Seven Best Casinos in Vegas for Beginners

Playing at a casino gets a bad reputation because of its addictive nature. Still, it's a fun and entertaining way to spend a family vacation or have a great time with friends.

Most casino games are based on luck, while the ones requiring skill ask for a lot if you wish to play against professionals. This is why playing at a casino for the first time might feel overwhelming for many people.

All the flashing lights and cocktails aside, casinos suited for beginner players have a few qualities that make it easier for them to fit in.

First of all, beginner and expert tables are separate. More prominent locations have great rewards programs and small bets to incentivize longer play and help beginners manage their budgets. Casinos also offer a laid-back atmosphere to help calm nerves and stay focused.

Players must know how odds work in the game and have a basic understanding of the rules. So, some beginner-friendly casinos arrange free lessons on every available game to teach the basic rules. Let us help you choose the best casino for beginners in Vegas!

The casinos we present to you below have all the mentioned benefits and tons of entertainment value. Let's dive in.

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Excalibur casino Vegas


Located on the south side of the Strip, opposite the McCarran International Airport, this hotel and casino complex is famous for its atmosphere and medieval theme. It offers all kinds of attractions, including bingo, slots, and table games. It even has an arcade room. The hotel boasts amenities like a spa, four swimming pools, WiFi, and a gym.

Excalibur is the first on our list because it offers one of the best beginner-friendly table games. The casino staff are often available to help during the gameplay and organize free lessons.

It’s optional for gambling in Vegas for beginners. The general atmosphere eases you into your first game and encourages you to continue playing and learning more.

The Excalibur Hotel is one of the most budget-friendly ones out there, but the perks don't stop there. Casino tables also have low-bet options for those who just try to get into the game and have some fun.

Rio casino Vegas


Rio isn't located on the Strip but it boasts scenic views of it. Those searching for some slot fun and poker action are likely to fall in love with this hotel and casino. It's part of the Ceasar's Entertainment Group, which means buzzing action and fantastic rewards.

It's been home to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) since 2005, so poker players can have the time of their lives at beginner-friendly or expert tables. You won't break the bank by playing here due to low minimum deposits, but major fun is guaranteed.

Although the latest customer reviews mention that the place needs a renovation, it's still a classic among Vegas casinos and has people going back for nostalgia.

New York, New York casino Vegas

New York, New York

Right next door to Excalibur, this casino is one of the most eye-catching properties in Vegas. Its towers bring to mind the New York skyline. Whether you're searching for a sportsbook or casino table, this location can give you everything.

Due to its location, the casino is almost always buzzing with visitors. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, so new players won't have to overthink their inexperience.

Players on a budget can find craps and blackjack tables for a minimum of $5, which is quite affordable for a casino on the Strip.

Golden Nugget casino Vegas

Golden Nugget

If you're considering Vegas as a destination, then the Golden Nugget is a landmark you have to see, even if you choose to stay at another hotel complex. Many visitors are sure that it’s the best casino in Vegas for beginners. It was one of the first casinos built in Vegas. While it might not offer as many attractions as other sophisticated locations, you'll still find casino tables and slots to fill your entertainment hour.

The Golden Nugget can be overcrowded at times, but you can find decent tables for a low budget during the week. It's not far from the Strip and offers a luring membership for loyal players. In 2020, the casino won the 'Best of Las Vegas Downtown' award.

In addition to traditional games like blackjack, baccarat, and craps, the casino also offers a sportsbook with many TVs and a laid-back atmosphere.

Planet Hollywood casino Vegas

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood might be loud, but it's a must-see for a first-time Vegas visitor. Sure, you might need relaxed surroundings to play your first game, but entering the lively, buzzing environment will give you the real casino experience you see at the movies.

If you're seeking a quiet game of poker, you won't get it, but Planet Hollywood sparks excitement due to the variety of available game options. Being yet another Caesar's property, it shares many similarities in terms of service quality and rewards.

For those easily distracted by sparkling dancer outfits, lights, music, and noise, you might not be able to focus on the game. However, if you're searching for entertainment and variety, this is the destination to choose from.

Flamingo casino Vegas


Flamingo is one of the oldest casinos on the Strip. If looking for the best Vegas casino for beginners, which has been around for decades, this is the right choice. Its hotel encompasses 3,460 rooms, modern amenities, a huge swimming pool, and a courtyard with exotic flamingos. In addition to becoming part of Vegas history, you get classic casino entertainment.

The 72,299 square-foot casino hosts 130 game tables and more than 1,600 slot machines. Whether you choose to try your luck at roulette or play poker 24/7, this casino can accommodate any whim. Attending the sportsbook for a few bets is yet another choice to make and go with the flow.

After you get tired or, even better, win big, you can also try out other entertainment options. These include shows, a fantastic steakhouse, and bustling nightlife.

Treasure Island casino Vegas

Treasure Island

If you're searching for comfort in your first Vegas gambling for beginners experience, this might be just the thing for you. While it's not as mind-blowing as some other casinos nearby, Treasure Island makes an excellent option for first-time players.

You'll find affordable tables with minimal bets. Plus, if you still need to learn the rules of a given game, the staff are eager to help.

If you're a slot enthusiast, joining the TI Players Club may prove to be a smart move. Perks include free spins, merchandise, room nights, and show tickets.

This destination is also an excellent place for those who like international cuisines and buzzing nightlife. Treasure Island offers Mexican, Vietnamese, and Italian dining, as well as a spa and a swimming pool.


Facts & Statistics

To enjoy your beginner gambling in Vegas experience, make sure you are aware of all the essential details, as well as rights, statistics and facts vital to this industry. Here’s the key information to consider:

  1. The best casino for beginners in Vegas is the Bellagio, located on the Las Vegas Strip.

  2. The Bellagio offers a wide variety of gaming options, from slot machines to table games. It also offers free lessons on how to play blackjack and other casino games.

  3. The Bellagio has a variety of promotions and bonuses for new players, such as free drinks, free meals, and free hotel stays. Plus, it has an array of entertainment options, including live music, comedy shows, and more. Players can enjoy a variety of restaurants, bars, and lounges to choose from.

  4. The average house edge for a beginner in Vegas is 5.26%, meaning that the casino has a slight advantage over the player. Thus, the average return to player (RTP) for a beginner in Vegas is 94.74%, meaning that the player has a slight advantage over the casino, which represents the middle ground for this market.

  5. On average, a beginner in Vegas will lose $5.26 for every $100 wagered.

  6. The average table minimum bet for a beginner in Vegas is $5, while the slot machine minimum bet for a beginner is about $0.25.

  7. The average jackpot size for a beginner in Vegas is $10,000.

  8. The average number of slot machines for a beginner in Vegas is 500.

  9. Each of the leading casinos has friendly and knowledgeable staff to help new players learn the rules and strategies of the games.

  10. There is enough space for adults to have fun right in the heart of the gambling capital, so guests can start from a line of cool games and end with a great view of the city.

Land-Based vs. Online Casinos

There are many things you will like at the numerous land-based casinos in Las Vegas. However, in some cases, it may be challenging for customers to reach a certain gambling hall. In this case, a gambler can opt for an online alternative. This type is quite different, though the main concept is the same: gamblers choose varied games, play for real money, and withdraw wins.

Online Casino
  1. If you can’t visit distant destinations, the online version will provide you with thousands of slots and real dealer games.
  2. Once you’ve got a PC or a mobile at hand, you can play from any city in the comfort of your home or on the go.
  3. The section with bonus offers will include a wide selection of deposit offers, tournaments, and more.
  4. Customers can play anywhere and 24/7. In order to play on your mobile, just open the browser.
  5. Gamblers have the right to get cash online according to the limits the company sets.
Land-Based Casino
  1. The casino floor can host plenty of land-based slot machines, a bingo hall, and lots of table and card games.
  2. There is a casino hotel where visitors, including locals and tourists, can stay and enjoy services like free drinks.
  3. As for the promotions, land-based casinos can offer free dishes and drinks, but this is not a rule.
  4. You stick to a certain location and need to play within the specified working hours.
  5. Players get winnings at the cash desk, but obtaining large wins may require extra time.

In fact, bettors can try their hands on games with different features, be they cards in a poker room, seats at tables with live dealers, European roulette, or lotteries like keno, and it’s all available both online and offline. These are some of the many ways you can entertain yourself either through the app or on your browser.

Choosing an Online Casino

When choosing an online casino in your area, you can analyze the market yourself or trust CasinoCanada to offer recommendations regarding the best casinos. You can use our ratings for guidance, as we consider the most essential qualities. Below, we’ll name the most essential ones to consider:

  • The presence of both casino games and a section of bookmakers is a plus
  • We check how fast casinos process withdrawals and what methods are on offer
  • The reputation of the companies that head casinos is also essential
  • When a casino has a gambling guide, FAQs, and tips, these are excellent additions
  • The casino should keep your data private so that nothing affects your safety, while you should set a strong password
  • The design should be mobile-focused and the site’s architecture should be intuitive
  • If there are positive comments from real players, these should be considered
  • Licensing from reputable regulators, for example, the UK Gambling Commission and Kahnawake, and a clickable logo, are essential features
  • The range of accepted markets to place a stake of real funds on is also important

In addition, we give our readers tips so that gamblers can avoid common mistakes and have a safe experience. When there are any questions left, our readers can post a comment and our experts will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're seeking casual gameplay at a poker table or want to spend a few hours near the slots, the only thing you need is to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Although we've listed some options, be sure to trust your gut and remember that you're there to have fun. Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay, Salt Lake City, Sigma Derby, Aria River, Fremont Street, Nevada, Clientele, the Venetian area, and others are designed exactly for this.

When you feel that land-based attractions aren’t for you, this is one of the reasons to gamble on desktop or mobile screens. Perhaps it’s not the same vibe, but you can still deposit and spend or win the same amount, as well as develop your strategy, upgrade your VIP level, find out the latest news, and play anything you want by depositing to your account. You can find the best sites in our review.

At any rate, gambling can be engaging, of course, providing you play responsibly and meet the regulations of your country.

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How do I find the best casino for beginners in Vegas?

On this page, we’ve listed the most reputable real-money casinos in Vegas where a visitor both places bets and has a trip to an engaging resort.

How do I know if a casino is good for beginners?

There should be enough content with a wide betting range, including low-stakes, and high-RTP games like video poker. You can find a list of these casinos on this page.

What are the odds of winning at the casino?

The average house edge for a beginner in Vegas is 5.26%, so the average return to player (RTP) for a beginner in Vegas is 94.74%.

What are the most popular games?

Everyone can find something for their taste since there are hundreds of games to place chips on, such as slots, blackjack, dice, and roulette. Plus, you’ll also have the option of enjoying sports betting.

What are the minimum bets?

The average table minimum bet for a beginner in Vegas is $5, while the slot machine minimum bet is about $0.25.

What is the smoking and drinking policy?

In most cases, casinos offer free drinks inside and have a bar as well. Smoking isn’t allowed in public places, but you’ll find a wide range of smoking spots.

What is the age limit?

Local casinos don’t allow guests to gamble until 21. However, some hotels at casinos allow 18+ users to book a room (though Golden Nugget provides luxury rooms for 21+).

What are the opening hours?

In most cases, all the establishments are open all night long, including casinos, nightclubs, and other types of entertainment. An important point to bear in mind is that most of them close around 4:00 am.

Are there online casinos for beginners?

Yes, those who can’t visit Las Vegas have a chance to experience similar entertainment online. On this site, we’ve got lists of all the best online casinos.

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