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Virtual reality, or VR, is an innovative new technology using head-mounted displays to immerse users in a simulated 3D environment. While VR was the stuff of science fiction for decades, engineers such as Palmer Luckey have now dedicated their lives to making virtual reality a reality. This bleeding-edge hardware has redefined not only the video game industry but casinos too. Instead of dreaming of the days where you could visit Las vegas, or any other world-renowned casino, you can turn it into a (virtual) reality. VR reality brings the world to our fingertips, making it easy for users to experience endless adventures.

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How to Play at VR Casinos Online?

  1. Find the Best Brand-New Casino to Play

    Don’t limit yourself to apps on Steam or the Oculus Store. SlotsMillion and Mr. Green are currently dominating the virtual reality casino space, but it’s only a matter of time until traditional casinos deal themselves in. Check online casino directories and choose the right one for you.

  2. Register an Account

    After configuring your headset, you’ll need to sign up. For example, Oculus asks you to link a Facebook profile, and VIVE lets you use a Google account. Depending on the VR casino you choose, you may also have to register.

    Simply download the corresponding program and follow the step-by-step instructions. You’ll have to link a credit card or similar payment method to play for real money.

  3. Choose Your Game

    Once you’re online, you can move through the VR casino by tilting your head to shift the camera and using a controller to virtually walk from one table to another. Like any other video game, use the input method you’re most familiar with.

    After purchasing in-game currency with microtransactions, you’re free to play the slots, take your seat at the poker table, or bet on baccarat.

  4. Play and Win!

    It may take some time to get used to the disorienting feeling of wearing a headset and navigating the VR casino. But unlike some traditional casinos, these are open all night long!

What Is a VR Casino?

Virtual Reality Casino

A VR casino is a digital recreation of a real-world casino, complete with first-person point-of-view, realistic graphics, and surround sound. Players will hear the victorious beeping of a slot machine jackpot, chat with opponents around the poker table, and stare down the dealer in blackjack. There’s no commuting, no wasting money on hotel rooms, and no waiting in line. These casinos may not be real, but the payouts are!

Types of VR Casino Games

Although VR casinos are still in their infancy, almost all your favourite games are still supported: video slots, hold ‘em, blackjack, and more. However, most of the time, games that need manual dexterity like craps are absent since the nuances of setting and dice control are difficult to implement in VR.

Table Games

Roulette wheel - icon

VR blackjack automatically adds your cards together and uses gesture-based controls to hit or stand, making it an easy way to get acquainted with your new hardware.

VR Texas Hold ‘em poker lets you use your hands to peek at your hole cards, manipulate chips, and choose actions. VR roulette puts the table right in front of you so you can place bets and watch the ball spin around the wheel with real physics.


Slot machine - icon

While not as technically impressive as table games, VR slots avoid the floor space concerns of real casinos, allowing you to play an unlimited number of different carousels all from the comfort of your own home. The breathless whirr of the reels and the epic fanfare of a big hit will have you hooked for life.

VR Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer - iconMost gamblers prefer a live dealer for a more personal experience. Many VR casinos offer live dealers to guarantee deck randomization and trustworthy gameplay. Even though it’s virtual, don’t forget to tip!

Virtual Reality Casino Gear

For a VR casino, you’ll want a VR headset like the HTC VIVE Cosmos or Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2, along with a computer with a graphics card and processor that meet the minimum requirements. Virtual reality needs 90 frames per second to simulate a separate image for each eye and produce the illusion of interactive 3D space. Consequently, VR games demand twice as much processing power and memory as normal.

While pre-rendered film and television can function at frame rates as low as 24 frames per second, playing casino VR at lower than 60 FPS will cause eyestrain and headaches. It’s important to take regular breaks and clear your room of obstructions to prevent accidents. As always, please gamble responsibly.

Why Should You Try a VR Casino Online?

As virtual reality goes mainstream thanks to increasing computing power and cheaper headset designs, you owe it to yourself to jack into this brave new world. Casino VR is a safe, exciting new way to play your favourite old games.

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💡 How much money does VR hardware cost?

A VR-capable graphics card will run you about C$330, but the entry price will always go down. The headset itself will cost approximately C$300 to C$600, depending on resolution and peripherals.

💡 Is this different from other online casinos?

VR is something you need to try for yourself to believe. There are demo kiosks in most consumer electronics stores. VR is like putting on a headset and entering another world.

💡 Can I play on my phone?

Although most mobile VR projects have been discontinued until manufacturing costs come down, you can play Mr. Green’s mobile app by using your phone itself as a head-mounted display.

Please turn your device for the best gameplay
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