Casinos in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is home to several casinos that launched during the 1990s and offer sensational entertainment facilities. Fans of Winnipeg casino games will enjoy their time visiting the Club Regent where you can have a go on over 900 slots, video poker and a selection of table options like blackjack, roulette and keno. The McPhillips Street Station is a little smaller, but still has hundreds of classic and new slots, table games and bingo. Not many establishments in Winnipeg offer horseracing, but Assiniboia Downs does, along with video lottery terminals, making sure there’s something for everyone who visits a casino in Winnipeg.

Club Regent casino
  • Stay & Play
  • Speacial events
  • Bingo
  • Huge choose of slots & table games
  • No sportsbook
Video poker
1425 Regent Avenue West Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2C 3B2
McPhillips st. casino
  • Huge choose of slots & table games
  • Special events
  • The Player's club
  • Stay & Play not available
  • Sportsbook not availale
484 McPhillips Street Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2X 2H2

Recommended casinos in Winnipeg

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A brief history of Winnipeg casino gambling

Provincial law in Manitoba first permitted certain forms of gambling in 1969, though actual manifestations of the law were mostly based in bingo games based in Winnipeg and environs.

In the 1980s, some of the Winnipeg Convention Centre’s space was devoted to casino gambling and bingo, but this setup was never established to be permanent and much outcry was generated thanks to negative publicity both in Canada and abroad.

The Crystal Casino opened its doors to players in 1990; as the first large-scale gambling operation co-managed by the city government, this gaming outlet was something of a beta-test enterprise. Unfortunately, the short-term excitement generated by the Crystal Casino could not be sustained; lame marketing campaigns did little to help and in 1997, this casino was closed.

In a bit of backwards logic, the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission (MGCC) and the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation (MLC) were formed. These authorities were officially named operators of the two newer casinos that were opened in the wake of the Crystal Casino.

Certainly also a significant factor in the demise of the Crystal Casino was the Manitoba provincial government’s opening of two casinos in 1993, the McPhillips Street Station Casino and the Club Regent Casino. Through about a quarter-century of operation, these casinos have brought a fair amount of revenue into governmental coffers.

Employing a standard tactic taken up in the 2000s in Canada and the U.S., the Manitoba Jockey Club added gambling beyond pari-mutuel on horse racing at the Assiniboia Downs in order to prop up the flagging horseracing industry within the province.

About the casinos in Winnipeg

The Club Regent Casino shows just how far buried in the past the old “gambling at the Convention Centre” is. Club Regent covers nearly all forms of traditional casino gambling: Some 900 slot machines and video poker games are on the floor, with other 70% of these penny slots; table games on offer include roulette, blackjack, keno, Pai Gow, Let It Ride and Blackjack Switch. Beyond this are regular bingo games and weekly poker tournaments.

McPhillips Station casinoIn another part of the city is the Club Regent’s sister outlet, the McPhillips Street Station Casino. The McPhillips Casino is based on the same plan at that of the Regent, though just slightly smaller. Three to four fewer tables are in play and 800 slot machines and electronic games are on the floor. Management of the McPhillips Street Station Casino fancies its operation as slightly more upscale than the Regent, so fewer penny slots are in play – but limits in poker and table games are higher as well. And McPhillips has your bingo, too.

Finally, calling the setup at Assiniboia Downs a “casino” is a slight misnomer, though the place is sometimes referred to as the “Assiniboia Downs Club West Casino Lounge.” In case, at the Assiniboia may be found pari-mutuel betting on live horseracing and on simulcast events. This lounge also hosts video lottery terminals (VLTs), so those referring to the facilities at the Assiniboia are splitting hairs a bit.

Is there online gambling in Winnipeg?

canada casinoIn January 2013, Manitoba government officials announced the opening of an online Play Now outlet for citizens of the province. The frankly uninspiring website rains live and taking customers’ bets on casino games and sports.

Should a Winnipeg player decide to play casino games at a non-Play Now website, however, this remains perfectly legal (not to mention quite popular; at the time of the announcement of the Manitoba gambling site in 2012, government estimates placed the amount of money spent by Manitobans in online casinos at $37 million).

The potential problems extant in using a Canadian-based credit card at casino websites is twofold: Firstly, the financial institution at which the ‘card is based may reject such a transaction (as is the case with any bank majority-owned by U.S.-based interests); secondly, in cases of dispute, legal recourse is not easily gotten.

Luckily, both problems are rarely seen. Most alternative, electronic payment methods will allow citizens of Winnipeg to play at online casinos. As for player disputes with a given casino website, we can tell you that we’re honestly surprised at how *infrequently* we hear or experience any such disputes. Often operating within a legal grey area, most internet casino operators cannot allow issues to conflagrate.

But hey, if you’re a resident of Winnipeg, don’t be unsure about legalities! Simply choose a casino outlet for any of those posted on our pages. Every partnering website of Casino Canada is quality-checked for customer service and fairness – plus the accepting of Canadian players.

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Which Casino Should I Choose?
As we already mentioned, Club Regent is primarily aimed at players looking to play for a while. It has about a hundred more slots than McPhillips does (900 versus 800). Of those 900 slots, about 70% are penny slots, perfect for small bets. Location also plays a slight factor in your choice. The two casinos are in different areas of town. With similar game selection, you can choose one which is closest to your lodgings.
What Goodies Do the Casinos Offer?
Both casinos offer their players a variety of different bonuses to encourage them to play. The offers swap monthly, so make sure to inform yourself before you start playing. Another way to snag specials is to use bus tours affiliated with the casino. To use these, you would have to travel from another place in Canada. Perfect if you want to just drop by Winnipeg for a day or two while you’re traveling elsewhere in Canada.
Any Legal Restrictions?
The minimum legal age is the only thing you have to worry about when it comes to gambling in Winnipeg. So long as you and everyone in your party is 18 years or older, you’re good to go! While online gambling remains a gray area for Canadian players, land-based casinos are perfectly legal. So you can wager freely in both Club Regent and McPhillips Casino without a care in the world.
Where Can I Stay?
Canadian Inns is partnered with both casinos as part of their Stay and Play packages. Booking a room at any Canad Inn location means you get $15 worth of free slot credits per person. This is a great offer if you don’t plan on using other promotions. If Canad Inn isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend Marlin Travel for Club Regent and Fort Garry Hotel for McPhillips Casino.