'The Hurricane' extends unbeaten record

A devastating performance by Jevgenijs 'The Hurricane' Aleksejevs saw him knock down French opponent Dimitri Trenel three times on his way to a convincing win in Spain.

Securing the victory with a sickening body shot in the third round, The Hurricane fought like a Rolls Royce. Feeling his way through the fight in the first round, he began to purr in round two before accelerating in round three to speed towards a devastating TKO.

The final scorecards read: 10/9, 10/8, and 20/17, all favouring The Hurricane.

The victory means he remains undefeated, with a record of 14-0, and he rises in the world welterweight rankings to number 300. He will be looking for another fight as soon as possible to consolidate his record and continue to climb the division.

Beautiful Backdrop to Picture Perfect Performance

Aleksejevs extends unbeaten record

It was an enchanting evening at the Holiday World Resort in Benalmadena, which was abuzz with adrenaline and anticipation ahead of the event.

The setting was picturesque – the boxing ring nestled amidst the exotic palms, serenaded by the soothing sounds of the nearby Alboran Sea on the sun-kissed Costa del Sol.

Despite this being his first fight away from the familiar confines of his hometown, 'The Hurricane' emanated an aura of unflinching confidence, betraying no signs of nervousness.

🥊 Round One

With nimble agility and a significant edge in reach, Aleksejevs chose a calculated tactic during the first round, effectively employing his left jab and targeting Trenel's body when the opportunity arose. His relaxed, effortless, and innate boxing technique starkly differed from Trenel's aggressive, bent-forward, and highly focused style, allowing him to handle Trenel's wild and sweeping – but no less dangerous – power punches effortlessly.

🥊 Round Two

He upped the intensity and reaped the rewards. With 43 seconds left in the second round, 'The Hurricane' landed a lethal combination of a right uppercut and a left hook – a mix he employed to decisive effect throughout the match. It resulted in the first of three total knockdowns, and although Trenel managed to recover, it felt like a peek of the storm that was about to follow.

🥊 Round Three

'The Hurricane' escalated the intensity once again, closing in on Trenel. With 74 seconds remaining, another powerful right uppercut and a trembling left hook forced a bloodied Trenel to his right knee, marking the first knockdown of the round and the second of the match.

The Frenchman mustered his courage and shook it off, but there was no time for respite.

Aleksejevs started to lower his guard, selecting his strikes with confidence. With 56 seconds to spare in the third round, another combination of a right uppercut and a left hook (the latter a brutal body blow) concluded the match. Trenel conceded the referee's decision to call off the contest.

Indeed, the French competitor seemed relieved as the match concluded, appearing to accept Aleksejevs as the superior fighter of the day. He graciously raised Aleksejevs' hand to the appreciative audience. Meanwhile, 'The Hurricane' acknowledged the crowd with his trademark four succinct and precise bows. Aleksejevs' performance had a certain inevitability, which is remarkable considering his last professional bout took place in 2021. Any cobwebs were well and truly blown away by 'The Hurricane'...

Team Hurricane Satisfied With Fight Execution

Talking to reporters after the bout, Aleksejevs praised his fight plan:

The goal for the fight was to execute a technical battle. I wanted to feel out the distance with the opponent for the first two rounds by throwing the jab and working the body, picking him off on the counterattack
Once I felt the distance, I closed in on the opponent (in the 3rd round) and worked up close, targeting the body and head, ensuring the punches land.
The first two rounds were about stretching it out, provoking, and counterattacking. A flawless strategy. The third round was about finishing strong.

Aleksejevs' coach, Mesmers, added:

The fight went almost flawlessly, according to the plan and tactics. The first round was reconnaissance, and in the second, we found the distance and openings in the opponent's defence, tested it and scored a knockdown.
Jevgenijs demonstrated purposeful, technical work, ring control, active defence, well-thought-out counterattacks, and striking power under pressure.

Can The Hurricane Push On?

This was the kind of display that certainly commands attention. At the ripe age of 31, he's in his prime physical condition. Even though his professional boxing career is relatively brief, he boasts an extensive combat history from his time in taekwondo and kickboxing, which means his combat experience belies his boxing record.

The identity of his next rival remains unknown, but the sky's the limit for 'The Hurricane’s' potential trajectory.

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Who is 'The Hurricane'?

  1. Born: 6th July 1993, Latvia
  2. Height: 6'0
  3. Pro Boxing Record: 14 wins, 0 draws, and 0 defeats
  4. KOs: 57.14%
  5. Stance: Orthodox
  6. Career combat awards: World Kickboxing Champion 2007, European Kickboxing Champion 2008, Baltic K-1 Champion 2010, European Muaythai Champion 2011, European Professional K-1 Champion 2015.

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