Nine Slot Machine Strategy Questions Answered

Slot machines have long been a favorite in casinos around the world. Many people believe that it is possible to implement strategies when playing slots that lower the house edge and have you winning more often.

Still, if you have been questioning your slot strategies, here are the top nine most common slot strategy questions answered for you.

Is It Possible To Play Slots For Just A Penny?

Is It Possible To Play Slots For Just A Penny?In short, no, not really. The idea of penny slots has been a clever marketing ploy to get punters to play. In truth, you'll find slots that cost a penny per line to spin. Multiply that penny by a minimum of 20 lines, and you're looking at 20c per spin.

You should also note that playing just a penny a line won't put you in the bracket to win big rewards on the slots either. You're not going to walk away with stuffed pockets or a packed bank account playing a penny a line, so don't be fooled by the clever marketers.

In The Long Run, Can You Beat The Slots?

Probably not. Unless you are very disciplined about your playing, it is more likely that you will feed your winnings back into the machine before walking away empty-handed.

Slots are a game of chance; you spin and hope to land on a winning combination. If you are lucky enough to hit a big jackpot, you need to be smart enough to stop playing before you lose it all.

What's The Difference Between Progressive Jackpots And Normal Jackpots?

Not every jackpot is progressive. Some slots have more than one jackpot: a larger and a smaller one. Some only have a progressive jackpot. To win the jackpot, players have to hit the highest-paying combination of reel symbols.

Standard jackpots payout at a prescribed rate according to players' wager. A progressive jackpot grows little by little with each players' bet until one lucky punter hits the jackpot and wins it. The progressive jackpot then resets to a low amount and accumulates again as people spin the reels.

Is It Best To Always The Maximum?

Is It Best To Always The MaximumThe answer to this question lies with you. It depends on what your goals are. If players aim for that huge jackpot win, they need to be playing the maximum bet. The reason is that the majority of casinos will only allow you to unlock the most significant prizes when you are betting the maximum.

This strategy is risky as the more you bet, the more you stand to lose, but not betting the maximum could lead to significant disappointment. Just imagine how terrible you would feel if you hit a jackpot-winning combination but weren't eligible to win because you hadn't satisfied the minimum betting requirements.

Are Online Slot Bonuses Really That Good?

Are Online Slot Bonuses Really That GoodMost online casinos offer very generous bonuses, and these bonuses help to increase your gambling purse. More money in your budget implies more spins of the reels, which in turn means that you increase your odds of landing on a winning symbol combination. In this regard, slot bonuses are very good.

That being said, it is essential to note that all casinos have terms and conditions (T&Cs) and wagering requirements that you need to satisfy to cash out your winnings. Some even place limits on the amount of your winnings that you can withdraw each week or month. These limits are problematic if you win big and want to access your funds.

You should always check out the T&Cs applied to any bonuses before you decide whether to accept these or not; this will help you avoid withdrawal frustrations later on.

Can The Casino Adjust The House Edge On Their Slot Games?

Casinos are out to make money, and they make it by taking yours. That being said, the casinos don't need to cheat to do it; they already have you playing a game where the odds are in their favor.

Licensed casinos provide you with legitimate gambling opportunities in accordance with the governing body that licenses them. Whether you choose to take them up on the opportunity to gamble is entirely up to you. The house doesn't need to adjust its edge, so if you're having a horrible day for winning, the only way to negate the house edge is to stop playing.

Which Are Better, Land-Based or Online Slots?

The answer to this question lies entirely with you, the player. If you prefer the bright lights and exciting atmosphere of a live casino environment, then land-based slots are best for you. If you enjoy the convenience of playing from the comfort of your own home, then online slots are probably the best option for you.

When playing with real money, there is no difference between online and land-based slots, and so you can choose between the two as you wish.

Are Slots Winnings Subject To Taxes?

Are Slots Winnings Subject To TaxesSlot winnings are not taxable in Canada. This is because gambling earnings aren't considered as a fixed or steady source of income like employment or rental income. The Canadian government does not consider gambling to be a business as most Canadians don't earn a living from their winnings.

You should note that if you earn any interest on your winnings, the interest portion needs to be declared and will be counted as taxable income. Avoiding this could lead to a fine.

Should You Be Playing Slots Rather Than Table Games?

Not at all. Gambling, for most, is a form of entertainment. As such, you should be playing the games you enjoy the most.

Certain people prefer the mental challenge of table games as the game is more reliant upon the way you play and your decisions. Some players feel more in control of the game's outcome when playing table games instead of simply spinning the reels on a slot and hoping for a good result. Other players enjoy the thrill of chasing that ever-elusive jackpot on the slots.

Top 9 questions about how to win online slots?

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Whether you are an avid slots player or only dabble with them here and there, applying some strategy will help you manage your budget and make your gaming more enjoyable. While asking these questions won't make you more likely to win, the answers above will help you understand the ins and outs of the game, and as with everything in life, knowledge is power.

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