Top 5 Smallest Casinos in the World

Judging the top five smallest casinos in the world isn’t an easy task. Globally, governments have started recognizing the revenue potential of gambling and are easing restrictions on this form of entertainment. You can find small ‘entertainment centers’ in diverse places like Bundoran in County Donegal, Ireland, or a few fruit machines in a pub in many countries across the world.

The casinos on our list may not technically be the smallest in the world if you consider these factors. Our line-up includes casinos that are both small and unique. Let’s see what some of the smallest casinos globally have to offer punters worldwide.

Grosvenor’s Black Cab Casino, Birmingham, England

grosvenor casinos taxi

Imagine flying into Birmingham airport to sample the English weather, pubs, and casinos. You finish the customs checks and pick up your bags, leaving the building to brave the wet weather. Your traditional London Cab arrives, and you slide into the back seat to be greeted with a games table complete with a croupier and a bar.

That’s the experience in the smallest live casino in the world. The cab even has online gaming and sports betting to offer bettors on their way to the casino. The British know about gambling and offer exceptional adventure.

North Cadbury Court, Somerset, England

North Cadbury Court Casino

The owners of this 400-year-old estate turned it into a hotel. When they decided to add a casino, they took the term ‘underground’ literally. The casino is located in the basement, but not everybody can visit. What makes it exclusive is that you need to rent the entire estate before the owners consider allowing you to use the casino. The basement casino is a single room with a 30 person capacity, making for an intimate gaming experience.

The hotel is touted as a top wedding venue, and if you request the use of the casino, you decide which games to play. With professional croupiers and casino-sized tables, this is a gambling adventure that no high-roller should want to miss. You don’t need to travel to the UK to experience some of the top smallest casinos in the world. The American Wild West is full of gambling tales, and Saloon 10 brings these to life.

Saloon No. 10 Deadwood, South Dakota, USA

Saloon No. 10 Deadwood, South Dakota

Saloon No. 10 is supposedly built on the spot where Wild Bill Hickock was shot dead, holding a poker hand of aces and eights. Saloon No. 10 keeps memories of the days of the old West alive with memorabilia and photos from the town’s past. You can browse what’s almost a living museum and sit at the whiskey bar.

Still better, you can sample one of the smallest casinos in the world surrounded by memories of the past. Tucked inside Saloon No. 10 is a 3,000 square foot casino with four blackjack tables and 75 slot machines. You can even play poker after seeing the chair that Wild Bill was sitting in when he was shot.

You can’t talk about gambling without a trip to Las Vegas. So which casino is the smallest on the famous Las Vegas strip?

Slots-A-Fun, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Slots-A-Fun, Las Vegas, Nevada

Slots-A-Fun has been running on the site of the old Circus-Circus hotel merry-go-round since 1971 and is still there. Initially owned by a member of the Civella crime family, Carl Thomas, Slots-A-Fun was bought by the Circus-Circus hotel in 1979. It became known for handing out free popcorn. Sadly, this is no longer the case, and after MGM bought it in 2009, the live gaming tables made way for additional slot machines and pool tables.

Previously known as one of the smallest stakes casinos on the strip, the Slots-A-Fun brand has kept to that principle with the slots and $2 virtual blackjack and craps. The old gift shop is still there and mini bowling alleys. The foot-long hot dogs have given way to fast-food franchises, but the old counter and stools are still in place, and of course, the bar remains open all night.

We don’t usually think of India as a travel destination. Still, it has some jewels, especially in the smallest of its provinces, Goa. This province is home to some stunning beaches and one of the travel destinations that will give you real value-for-money and one of the smallest casinos in the world.

Casino Palms, Calangute, Goa, India

Casino Palms, Calangute, Goa, India

Casino Palms Spa is tucked away near Baga Beach in Goa, India. Indian casinos are usually on boats that take you out to sea, making Casino Palms unique for the region. The resort and spa are lavish by Indian standards, and you can enjoy a relaxing day on the beautiful beach before a night of roulette and slots in the casino.

The casino is one room about the size of a two-bedroom apartment, with seven roulette tables and a selection of slots. As you can imagine, being the only casino in India, the dress code is formal, and any locals who visit make a night of it. For a reasonable $13, the spa gives you access to the casino, a meal, snacks, and drinks. For accommodation, the resort has villas, beach villas, hotel suites, and deluxe rooms.

Goa itself is a haven for European hippies and a few people who’ve realized that you can have a decent beach holiday and be treated like royalty on a modest budget. The staff is friendly, and if you enjoy Indian cooking, the chefs love to share their recipes and cooking tips.

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Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen from these small casinos, you don’t always need the glitz and glamour of the big casinos on the strip to enjoy the entire experience. You can visit a casino in a cab or enjoy the exclusivity of the upper-crust North Cadbury Court underground casino.

You can play blackjack for $2 stakes at Slots-A-Fun, or you can dress formally and enjoy a night of gambling at the Casino Palms for $13 with drinks and a meal. If you prefer, you can try Saloon Number 10 in Deadwood, South Dakota, and walk in the footsteps of Wild Bill Hickock. Gambling is all about fun and entertainment, and these small unique casinos have loads of both.

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