What to Do If an Online Casino Blocks Your Account?

Playing at an online casino is meant to be a relatively non-stressful activity that yields a bit of joy and gives some color to your day. The idea isn't that you should be stressing out and worrying that the casino site might have locked you out of your account. To be clear, this is not a normal occurrence, so you shouldn't be worried every time you log in to a casino about this happening, but just now, it can happen. This article will help you and guide you through the process of trying to regain access to your account and your hard-earned winnings.

Whatever You Do, Don't Panic!

Dont panic

Suppose you feel the need to relax a little, so you lay down on the couch, take out your phone and boot up your favorite casino site, but it won't give you access to your casino account with your hard-earned money. What do you do? Well, the first thing you don't do is panic! Panic rarely solves any problems, and doing something rash, like contacting support and going off on them, won't help your case.

Instead, we probe for a more systematic approach, where you stay rational, calm, and composed. First things first, let's explore some possible reasons why you are locked out of your account.

Why Have I Been Locked Out of My Account?

It may not always seem rational from your point of view, but there is usually a logical explanation for why you have been locked out of the casino in more cases than not. Below we will discuss the most common reasons:

  • many-login-50x50s

    Too Many Login Attempts

    Probably one of the most common reasons for casinos locking out players from their accounts is too many failed login attempts. This happens when a user tries to log in multiple times with the wrong username or password. It is a safety precaution to protect your account from unauthorized people trying to enter your gambling account. In these cases, you can typically email or contact the casino site through their live chat and verify your identity.

  • not-verification-50x50s

    You Did Not Verify Your Identity

    Failing to verify your identity with proper documents is another common reason gamblers' casino accounts get locked. This could potentially occur when withdrawing funds from your account. This tends to be part of the casinos' terms and conditions, so it can be considered a violation. If this happens to you, contact the casino in a calm and orderly fashion and see if they can do anything to help you.

  • violating-50x50s

    Violating the Terms and Conditions

    We already touched on this in brief above, but your account will likely be locked if you violate any of the casino sites' terms and conditions. This is not the casinos' fault. It is your obligation to read the terms and conditions and make sure that you are compliant. Before making a deposit, read through the T&C and make sure you fully understand what the casino site is asking from you.

  • committing-fraud-50x50s

    Committing Fraud

    If the casino even suspects anything related to you trying to commit any fraudulent activities, the days of your casino account are numbered. Casinos have a very firm and stringent policy in terms of fraud. This includes examples such as providing fraudulent information or trying to abuse the bonus system.

  • several-accounts-50x50s

    Several Accounts

    Registering several accounts at a website tends to go against the majority of casinos' terms and conditions. Gamblers are only allowed to have one account, so opening more accounts will certainly increase the risk of becoming blocked by the casino. Detecting this will not be much of a challenge for the casino as they might detect your IP address or withdrawal of money to an already linked account. Trying to circumvent these security measures is just plain stupidity. Just follow the rules, and you should be fine.

  • being-underage-50x50s

    Being Underage

    Casinos also have a super strict policy regarding underage gambling. This is for numerous reasons. For one, the casino has liability reasons, so they are extremely clear that gambling is only for people 18 and above. Secondly, it is to protect the impressionable teenagers and kids that are far from fully developed to make a financial commitment that they may not understand yet.

What Can You Do to Unlock Your Account?

Question help

Once you realize that your account has been locked, you should calmly and politely contact customer support. Depending on the casino, you can either do this through email or live chat. If you utilize the live chat, you can get a faster response and hopefully explain why you are locked out of your account. Hopefully, you haven't done anything too serious, and they can quickly help you resolve the issue.

When choosing a casino site, it is always beneficial to play at big, established sites. These sites tend to have better customer support and more informed staff. For minor things, they can hopefully help you right away. If the matter is more complicated, they will likely ask you to email them certain documentation to prove your identity.

I Get No Help, What Do I Do Now?

Sources of problem solving

Is the casino being difficult and reluctant to help you? If that is the case and you feel you have exhausted all your options, you must turn somewhere else for help. Luckily, numerous entities are available to act as mediators between gamblers and casinos in dispute in the gambling industry.

As a gambler, you deserve fair treatment and fair games. After all, you choose to play at a certain site, so the least that they can do is treat you fairly. After finding a suitable mediator, both you and the casino party will get up to 96 hours to respond. After that, the complaint is closed.

If all else fails and you still have not figured out the dispute, your last resort is contacting the license issuer. If something unethical has transpired on the casino's part, they may, in the worst case, risk paying a hefty fee to the issuer.


Sometimes things don't work as you want them to. In the unlikely event that your casino account gets blocked, you are now better equipped to deal with it. Just don't forget to stay calm, polite, and rational. Try to contact the support, and if it doesn't work, turn to outside help.

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