Live craps online and all about it

There is a lot of chat and noise at the craps table of any brick-and-mortar casino. You may have heard players and spectators cheering for 7 or 11 and perhaps even watched a few rounds. If so, it’s very likely you were struggling to understand what was going on. What is the desirable outcome? Who’s winning? Why? It’s not easy to transfer this unique atmosphere to the virtual world and that may be the reason few have tried. Our team of experts is ready to share with you all the facts, tips, and other important information you can use to play live craps.

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How to start playing live dealer craps

  1. Registration

    Registering is a must as you can’t launch any live game unless you are logged in. The process of opening an online casino account is simple and fast.

  2. Bonuses

    New players are able to claim a welcome bonus with the first (or the first few) deposits. If terms are fair and live craps contributes to rollover, take the bonus.

  3. Deposit

    The welcome offer usually necessitates a deposit and one anyway needs real money in order to play live craps online. Transfer at least the minimum amount allowed.

  4. Withdrawal

    Depending on the outcome of your gaming session, there may be funds available for withdrawal. Make sure the amount meets the minimum payout value criteria.

Try to beat the dealer at live craps game

Live dealer craps online is the closest you can get to replicating the excitement of craps played at land-based casinos. When you play live craps online, a machine shakes and tosses the dice. More and more people are opting to enjoy the comfort of playing craps at home.

The rules for online live dealer craps are the same as for its land-based counterpart. You have different bets to pick from and then win the game by correctly predicting the outcome of the roll of the dice.

Vivo Gaming provides an authentic online live craps playing experience. Vivo Gaming is the number one live craps provider, but not every Vivo casino offers that option. It can be challenging to find a site where you can play for real money.

Live Craps: House Edge and payouts by bet type

There are so many different types of bets at craps, that we decided to make a useful and relevant payout chart to save your time of searching the information.

Beginner craps players, if you can remember only one bet, make it the pass line bet. This is the starting bet for all live craps online games and has one of the lowest house edges at 1.41%.

Live dealer craps payouts and house edge
Bet type Payouts House edge
Pass/Come 1 to 1 1.41%
Don't pass/don't come 1 to 1 1.36%
Odds — 4 or 10 2 to 1 4.76%
Odds — 5 or 9 3 to 2 4.76%
Odds — 6 or 8 5 to 6 4.76%
Field (2:1 on 12) 2:1 5.56%
Field (3:1 on 12) 3:1 2.78%
Any craps 7 to 1 11.11%
Big 6,8 1 to 1 9.09%
Hard 4,10 1 to 2 11.11%
Hard 6,8 5 to 6 9.09%
Place 6,8 5 to 6 1.52%
Place 5,9 7 to 5 4.00%
Place 4,10 9 to 5 6.67%
Place (to lose) 4,10 9 to 5 3.03%
2, 12, & all hard hops 30 to 1 13.89%
3, 11, & all easy hops 15 to 1 11.11%
Any seven 4 to 1 16.67%
Live dealer Craps from Ezugi

Live Craps from Ezugi

Ezugi doesn’t offer live craps games yet. However, they offer many popular card games, such as 3 card poker, Casino Hold’em, many blackjack and baccarat variants, as well as some Asian card and dice games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and Sic Bo.

Ezugi is considered a veteran in iGaming solutions, and it provides cutting-edge mobile and web live dealer gaming. The state-of-the-art studios, modern information technology, and professional dealers ensure the best possible customer experience. Ezugi broadcasts from 9 studios around the world from locations in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The operation goes on 24/7, and they provide public and private, customizable casino rooms to over 100 online casinos and land-based ones around the world.

Live dealer Craps from evolution gaming

Live Craps from Evolution gaming

Evolution Gaming is now offering live dealer craps! This casino game is super popular in land-based American and Canadian casinos and playing it with a live dealer gives a similar experience to a brick-and-mortar casino. Evolution's live craps is easy to play with lots of betting options, and it is attractive to both experienced and novice players.

The game is available in both live and first-person versions. In the case of the latter, the players find themselves in a beautifully designed setting and by clicking on "Go live", they can join a live dealer game. In live craps, the setting is that of a beautifully designed underground studio where this lively and high-paced game can be enjoyed. The game offers built-in tools, such as dynamic statistics, my numbers, easy mode, and even a tutorial.

Bonuses and offers that the casino offers for live dealer players

Live craps online is perhaps the most visually pleasing live dealer game. There is nothing like the bouncing and rolling dice on the elegant game table. Two dice are rolled and the face-up value of the two are added up to terminate the winning number. It is a relatively easy game to learn, especially if you make the basic Pass, Don't Pass and Come, Don't Come bets. More complicated and riskier side bets are also available but with the ideal strategy, this game offers a low house edge. Betting on the dark side – against the shooter – is not an issue as you are not facing the other players.

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    rooli casino logo
    Welcome Package: Up to C$4,000 + 475 Free Spins
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    Welcome Bonus: 200% up to C$1,200 + 50 Free Spins
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    Wheelz Casino logo
    Welcome Bonus: Deposit C$20, play with C$100 + 100 Free Spins

    This offer is not available for wagering within Ontario

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    slotsmines casino logo
    Welcome Bonus: Up to C$7,500 + 200 Free Spins
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    Slotlords Casino Logo
    Welcome package: 300% up to C$6,750 + 250 Free Spins
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    Spinbet Casino logo
    Welcome Bonus: 100% up to C$1,500 + 100 Free Spins

Top 3 Casinos for live Craps online

Ice Casino

main page of Ice Casino

Les jeux en direct sont disponibles sur Ice Casino dans leur grande ludothèque. Et donc, il est possible de rejoindre une partie de craps en direct avec un croupier et d’autres joueurs. Le jeu Craps Live est idéal pour jouer, développé par Evolution, il est possible d’échanger avec un croupier en direct. 

  • Jouer au craps,
  • Partager votre expérience en direct,
  • Disponible 24/7,
  • Accessible partout,
  • Jouer avec un croupier en direct.

Nine Casino

main page of Nine Casino

Avec tous les jeux présents sur Nine Casino, plus de 6000 jeux ! Tous les types de jeux sont à la disposition des joueurs. De quoi jouer au craps en direct où un croupier réalise toutes les actions nécessaires pour une partie en direct. Avec Craps de Play N Go, il est possible de retrouver ce jeu de table et jouer en direct.

  • Disponible 24/7,
  • Accessible partout,
  • Jouer avec un croupier en direct,
  • Partager avec d’autres joueurs,
  • Jouer au craps.

FairSpin Casino

main page of FairSpin Casino

Evolution Live développe un jeu de Craps live chez FairSpin Casino. Avec une section jeu en direct, ils offrent la possibilité de jouer au craps en direct avec un croupier et d’autres joueurs présents autour d’une table de jeu pour de nombreuses parties. Les jeux de Craps ne sont pas nombreux mais de qualité sur FairSpin

  • Plusieurs variantes,
  • Jouer au craps,
  • Échanger avec un croupier en direct,
  • Disponible 24/7,
  • Accessible partout.

A few tips that might help you

  • 1-play-rng-online-craps-to-learn-50x50s

    Play RNG online craps to learn

    Live online craps games don’t support free-play but RNG craps does. Use it to learn about the game before you take a seat at a live dealer table.

  • 2-explore-rules-50x50s

    Explore rules & payouts of live craps

    Having launched a live game, check rules and payouts to see if they differ to RNG games you practiced with. Make sure to do this before placing the very first bet.

  • 3-claim-live-casino-bonus-50x50s

    Claim live casino bonus

    Bonus funds can buy you more time at a live craps table but don’t forget they come with certain conditions and restrictions. Check T&C prior to claiming them.

  • 4-start-small-50x50s

    Start small

    Use the smallest possible chip denomination until you feel knowledgeable enough to risk bigger amounts. By betting small, you’ll stretch your gaming budget and get to try different bets.

  • 5-begin-with-a-pass-bet-50x50s

    Begin with a pass bet

    Pass bet is the most basic bet in live online craps. It’s used by the majority of players and has a relatively low house edge of 1.41%.

  • 6-know-then-to-stop-50x50s

    Know when to stop

    Live craps is a fast, exciting game and it’s easy to get drawn in and forget to monitor your balance. Set yourself a limit and walk away once it’s been reached.

More types of live casino games

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🎲 Is there any difference between live craps online and games played at land-based casinos?

The gameplay and payouts are essentially the same. One major difference is the atmosphere created by land-based casino players united by betting on the same outcome (Pass bet).

🎲 Which live craps bet pays the most?

The highest-paying bets are Proposition bets;  Any 11 and Ace Deuce pay 15:1, Aces and Boxcar 30:1. The next is Hardways which pays 7:1 for 4 or 10 and 9:1 for 6 or 8.

🎲 Which live craps bet has the best odds?

Odds bet; it has a zero house edge. This is kind of a side bet which one makes after the Point is established and it pays if the Point is rolled before a 7.

🎲 Which bet has the worst odds in live online craps?

Proposition bets have the highest house edge of all – between 5.56% and 16.67%. These are bets that either win or lose in one throw and should be avoided altogether.

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