5 Strangest Casino Rules

It's not surprising that several laws guide the operations of casinos. Whether it's an online casino or a brick-and-mortar hub, there's no doubt they are highly regulated. Moreover, these rules guarantee protection against fraudulent casinos.

We stumbled on some unusual rules applied in particular locations and casinos during our research. We were taken aback at first, wondering whether it's necessary to have such a strange set of casino laws.

We later resolved that some of these laws were entirely necessary. But some of them were just overboard. So quickly, we'll be exploring these casino laws and walking you through how they apply to you as a player.

Top 5 Weird Casino Rules in The World

Here are 5 casino laws that we found really strange and quite enjoyable. They include:

Kentucky gambling laws

Kentucky Gambling Laws

Do you know that casino games and gambling, in general, are very restricted in Kentucky? While some American states allow players to place wagers for real money, you can only gamble for charity in Kentucky.

Therefore, you can't find any land-based or online casinos in this region. This gets interesting because you can sue casinos for losses greater than $5. If you lose more than $5 at an online casino, the law allows you to sue the casino within six months. After six months, anyone can take up the case and request up to three times the money lost.

So, one can ask: isn't gambling a way of entertainment where everyone is individually responsible for the risks taken? Unfortunately, this Kentucky law does not seem to recognize this fact. As a result, many online casinos restrict players from Kentucky. The government wants to shut out gambling from the state.

Time limit on bingo games

Time Limit on Bingo Games

In North Carolina, you can't hold a single bingo game for more than five hours. The game, used as a fundraiser by many charity and non-profit organizations, comes with several other restrictions.

Besides the five-hour time limit, there must be a 48-hour period between consecutive bingo games, meaning you can't have a Bingo game on two straight days. Also, there can't be more than two games in a week.

You may wonder, why on earth are there so many rules to this game? One of the reasons is to crack down on commercialized bingo gambling in the state. Remember that only charitable and non-profit organizations with valid bingo licenses can hold bingo games.

There may be more to why these laws are in place. Whatever the case may be, the law is still quite strange. If you're looking to organize a bingo tournament with friends and family in North Carolina, you should be careful because of the laws.

Weird casino rules gamble in Monte Carlo

Locals Can't Gamble in Monte Carlo Casino

It is so strange that Monaco locals are not allowed to gamble in casinos in their own country. Instead, Monégasques are looking to gamble outside their country to place wagers on casino games.

Monaco has one of the biggest and most luxurious casinos globally - Monte Carlo casino. But only visitors and tourists can gamble there. The casino only seems to be a tourist centre. A local cannot even step foot in the casino except they work at the casino.

This restriction is quite confusing. There may be several explanations on why the government could set such a law. Still, we don't fully understand what the aim is. Imagine having one of the world's most luxurious places to gamble in your country, and you're not allowed in because you're a local.

Whatever the reason is, the government sure knows what they hope to achieve by such regulations.

Online Casinos Are Illegal in Japan

Online Casinos Are Illegal in Japan

If you live in Japan, the law restricts almost every form of gambling. There are only a few exceptions. Generally, it is illegal to play casino games in Japan, whether online or land-based.

The origin of the law is not far-fetched. The Japanese culture and tradition are what fuel it. Still, they allow some forms of betting, which makes us question the need for the "gambling ban."

These exceptions include sports betting, playing lotteries, and Pachinko, a local slot game in Japan. You can also place bets on horse racing and motor racing. Gambling on these platforms is utterly legal, while every other form of gambling is outlawed.

Sometimes these exceptions make it hard to distinguish between the type of gambling allowed and the ones that aren't. Anyways, keep in mind that gambling is illegal if perhaps you find yourself in Japan and you want to play casino games.

Nude Gambling in Oklahoma and Sunday Casino Games in Alabama are Illegal

Nude Gambling in Oklahoma and Sunday Casino Games in Alabama are Illegal

In Oklahoma, women are not allowed to gamble in casinos naked. Even if they wear a bath towel or lingerie, the law still prohibits playing casino games with such an outfit.

Also, stripping is not allowed in Oklahoma. If you want to enter and play casino games as a lady, you've got to be correctly dressed. This Oklahoma law has been enforced. Maybe it will change someday, but that's what stands as of today.

That said, Alabama laws prohibit playing certain casino games on Sunday. In addition, the state's criminal code frowns at engaging in activities like shooting, racing, hunting, gambling, and playing cards.

This implies that playing card games like blackjack or poker on Sunday could land you huge fines if you're caught. So if you're looking to engage in such activities on your Sunday evening, you may travel out of the state or wait till the next day.


There you have it: five of the most bizarre casino laws in the world. These laws may seem strange, but they sure have a place in maintaining order in the gambling space.

Moreover, you may find several other weird laws in other regions. So when next you visit a new town, make sure to check out the casino rules before playing. This will keep you from parting away with your money because of government fines.

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