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Are you looking for great land based/online casinos in Hamilton?

hamilton based land casinos in canadaThough we are fully submersed within the internet era, there is no doubt that when it comes to gambling and gaming activities, the good old brick and mortar land-based casinos still continue to be very much in demand. The experience of meeting people, shaking hands, and making new friends is all part of the fun and frolic associated with land based casinos. This is something which perhaps even the most tech savvy online gaming joints will not be able to offer their guests. Hence it would be interesting to have a look at a few such casino outlets which are situated in various parts of Hamilton. There is no denying the fact that there are dozens of brick and mortar casinos spread-out through the Hamilton area. Therefore looking up each one just to mention something about them would take forever. Over the course of this review we’ll will try and have a look three of the most reputedly famous brick and mortar casinos located in Hamilton, and mention some very good reasons why they are so popular. We’ll also look at the various attributes which make them so attractive amongst their customers.

Flamboro Downs for the ultimate gaming experience

Situated in Ontario, this is considered the most sought-out hot spot casinos in the city, but also it is proclaimed the best throughout greater Canada in general. It is a great place to be for the entire family, because apart from the best of casino games, it also offers the best of food and other entertainment facilities for those very reasons. Amongst other things it arguably has the fastest race track for those who are keen on the fantastic exhilaration that comes from live horse racing. They also provide online participation for these races, though there is nothing that comes quite closer than taking part in these live events. They also provide the option of enjoying electronic table gaming that cover a more-than-generous selections, which is exactly what makes Flamboro Downs so very popular in the first place. They have the biggest collection of slot machines (totaling 800 and still growing), which are operated by OLG. It is truly the kind of brick and mortar casino which offers something for everyone. So if you are in Canada, you must visit Ontario at least once or more to spend some time at Flamboro Downs. Therefore- by the end of the day, if there is hardly any doubt that it wasn’t as amazing as you thought; their expert gaming staff will surely have spiced-up the casino experience! Apart from classic slot machines, customers also have full access to progressive slot machines, fruit slots, multi-line machines, and many more you can discover.

What’s so scary about the Mohawk Racetrack?mohawk racetrack in hamilton canada

According to local opinion, Mohawk Racetrack is considered to be a sweet little casino gaming joint that offers the best enjoyment potentials for their customers. It is situated in Guelph Line, Ontario and attracts loyal regulars and curious visitors alike. And while they have a good selection of slot machines on-hand, customers at times may have to wait to find an empty slot during busy peak hours. It’s not their fault they’ve become as popular as they have despite some waiting, they alternatively have solved the problem by offering as many multiple gaming solutions to counter this effect. Whether it is horse racing or sport bets, various alternative casino games can be found within their place to reduce waiting woes. Among many slots that are featured at Mohawk, some players have grown a particular fascination for the incredibly popular Ghostbusters-themed slot machine. This may be due to the much-awaited hype for the upcoming 2016 reboot film which was filmed (just over the US border)no more than a stones-throw-away in Massachusetts and New York City! Now- food is something which will continue to linger in the minds of Mohawk Racetrack customers. Other than ghastly slime covered slots, their dining rooms feature the best quality food items that are served day or night. The Italian Buffet menu is something which certainly will win-over many hearts. If you wish to spend a weekend with your family, beloved spouse, or new crush, there is no doubt something for all-tastes that is offered, turning-out lasting memories for years to come.

Can you break the bank at Casino Brantford?

olg land based casino in brantford canadaSituated in Brantford, Ontario, there is hardly any doubt that OLG Casino Brantford is another worthy land based-casino in Hamilton for very good reasons. Though it may not be one of the best casinos in the city, it certainly has quite a few interesting things to offer. They offer not only a sizable number of gaming tables and some of the best slot machines, they take customer service to the next level entirely. Further it’s the employees that treat the customers and guests with the kind of of care that always leaves good memories behind. There are many visitors who often come with their families, and so often there are many instances where winning even a small amount worth $50 is quite common to see! The Brantford Casino in particular offers something extra that attracts many new players and actually helps them to learn those tricks-of-the-trade without having to bet major money in return. They also have a number of bonus offers for all new guests (not nearly as extravagant as other big casino joints across Hamilton and other parts of Ontario), Casino Brantford aims to please more like a family run business than anything else.