Best gifts for casino game lovers

Buying a gift for someone special is difficult these days - there are thousands of gadgets, each with the risk of being yesterday's toy once a new wave of technology knocks it off its perch.

However, what if your loved one likes a flutter? What would be the ideal gift for someone who sees themselves as a festive bettor? Will you take a perfect punt on their stocking filler?

We have some ideas - here is our top five list of gifts for gamblers.

a bunch of colourful gift boxes

Lottery Tickets

They hardly represent the most thoughtful present, but a true gambler would never turn their nose up at the chances of winning a life-changing amount of money, even if the odds are they will be struck by lightning before winning the jackpot from a lifetime of Christmas lottery ticket purchases.

The best part? They can be found at most convenience stores, gas stations or even online, making them an easy last-minute gift option. Additionally, they come in various games and price points, providing a range of options for different budgets and tastes - though you may want to buy them the one with the biggest jackpot, to show at least some thought has gone into it!

The largest jackpot ever won was a staggering $2.04 billion, won by a lucky ticket holder in California after the US Powerball draw on 8 November 2022. You would be one of the more popular gift-givers in their circle of friends if it comes in - though it should be said, they are just as likely to flip a coin and having it land on the same side 28 times in a row than winning a jackpot.


The humble cousin to the lottery ticket is the scratchcard - instead of waiting for the draw to take place on any given day, they can be revealed on Christmas morning, at the opening of birthday presents, or at any other gift-giving ceremony.

Scratchcards come in various themes and designs, which means you can cater them to the recipient, ensuring a thoughtful, personal touch. Whether they are interested in sports, movies, or even popular TV shows, there is a scratchcard design out there for them.

scratchcards with chips

A Poker Table

Before we go any further, we are not saying all gamblers like poker. The card game is studied by its participants relentlessly - they would argue poker is more of a game of skill than it is a gambling activity.

Nevertheless, if one is partial to parting with money on slots, sports betting, or the lottery, there is a chance they enjoy live poker too.

Firstly, let's look into the poker table as a gift idea. Think of it as a stylish addition to a room interior - provided you pick the right one, of course! It can add style and ambience to any room. With its sleek design and professional layout, it instantly upgrades the look of any space. It also shows that you put thought and effort into your gift, making it all the more special - although it's on the pricier end of the spectrum. Some poker tables can set you back thousands of dollars.

Remember, a poker table's true brilliance is its ability to bring people together. Poker is a game that friends and family have enjoyed for centuries, and a dedicated table creates the perfect setting for bonding over cards.

A Personalised Poker Set

If you are looking for a less costly option for your poker-playing parent, pal, sibling, grandparent, or cousin, but one that is dripping in sentiment and thought is the personalised poker set.

There are a number of ways to personalise a poker set, including:

  1. Customised Chips: One of the most popular ways to personalise a poker set is by getting customised chips. You can choose from various materials, such as clay or ceramic, and have them printed with a design, logo or text that reflects the person you are buying for.
  2. Engraved Cards: Another option is to get custom-engraved playing cards. These can feature initials, a particular date (a birthday, perhaps?) or any other message you want to include.
  3. Case Customisation: If you have a poker set with a case, you can also look into personalising the case. This could be done by adding an engraving on the outside, making a custom case or decorating it with stickers or photos with you and the recipient.
  4. Personalised Accessories: You can also personalise your poker set by adding accessories like a custom dealer button (naming it after the person, "Jack", for example), card protectors or chip trays. These small details can add a unique touch to your set and make it stand out.
  5. Themed Poker Set: If you have a specific theme in mind, you can also personalise your poker set accordingly. This could include using themed chips, cards, cases and accessories to create a cohesive look.

cards on the poker table with chips

A Trip To Las Vegas

Not for feint hearts or light wallets, but if you really wanted to make it a day to remember, you could surprise them with a trip to the gambling mecca of the world - Las Vegas.

There are several reasons why they should enjoy it - not least an opportunity to push the boat out and take on the world's best live dealers in blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and much more.

But there are other reasons to visit Las Vegas too.

Las Vegas is known as the "Entertainment Capital of the World," and for good reason. Aside from the obvious casino entertainment, there are numerous shows, restaurants, and attractions - essentially, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city.

Las Vegas attracts some of the best performers from around the world. You can see iconic musicians like Celine Dion, Elton John, and Lady Gaga perform in their own residencies. The city is also home to legendary magicians like David Copperfield and Penn & Teller, as well as Cirque du Soleil - the world-renowned circus and performance group. These performers bring their A-game to Las Vegas, making it the perfect place to see them live.

Remember the food too - Las Vegas is a hub of hunger-busting burger joints, scintillating steak houses, and juicy barbeque banquets. If they're lucky, your loved one(s) will fill with a full stomach to go with their full wallet.

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