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Try to beat the system, but Slot Cheats never beat the games

hacking scatter slots in ios and android softwareSo you want some slot machine cheats … well, who wouldn’t?  Glittery tales of the multi-million win and the exception of your Aunt Denise, who always seems to bring home a few hundred whenever she plays the penny slots, aside, the truth is that most players walk away from the slot machines empty-handed. And even newbies know that slots offer the worst odds in the house aside from roulette; nevertheless the poor odds don’t make slots less fun, but evening things out a bit would certainly be  OK for most players.

Well, good news, everyone! Cheating at slot machines is absolutely possible and you can make up to $250,000 a day. No, really. But before we reveal the only guaranteed method of successfully cheating the slot machines, we enumerate some cheats that do *not* work. (Hey, indulge us: Much research was done in the shaping of this article.)

Now extinct: Magnets, light wands, monkey’s paws

Ah, how easy the would-be cheater had Back In The Day! The classic one-armed bandit was a wonderfully heavy, clunky bit of metal with big, obvious moving parts that could be easily manipulated. Even when evolving into the more compact, more electronics-dependent pub slots of the 1980s/90s, certain physical characteristics made them easy pilfering.

The infamous Tommy Glenn Carmichael, whose occupation is listed as “inventor” on his Nevada police record, is credited as the greatest/biggest-money/most successful slot machine cheater of all-time. Carmichael invented tools of the trade such as the light wand (which messed with certain slot machines’ internal sensors indicating a payout due) and the monkey’s paw (which allowed access to certain internal triggers and switches).

Any such devices were doomed once slots went fully electronic. Carmichael last made the news (and a rap sheet) in 2000, when he was arrested as part of a ring looking to take down slots through electronic means.

Also extinct: Anything involving coins, legal tender

Thanks to the expansion of First Nations casinos, which from early on used cards with magnetic strip to tally up payouts in the 1990s/2000s, any of that coin-on-a-string or slugs nonsense that half the kids in North America leaned at the video arcades of the 80s became extinct.

How to cheat at online slots: Get a job in coding

learn how to cheat the slots code in tutorial Sure, you can take advantage of so-called “cheat codes” in slots games – f you’re the one who entered them into the software in the first place. However, consider the cases of the poker website which was shut down due to employees’ knowledge of a cheat code and the legal wrangling required of a daily fantasy sports website which was using information to dominate the pools on a competitor’s website. In both cases, perpetrators were easily rounded up thanks to various online security measures, and you can bet (so to speak) that none of the accused are working in the industry.

On top of this, winning at online slots depends on the RNG (random number generator) rather than the attempts at strategy of real-life players. Why risk a career for easily traceable low-money wins?

About those Book of Ra slots cheat rumors…

As near as we can tell, ever since the launch of the Book of Ra slot, a pervasive rumour has circulated on gambling chat forums and casino-related websites that the game is somehow “hackable,” that unlimited play is available by way of cheating thanks to some benevolent unnamed software programmer who released the cheat code online.

Ten years past Book of Ra’s release, the gullible player is offered Book of Ra cheats in the form of codes, explanatory PDG documents, software and who knows what else. These sites will typically either send you down a rabbit hole of affiliate marketing-led sales, bury spyware on your hard drive and/or convince you to deposit *now* at some fly-by-night casino website.

Please take our advice: Book of Ra is not hackable, but your PCs and devices are. Don’t believe these fairy tales.

The 100% guaranteed method to successfully cheat at slot machines

So here it is. Casino Canada’s surefire method to cheat the slot machines. Unfortunately, the method does not work online, so you’ll actually have to visit the nearest “bricks-and-mortar” casino to suit your purposes.

Before you get started, you’ll need to assemble a few things. The checklist includes

•  a cell phone;

•  the RNG algorithm for a certain type of slot machine (likesay, the Aristocrat Mark VI);

•  software that can analyze the RNG’s output in real time; and

•  a custom-made app which will inform you when a big win is coming.

Plus, it probably also helps if you’re Russian.

Such a scam was pulled off by a group of operatives numbering as many as 50 based out of St. Petersburg in the 2000s/10s. Armed with what amounts to a “cheat code” and a team of software engineers, the group cheated slots to the tune of some $250,000 per day in a combination of intake from casinos in Las Vegas, Europe and Macao who’d installed the Aristocrat-branded slot machines in question.

quick hit slot cheats for online real money slot gamesRead up on this operation, get your resources in place and you’re ready to cheat at slot machines! O, one other thing: You’ll have to improve on the Russian operation slightly, as the cheaters were ultimately exposed through the old-fashioned means of hotel registration and security cameras. So you might want to add “counterfeit identification” and “plastic surgery” to the above checklist.

Good luck!

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