The Drake Curse

We all have that friend - the one that's just perenially unlucky, no matter what bet they place or which team they follow. Millions can relate to Drake and his seeming misfortune at the bookies as much as they can his incredible, history-making, record-setting music.

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What Is The Drake Curse?

Before we start, an explainer. Essentially, the Drake Curse is a superstition that brings bad luck to sports teams and athletes he supports, collaborates with, or bets on. It started gaining popularity in 2014 when Drake was seen wearing various sports team jerseys, and the teams lost games shortly after.

At least, that's the theory. But is there any credence to it? He put a cool $1.15 million on the Chiefs to come out on top against the 49ers in the recent Super Bowl. He was right - the Chiefs won in overtime to reward his faith.

Is Drake a victim of online speculation that bends reality into clickbait? In full acknowledgement of that potential irony, our article looks at the times Drake fell foul to fortune.

Five Times The Drake Curse Came True

UFC 297 - Sean Strickland vs Dricus Du Plessis

Bet: Sean Strickland to win

Odds: 1.97

Stake: $700,000

Result: Lose

After three wins in succession, including a shock victory over Israel Adesanya to win the middleweight title just three months before, Strickland was fancied by several onlookers to keep his winning run going and defend the crown.

Drake was one such believer, posting a screenshot of his massive $700,000 wager to his followers. It was close, but Strickland succumbed on the scorecards, with the Americans losing 48-47, 48-47, and 47-48.

This one would have stung more than usual - he had previously backed Strickland to lose against Adesanya, next up on the Curse Countdown.

UFC 297 - Israel Adesanya vs Sean Strickland

Bet: Israel Adesanya by KO

Odds: 1.84

Stake: $500,000

Result: Lose

Regular bettors know what it's like. You bet on your person to win; they lose. You back them to lose, they win. But none showcase their bets as publicly or as high profile as Drake does.

In September 2023, he staked a cool half a million dollars on Strickland to get sparked out by the imposing Adesanya. Instead, the American was relentless in his striking, coming forward at every opportunity to pressure his Nigerian-born opponent, who had no answer.

It's hard to see the Canadian putting a bet on any fight involving Strickland again.

NBA - Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors

Bet: N/A

Odds: N/A

Stake: Personal pride

Result: Lose

If you had the power of the Drake Curse, would you use it to benefit your favourite sports teams in the biggest game? The artist did that when his beloved Raptors went toe to toe with the 76ers in the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

It worked, too. After swallowing his fan pride, he wore a Phillies top and attended Game Six, which the Raptors won.

The Drake Curse continued to burn brightly, but his team had made it through—the ultimate self-sacrifice.

Boxing - Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury

Bet: Jake Paul to win by KO

Odds: 3.6

Stake: $1.2 million

Result: Lose

In the aftermath of a bitter defeat to arch-rival Fury, Paul blamed Drake. Sure, he probably meant it as a joke. Probably. But he is as aware of the Drake Curse as any other.

He told reporters in the post-fight conference, "This is Drake's fault! Drake, bro, why you doing this to me?" before clarifying the defeat rested on him.

Drake's heart would have been in his mouth at one point - the YouTuber-turned-combat star knocked down Fury in the eighth round. Had he stayed down, the payout would have been an eye-watering $4.56 million.

But the Briton bounced off the canvas to win on the scorecards - 76-73, 76-73, 74-75.

UFC 229 - Connor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov

Bet: N/A

Odds: N/A

Stake: Friendship with McGregor

Result: Lose

The build-up to McGregor vs Nurmagomedov was intense, with both fighters' visceral disdain - even hatred - on display.

To intimidate Nurmagomedov, McGregor brought out Drake for the weigh-in, with Drizzy draped in an Irish flag, much to the delight of the Irish contingent gathered to watch it unfold.

After hyping up the onlookers, McGregor aimed a kick in the direction of Nurmagomedov, but didn't connect. The two were then separated by security.

Unfortunately, McGregor was then absolutely demolished by Nurmagomedov, who totally dominated the fight and finished it by administering a rear-naked choke with more than a minute left to run in round one.

The action didn't stop there - there was a brawl in the Octagon in the aftermath of Nurmagomedov's victory, with both fighting camps coming to blows with the other.

Safe to say, the Drake Curse was in full flow that fateful night.

Verdict - Is The Drake Curse Real?

Who is to say?

There is no definitive evidence to prove the existence of the Drake Curse. While there have been instances where athletes or teams associated with Drake have faced losses or setbacks, similar occurrences can also be found with other celebrities or influencers.

There may be a clairvoyant somewhere who can tap into the spiritual realm and tell us whether or not Drake's energy is the equivalent of the sport-supporting sandbag, dragging teams down as they lose him money.

But it cannot be proven.

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