawn to certain casinos, as they allow for additional rewards when friends sign up using a referral link. In any case, whether they are worth it or not is subjective and depends on individual circumstances and gaming preferences.

It's important to carefully read the terms and conditions before taking advantage of referral bonuses to avoid restrictive rules or unfair wagering requirements. Ultimately, if you're willing to refer friends and feel comfortable with the terms and conditions, referral bonuses can be a good way to boost your bankroll.

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How much can I earn from an online casino referral bonus?

There aren’t any limitations to how many can be earned. However, there are restrictions to how much can be withdrawn. That amount typically ranges between (€/£/$) 3,000 to 10,000.

What is the validity period of an online casino referral bonus?

Most betting establishments authorize 15-30 business days for new members to use their referral bonus. The difference will depend on the needs of your selected casino.

Can I withdraw my winnings from an online casino referral bonus?

Permitting that you have completed the wagering requirement, withdrawals are tolerated with an online casino refer a friend bonus.

What are the wagering requirements for an online casino referral bonus?

In most cases, it’s required that players complete a 10x to 25x wagering requirement. This essentially means that whatever is deposited by players must be multiplied by factors of 10-25. Continue wagering until that number is reached. Any payouts won afterwards can be withdrawn as winnings.

Who is eligible for an online casino referral bonus?

Anyone ages 18+ or 21+ is authorized to access an online referral casino bonus. All these individuals must do is register an account. That account registration could one day lead towards the acquisition of a jackpot. Who knows!

Who can refer players to an online casino?

The majority of people who previously deposited with the casino and competed for a prolonged period can offer their friends and family referral bonuses.

Where do I input the online casino referral bonus code?

Codes are entered alongside deposits. When you select the cashier option, you’ll see a small box allowing bonus codes to be entered. Type in the code and submit your deposit. The referral bonus will be applied to your account afterwards.