Twitch and Kick Star xQc Vows to Stop Gambling After Announcing $5M Win

When it's your lucky day, it can really pay! Twitch and Kick streamer Félix Lengyel or xQc as you might know him - is a walking-talking example of that!

The former Overwatch gaming professional is calling time on his gambling after coming out on top to the tune of $5 million while playing at, an industry-leading bitcoin casino with a broad selection of options across its casino, live casino, and sports betting platforms.

His windfall came about after he got lucky on an unspecified online game, and claimed to have withdrawn his winnings instantly.

The hugely popular internet celebrity is renowned for spending millions on gambling - in a recent trip to Las Vegas shortly before his big win online, he claimed to have lost more than $1 million and revealed his total wagers topped $1.5 billion.

Twitch and Kick Star Won 5 million

Image Source: xQc/Twitch

Gambling Decision Linked to Twitch Announcement?

Twitch is a popular live-streaming platform where users can broadcast their gameplay, creative projects, and other forms of content. To maintain a safe and responsible community, it recently updated its policy to prohibit content creators from streaming on gambling sites that are not licensed in the US and other markets with consumer protections in place.

This means that popular gambling games such as roulette, slots, and dice games will no longer be allowed to stream on Twitch unless licensed in the specified markets.

The main reason for this update is to protect content creators and viewers from scams and fraudulent activities on unlicensed gambling sites. By limiting streaming to only licensed sites, Twitch aimed to ensure that users engage in legal and fair gambling practices. This also aligns with the community guidelines, which state that any content or activity that violates applicable laws or promotes fraudulent or deceptive practices is not allowed on the platform.

It would be difficult to argue any of xQc's gambling content encouraged responsible play - some of his stakes per single spin were worth more than a weekly salary. His decision to halt broadcasting gambling content could be as much to do with the Twitch decision as his big win.

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