Canada and Europe Regulatory Bodies Collaborate

collaboration between canada and euA mammoth deal tying the Gambling Regulators European Forum (GREF) and the North America Gaming Regulators Association (NAGRA) was announced towards the end of 2023 in a move that will bring better alignment on the legalities of gambling across both territories.

The move will mean closer ties throughout the year, with regular meetings between stakeholders across the spectrum facilitated by both agencies. Annual conferences of each authority will have the support and backing of the other, and there is a collective will to impart as much knowledge as possible on the subject in seminars, regional gambling events, and more.

According to Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, chair of French regulator Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) and also chair of GREF, the partnership reflects the growing clamour for accountability across new and maturing markets.

She said: "With public opinion across the globe more and more concerned about the risks related to excessive gambling offers and with the increase of gambling markets and innovations, exchange between regulators worldwide is crucial."

"Regulators of GREF and NAGRA face the same issues and this collaboration will improve the protection of our consumers."

Partnership Hailed As Key Moment For National Regulators

Some, like NAGRA president Ryan Winfield, see this as a real opportunity for the betterment of responsible and safer gambling worldwide.

After the announcement, he said: "The power of partnership and collaboration between GREF and NAGRA is important in this ever-evolving industry."

"The changing landscape and the future of gaming make it imperative that we reach out to other organizations in the industry to remain informed as we tirelessly serve our communities. This commitment to collaboration and communication will serve people across the globe."

Who Are GREF?

Established in 1989, the Gambling Regulators European Forum markets itself as a facilitator for the industry's ideas marketplace.

Originally set up by representatives from Denmark, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, the organization increased. Today, 41 regulators from 34 European States have access to the agency.

The stated objectives are simple:

  • A meeting place for organizations across the European continent relating to "gambling, in particular on regulation, supervision, control of operators, or on the gambling industry".
  • To be the go-to group when there are varying views across European Gaming Regulators and provide "a central point of contact for enquiries directed at them from authorities or related organizations in Europe and elsewhere".
  • To promote well-funded and reliable analysis on gambling regulation and any issues that arise from it, sharing any results with its members.
  • To be a trusted source of all information and work relating to gambling regulatory practices.

They hold an annual conference every year - and will hold their 2024 event in Malta. No fewer than 35 member jurisdictions will be attending the event, which aims to be a safe space for "collaborative discussions, sharing expertise, and addressing the emerging trends and challenges within the gaming sector."

In December 2023, they announced their fifth working group, with Rachel Bezzina from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and Christophe Vidal from the French National Gambling Authority (ANJ) co-chairs for the Anti-Money Laundering Working Group. The aim is to help stamp out crime in the sector and increase the credibility and sustainability of the sector.

It joins the Responsible Gambling, Digital & Innovation, InfoStat, and Enforcement working groups currently under the GREF umbrella.

Who Are NAGRA?

A nonprofit organization based out of Missoula in Montana, NAGRA is the expert at breaking down national and regional gambling regulation complexities in the North American and Canadian region - arguably a much more challenging part of the world than in other more mature markets.

Set up in 1984, the group "hosts an annual conference, quarterly webinars, interest group meetings and provides access to members-only discussion forums" as part of their commitment to the "mutual exchange of regulatory information and techniques".

Their annual conference is set to take place between June 10-13 and will take place in Charleston, South Carolina.

Laws on online gambling have only started to relax across parts of America over the previous few years, while Ontario made online gambling legal as recently as 2022.

That's why NAGRA has such an important role to play as part of this partnership with GREF.

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