A Look at Aggressive and Conservative Craps Strategies

Craps is a casino game in which players stake on the outcome of a pair of dice. Players compete against each other or a bank. The best strategy to win relies on bets that either reduce or increase the house edge. A player can use a conservative or aggressive strategy, and we will discuss these different approaches in detail in this guide.

Aggressive Craps Strategy

Aggressive Craps StrategyIn an aggressive strategy, a player is always willing to accept a greater house edge in exchange for having bigger wins in the game. The player wants the excitement of knowing that he can take home a load of money after a craps session, and their goal is to win quickly and move on. A practical example of aggressive crap is when a player starts with a $10 bet and follows up with a $2,000 bet.

Conservative Craps Strategy

Conservative Craps StrategyThe bet with the lowest payout odds is conservative. This also happens to be the bet with the lowest house edge. The conservative player is in control and doesn't want to take too much risk because they are not sure of the outcome. An example is when the house edge on the “pass line bet” is 1.41% and the house edge on the “don't pass bet” is 1.36%.

Different Conservative and Aggressive Bets

Both aggressive and conservative bets have quite several examples. For instance, the free odds bet is a type of stake that the shooter will make the point again before rolling a 7. The bet is unique because it has no house edge. It pays off at true odds. It is not just among craps bets but also generally game bets.

The pace bets are more aggressive but with worse odds. You get to choose which number is the equivalent of the point. It's suitable for those who are dying to earn enough money on the table.

The proposition bets are not listed on the table, and you deal with the stickman to place these bets. Players will be encouraged by the stickman to make these bets. Other bets include the hard way, the snake eyes, and the boxcars.

Why Conservative or Aggressive Craps Strategy?

Craps StrategyOne advantage aggressive players have is their edge over conservative players, especially those that are less experienced. The aggressive player can leverage on playing quickly without allowing many chips to accumulate. Also, the risk factor is an essential aspect of both strategies. The aggressive player takes huge risks intending to win.

Most of the time, they don’t wait and test the waters, their motivation is to win big, but the reverse is the case for a conservative player. A conservative player may decide to play it safe throughout the game and suddenly increase the amount they are willing to bet. Sometimes they even double it. They have the time to check through and observe the game before taking bold steps to do more.

Meanwhile, aggressive players usually stake higher amounts and are willing to risk more, especially during the early part of the games. They often try as much as possible to get straight or play as much as possible. This might backfire sometimes, and they may not end up getting what they want.

The goal of a conservative player is mainly long-term profit. It is about taking the smallest risk possible for a consistent win. As long as the wins keep coming, a conservative player is good. This strategy is designed to be effective for highly patient players.

Betting this way isn't likely to earn huge returns daily, but it will increase your overall earnings.

One smart way to win an aggressive bet is to get several bets working at once, which can influence your edge over the other players. That way, aggression can help you achieve wins. The cost you face when choosing such a strategy is that you accept the risk of greater potential losses.

Most times, a conservative player plays for fun; they bet as small as possible and the odds as high as possible. They do not have issues if they don't win because they play it safe. On the other hand, aggressive players tend to lose more money if anything goes wrong.


Being aggressive and being conservative doesn't have the same effect. If you are in control, aggression can help you achieve more significant wins. If you are a conservative player, you can still earn big wins, of course, by developing your strategy based on your style of playing.

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Can an aggressive player win faster than a conservative player?

There's no general principle that an aggressive player wins better than a conservative player. However, there are instances where the aggressive player can gain a huge edge over the conservative one, especially when the conservative player is less experienced.

When can I win big?

There are no hard and fast rules in this game; it all depends on how you control it. As a conservative player, if you hold your chips and wait for the big payoff using this strategy, you can win big. Also, you can win big if you are playing aggressively. It all depends on you.

Can I be an aggressive and conservative player?

The more you play, the more experience you have. Besides this, if you are new to craps, you might need to read reviews, articles and watch gameplay videos. If you have a deep understanding of how the game works, you could be familiar with these two strategies.

As an aggressive player, how can I play without giving much edge to the house?

The best thing to do is to place enough money on the lower house edge bets at the table in one go. Get several bets working at once and make sure those bets all have a low house edge.

Who takes more risk?

The conservative player doesn’t take huge risks because they are unaware of the result. The aggressive player risks a lot, but either way, there's always a reward as long as you are in control.

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