After the worldwide Texas Hold ‘em craze of the 2000s, the Texas Hold ‘Em table game has become a staple at both online casinos and “real life” gaming houses. The table version of this most popular of poker variations is a scintillating combination of blackjack and video poker requiring a bit more luck than the former and a bit more skill than the latter.

How do you play the Texas Hold ‘Em casino table game?

texas hold em no limit poker play onlineLike the standard version of the 7-card stud poker variant, the Texas Hold ‘Em casino table game is played with a standard 52-card deck. In “bricks-and-mortar” casinos, up to six players plus the dealer may play in a single hand.

Unlike traditional Texas Hold ‘Em, the table game involves no raises or even bluffing; it’s all about holding and folding, as in blackjack. To start play, the player (in the online version, you’ll likely be playing solo against the dealer) must ante and place a bet on the “Blind” area of the table; typically, these bets must be of equal amount, though a few high-roller games may vary this requirement.

Two cards are dealt to the player and dealer and, as in Texas Hold ‘Em, the remainder of the five cards comprising all seven-card stud hands will be “community cards” in the center of the table. After receiving, his/her first two cards, the player may check or bet on the “Play” spot; this wager is usually 3x or 4x the ante.

The dealer then turns three cards, i.e. “the flop”. Again, the player may place a “Play” bet – but only if he/she checked after the first two cards.

In the Texas Hold ‘Em table game, the final turn has the dealer flipping *both* the sixth and seventh card of the “community” cards. At this point, the player must fold or bet on “Play” if he/she had previously checked twice.

All hands are then revealed. If the dealer does not have a pair, the player9s) automatically win all bets. If the dealer tops the player(s), the players’ bets are lost. Additionally, the “Blind” bet will be paid on winning hands based on the hands’ rank.

What are payouts like in Texas Hold ‘Em?

Pay tables may vary a bit, but the player can expect a payout of 1:1 on a straight and at least 500:1 on a royal flush.

Are there variations on Texas Hold ‘Em table poker?

Despite the proliferation of the game itself, variations in the Texas Hold ‘Em game exist, save the aforementioned differences in betting requirements and payouts.texas hold em bonus games for real money

What is the house edge in the Texas Hold ‘Em casino game?

The complexity of betting makes this question somewhat difficult to answer, but the payout on an average hand of in the Texas Hold ‘Em table game has been calculated to pay out at 52.6%, meaning that conservative play should see the player just about break even. These are far worse odds than in blackjack, for example, but are well superior to most games of chance. The closest comparison is perhaps to Sic Bo, which offers the player an over 48% chance of winning on a given roll – but only on certain bets.