Casinos in Niagara Falls

Brick and mortar casinos in Niagara Falls feature tons of high-stakes entertainment with over 4,000 different slots, poker rooms, table games and non-stop gambling action. A Niagara Falls casino offers loads of ways to win, whether you prefer to spin for a few pennies or play high stakes at the tables. There’s the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal, catch a concert or take part in high-paying gaming tournaments. Lucky participants also stand to win prizes like jewelry and cars when they play at a casino Niagara Falls, ensuring all-round bang for your buck and high-class gaming any day of the week.

Best casinos in Niagara Falls online

Niagara Falls landbased casino list


Fallsview casino

  • Stay & Play available

  • Open 24/7

  • Huge choose of slots & table games

  • Benefits fo members

  • Sportsbook not available

Pai Gow Poker
Video poker
+1 (888) 325-5788
6380 Fallsview Blvd. PO Box 300 Niagara Falls, ON L2G 7X5

Niagara casino

  • Open 24/7

  • Huge choose of slots & table games

  • Benefits for members

  • Special events

  • Stay & Play not available

Video poker
+1 (888) 325-5788
5705 Falls Ave. Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6T3 Canada

Offline vs. Online gambling in Niagara Falls

A Niagara Falls casino should be chosen according to your preferences, so when you feel like it’s time to visit a land-based hall or launch an online site, it’s up to you.

Online Casinos
  1. The first advantage of online platforms is that the variety of games is wider and the catalogs have special filters to search for titles.
  2. It’s easy to access the iGaming site within seconds, so no need to spend time to get to a certain place to gamble.
Offline Casinos
  1. Niagara falls casinos are available at any time and are perfect for high-profile events and informal meetings.
  2. The staff of these establishments is professional and visitors will enjoy every minute of being inside.

Best Online casino bonuses for Niagara Falls

When your choice is an online casino (Niagara Falls), it’s a good opportunity to benefit from an additional advantage. All new customers have a chance to activate a welcome package, which is full of nice presents. These gifts are provided to show gamblers that the casino has nice games, which provide good payouts. But the detail to consider is that both winnings from free spins and additional match bonuses must be wagered.

  • decoration
    Lemon Casino logo
    Welcome package: 100% up to C$600 + 200 Free Spins
  • decoration
    Spinbet Casino logo
    Welcome Bonus: 450% up to €6,000 + 200 Free Spins
  • decoration
    Boo Casino logo
    Welcome Bonus: 250% up to C$1,000 + 150 Free Spins
  • decoration
    spinfever logo
    Welcome Bonus: 250% up to C$2,000 + 200 Free Spins
  • decoration
    Arcanebet Casino Logo
    Welcome Bonus: 100% up to C$1,000 + 30 free spins
  • decoration
    Crownplay Casino logo
    Welcome Bonus: 100% up to C$750 + 200 Free Spins

History of gambling in Niagara Falls

gambling history of niagara falls canada

This city attracts tourists not only with its famous waterfall as the gambling entertainment also has a wide range of perks for visitors and local citizens. As it’s still the Ontario province, the gambling history of this area is similar. And as a result of the legalization and development of the casino world here, nowadays, players can visit several grand establishments, buy lottery tickets, or even place bets online.

Main gambling laws in Niagara Falls

gambling laws in niagara falls canadaThe province is rich in gambling opportunities, and casinos in Niagara Falls (Canada) are proof of that. Here are the types of gambling players can experience here.

  • Casinos
    For now, the 2 leading establishments are Fallsview casino and Niagara casino. Both of them are open 24/7 and have enough space for both gambling on different machines and having a good dinner at a restaurant inside.
  • Online Gambling
    Players won’t find a Niagara Falls casino online as it’s not allowed to arrange online projects within the territory. But it doesn’t mean that gamblers can’t benefit from hundreds of available online iGaming sites that are operating offshore.
  • Sports Betting
    Local bets are accepted via the Pro-Line service. As an alternative, users can select the sites where not only casino games but also sports betting options are available.
  • Lotteries
    Local lottery drawings are regulated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Due to this, NA residents can buy tickets at the local retailers and do it without limitations (unless the age as players must be over 19).

What can you find at the Fallsview Casino Resort?

niagara falls view casino canadaThe excitement and pulsing energy is the kind of feeling you’ll get the moment you set your feet into the Fallsview Casino Resort. A wide area covering 200,000 square feet is offered for gaming options and can be compared to three football field size gaming floors overall! There are over 3000 slot machines provided and live dealer table games ranging from roulettebaccaratblack jack and craps among others that are offered within. At Fallsview you’ll never have a dull moment if you happen to be a real card shark. They offer the largest poker rooms and card games suites to ensure an exciting experience to those who enjoy live card game gambling.

What kinds of slot machines does Fallsview have?

You are also assured of countless ways to win from every slot game that is offered throughout the casino itself. You’ll find every denomination level suitable for video poker machines too, which cater to a dollar per spin through to a hundred dollars per bet. In addition to video poker, there are over 3000 slots machines available to ensure that all slot games and themes are well covered for the maximum enjoyment slot players often are looking for. These video slot games include the latest releases including: Big Bang Theory, Britney Spears, Sons of Anarchy, Rumble Rumble and Game of Thrones among others. In the comfort of the luxurious Fallsview poker room, you can play high or low stakes to win prize pots offering big cash returns.

Does Fallsview offer VIP treatment for its customers?

This room is newly renovated and equipped with HD TV monitors screening live sports and events all day long, is features a welcoming decor and even boasts programmable cave lighting to set the mood further. This room is among the most popular and largest in Ontario and within the Niagara Falls area. One featured card game is Bad Beat poker, and offers chances of winning the jackpot that continues to grow while you play! Those who like to get premium casino attention will find VIP player services that are offered, and those who want to stick around longer than a day can book their stay at the hotel for as long as they wish. Guests can easily make dinner reservations, reserve concert tickets, as well as book and register for any of the exciting tournaments that are offered.

Also at Fallsview Casino Resort, you are provided with over 20 dining options that cover 5 star menu ratings all the way through general buffet deals, however those who are culinary critics are served the best dishes prepared by leading chefs flown-in from all over the world. In addition to this breath-taking casino experience, over live 250 shows are held each year prom world famous performers and bands thus further offers high entertainment levels to anyone visiting the resort.

What can you get at Casino Niagara?

This is another great hotspot to visit at the Canadian border you can explore and play great games that are provided. Packed with excitement for all your gaming purposes, a 95,000 square foot area is provided. This is the place to discover all the fun you could ever wish to find. There are slot machines that range from pennies to five dollars machines, thus giving every person a choice to play how they wish. It’s also perfect for beginners and experts alike. If you enjoy playing cards no doubt this is the place to be. There are over 30 live dealer tables that are action-packed for the card playing enthusiast. These games include Mississippi stud, blackjack, poker and varieties of table games including roulette among others. Casino Niagara is a must see destination for most people. You’ll find over 40 table games as well as over 1500 various video poker machines and slot games. There are an impressive selection of 350 progressive slots also, so all guest never feel crowded on the casino floor no matter how busy it gets. The selection of their slot games feature the latest releases including celebrities and movie theme favorites.

What extras are found at Casino Niagara?

Anytime of the year, the fun never stops at Casino Niagara. You will also find exciting tournaments that are offered, giving both experienced tournament players and beginners an opportunity to have fun tournament action within the casino itself. More fun follows the experience for all winners who have won table games, slot games, since all those who enter get free entry door prize tickets that award hot prizes such as home electronics, cars and jewelry among other things! All of their big winners are likewise congratulated for their lucky wins. The quality of food offered at this place is also undeniable. A major favorite for steak lovers is the Lucky Steakhouse offers a wide range of classic steak cuts and delectable favorites which are served as well. A warm décor through the entire casino thus creates a pleasant environment for every taste the guest will encounter. Whether you are a visitor or a local guest, it’s simple to find Casino Niagara too. Directions are given online, thus simplifying the work easily enough for you. Ample parking is provided and simply by winning a PAC card, you are offered free parking services additionally. To get this card is simple, all you need to do is play any slot or table game to win the free parking pass.

In conclusion these two great casinos in Niagara Falls are top rated for being the best places to have excellent casino fun, considering they guarantee you excitement and a good run for your money!

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📍 Which Casino Should I Choose?

And while Casino Niagara’s unique table games are cool, they’re not enough to erase all the other advantages Fallsview has. The casino offers 3000 different slot machines, covering just about every special feature and theme under the sun! Fans of table games can enjoy baccarat, craps, American roulette and several types of poker like Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em and Pai Gow.

📍 What Goodies Does the Casino Offer?

A couple that gambles together stays together. That seems to be what Fallsview Casino thinks, as a lot of their promotions are aimed at couples. Purchase food and bring your receipt to the PAC Booth, and you receive a $10 or $20 slot offer. As part of these promotions, your parking will be free for that evening. The casino also hosts blackjack and poker tournaments. If you have a week or two to spend gambling on vacation, we suggest you try your luck!

📍 Any Legal Restrictions?

Niagara Falls doesn’t deviate from the standard gambling rules in Canada. That means that you’re able to enter the casino and wager to your heart’s content! So long as you’re above the legal drinking age, which is 19 in Canada and Niagara Falls. Provided no one is younger than 19, you should have no legal problems betting in any casino of your choosing.

📍 Where Can I Stay?

Fallsview’s casino and resort are home to a hotel, a spa, and a nightclub, all located right next to each other. If you enjoy golf, over 45 different courses are just a half an hour drive away! The resort is also home to several restaurants and a bar. Of course, if you don’t want to stay in the resort itself, some other options to consider are Holiday Inn or Sheraton Four Points.

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