6 Types of Online Casino Players Based on Personality

Not all those who gamble are equal. While every gambler wagers, some do it out of habit, some do it for the thrill, while others love chasing losses. There are several types of casino players based on how they gamble and what they plan to achieve. We’ve listed the six main types based on personality.

If you’re a casino regular, you’ll be familiar with these six types of gamblers.

The Newbie

The Newbie

This is a mandatory step in every gambling sojourn. As soon as you start wagering, you’re classified as a newbie. But how long you stay a newbie is entirely up to you. Greenhorns tend to be shifty around the casino. They aren’t sure about the next move and generally lack confidence.

Newbies will initiate a conversation with the dealer, casino staff, and the other players at every opportunity and try to pick up new skills along the way. In their desperate attempt to blend in, they stand out. In most cases, newbies are pleasant people that genuinely enjoy wagering.

While newbies expect to win, that isn’t their sole motivation for playing online. They want to try their hands at different games, and you’ll often find them experimenting with various casino games like online lotteries, scratch cards, video slots, etc.

Newbies tend to stay away from card and table games due to the false notion that they require special skills. And although certain card games need a bit of knowledge and practice, most are beginner-friendly.

The Professional

The Professional

Once you get the hang of online casino gaming, you’re a professional. You no longer feel the urge to impress people with your skills and instead focus on winning the game. Professional gamblers play to win, and they make calculated wagers, improving their chances of winning.

Professionals with over a decade of experience come under the veteran category. Veterans have a favourite game and don’t mess around wasting their bets on games of chance. Poker is the game of choice for professional punters, although you might find them playing blackjack and baccarat for a change.

Professionals generally don’t like to indulge in video slots, lottery, scratch cards, etc. Their primary focus is identifying the game with the highest odds of winning and making calculated bets. For instance, a professional prefers European roulette to American roulette as the former offers better odds.

They make a living out of gambling and are extremely serious about the sport. While you have a 9 to 5 job, professionals hone their skills in high-stake matches and tournaments. Online casinos are an excellent platform for them as the odds tend to be higher than brick-and-mortar casinos.

The Highroller

The Highroller

Highrollers are an advanced version of professionals who indulge in high-stake matches. While they mostly play card and table games, highrollers deposit massive amounts, usually over $10,000 and bet a minimum of $100.

They don’t care about losing and are responsible for massive transactions at the casino. For this reason, they tend to get VIP passes for free along with several perks. Highrollers are a common sight in Vegas and are beginning to make their presence felt across online casinos.

Their preferred payment method involves bank transfer, credit/debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other modes without a transfer cap. Highrollers don’t have to be professionals. They’re just here to have fun and turn heads.

Online casinos generally make special arrangements for highroller accounts like assigning dedicated account managers, offering credit limits, providing bigger bonuses, discounts, and similar perks. There are specific tables and rooms reserved for highrollers.

The Bonus Seeker

The Bonus Seeker

As the name suggests, these players are only in for the bonus and will continue trying every trick in the book to grab the best deals. Bonus seekers will browse every forum, subscribe to every newsletter and create multiple casino accounts to try and catch the best deals.

Online casinos tend to offer incredible deals periodically. This attracts bonus seekers who try to maximize their chances of winning by capitalizing on promo offers. Bonus seekers prefer playing at online casinos that offer periodic discounts. They aren’t interested in other factors like game selection, payment modes, customer support, etc.

They want a simple bonus that can be redeemed instantly. Bonus seekers rarely stick to a single casino for extended periods. Their preferred games include video slots, roulette, and other games of chance.

The One Above the Rules

The One Above the Rules

This group consists of gamblers that think the rules don’t apply to them. They’re under the false notion that they can beat any casino any time, get the best deals, or win massive amounts.

They’re easy to spot at brick-and-mortar casinos and can also be seen at online casinos. This type of gambler wants to apply every trick in the book to beat the house every time they place a wager. However, casinos don’t tolerate them for very long.

Needless to say, these players don’t win on most occasions and end up with huge losses. This is due to the casino software that cannot be tampered with. Online casinos use random number generators that come up with unique results every time. Thus, making it impossible to predict the outcome.

The Lucky One

The Lucky One

This one is a rare breed, and you won’t come across them often. Occasionally, you may spot them at an online casino, withdrawing winnings or consistently enjoying a lucky streak. You may very well be one of them!

A lucky gambler frequently wins irrespective of the amount. They can win massive sums overnight. All instances of players turning millionaires overnight playing video slots are examples of luck.

Lucky gamblers can be beginners, professionals, or veterans. The only difference is luck. These players have Lady Luck on their side and use it to their full advantage. Nobody knows how they got lucky or how long luck will stay on their side.

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