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Straight from the oven, we have plucked some piping hot, freshly concocted, tasty views on casinos.

We scoured Reddit (so you don't have to) to find our Hot Take contenders, and have picked five to analyse.

  • Warning* - some of these takes are spicy and register high on the Scoville scale!

You Can Have A Good Time At A Casino With $20

a man holding canadian dollars

"10-20 bucks isnt gonna last awhile but itll be good temporary fun. Maybe 40 or 50 would be a decent amount if you wanna spend 30+ mins there"

Not our words, but those of a member of the Reddit community advising a newcomer to gambling on how much money they should take on their first visit to the casino

A truer statement has never been written - and frankly, it is a myth that you can't have fun at a casino without a massive bankroll.

It's an experience. The flashing lights, the random shouts of excitement, the fascinating characters - they all fold into a sensory sensation, and there's no need to add gambling into the mix if you don't feel like it.

However you approach your first casino experience, ensure you nominate a budget and stick to it.

Don't Drink and Gamble!

"What do you mean? Right between beer 11 and 12 is when I reach peak clarity and make all my money."

For those not skilled in the intricacies of satire, sarcasm, or whatever the above is, we are pretty sure this Reddit user was joking.

Never. Ever. Drink and gamble. It makes a lot of sense when you step back and analyse. You wouldn't drink and drive. You wouldn't drink and run a marathon. Why would you drink and risk your financials, whether it be for entertainment or not?

Alcohol impairs judgment and decision-making skills. This makes it more likely that you will make impulsive or irrational decisions while gambling. You may spend more money than you intended or make risky bets that can quickly lead to substantial losses. It also lowers inhibitions and increases impulsivity, which can make it easier for you to keep drinking and gambling even when you know it's not in your best interest.

Do not make the hangover feel ten times worse than it needs to.

a man struggling from a hangover with a glass on the table next to him

Humour Maketh Dealer

Be friendly and smile. You will develop your "customer service" persona you use on the tables over time. Players are usually pretty good about cutting a new person slack if they are friendly.

The above is advice from an experienced dealer to a newcomer to the industry.

He has a point. The best live casino experiences for players at a live casino table tend to come attached with dealers who can empathise, interact, and joke with the player.

So if you are thinking about trying your hand at chip counting, card dealing, and felt feeling - here are a few casino-based jokes you could try out to ease the tension:

  1. What did the dealer say to the deck of cards? I can't deal with you anymore, you're too unpredictable!
  2. Why don't skeletons play poker in the casino? They don't have any body to bluff with!
  3. How do you make a small fortune at the casino? Start with a large one!

It is Totally Fine and not Weird to go to a Casino to Only eat at their Buffet

Buffets are life!

Value your fries ahead of your chips? Prefer a steak to a stake? Enjoy a side dish instead of a side bet?

Own it, embrace it, and turn your gambling experience into a fo-odyssey.

From sourcing fresh and local ingredients to hiring top chefs and implementing strict hygiene standards, many casinos go above and beyond to provide guests with a memorable gastronomic experience. It helps them retain customers and push their brand against rival competitors. In a sector with such a race to the top, any slight advantage can help businesses stand out.

You will never be short of dining options at a casino - do your research, get dressed in your glad rags, and enjoy some spectacular, sense-sedating food instead of trying your luck at the tables.

Pool Parties Fit The Bill

It's as fun as you let it be.

Casinos and pool parties go hand-in-hand, mainly thanks to the incredible selection of options in Las Vegas, the world's capital of fun.

While the glitz and glamour of casinos are certainly appealing, it's always a good idea to take a break from the chaos.

A pool party is the perfect way to do just that. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding a pool party to your itinerary while on holiday in Las Vegas or any casino-friendly destination:

  • Beat the Heat:

Let's be real: Las Vegas can get pretty hot. With temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months, finding ways to cool off is important. A pool party is the perfect solution - you can dip in the refreshing water and soak up some much-needed sun while sipping on a cold drink.

  • Unwind and Recharge:

A casino holiday can be exhilarating, but it's also essential to take some time to relax and recharge. A pool party allows you to do just that - lounge by the pool, listen to some music, and maybe even indulge in a spa treatment or two.

  • Socialise with Other Travelers:

One of the great things about pool parties is that they attract a diverse crowd of people worldwide. It's a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends and exchange travel stories while enjoying some poolside fun.

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