Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

The memes ‘institution’ is growing rapidly and has even led to the creation of countless online communities. There’s practically no funny caption you’re looking for that doesn’t have a meme available for it.

Sometimes, the right meme at the right time is the best way to express oneself. When you’re not playing at an online casino, you still would like to have fun, right?

And what’s more fun than scrolling through a meme page and laughing so hard? You’ll agree that memes are even more necessary when your last bet doesn’t go your way, or you just want to take a break from spinning.

In this post, we bring you the 10 best gambling memes inspired by popular culture that can put a broad smile on your face. So, let’s dive right in for some fun discovery.

Game of Thrones (King Joffrey)

Game of Thrones - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

If you’ve seen the Game of Thrones series, then you are no doubt familiar with King Joffrey Baratheon. He was the second Baratheon to sit on the iron throne. However, contrary to what most people thought, he was actually a Lannister. The son was born from the incestuous relationship between Queen Cersei Lannister and her twin brother, Jaime Lannister.

Weird, right? Maybe that’s why their son wasn’t the people’s beloved king. He was always angry and taken for granted.

Enough about him. This meme describes a feeling every gambler and probably Joffrey is familiar with: losing consistently at slots. Then you decide to change the machine, and boom, you hit a big win. Now, you don’t want to try another game, and it becomes a slot worthy of a king.

How I Met Your Mother (Barney Stinson)

How I Met Your Mother - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

We pull our next meme from the famous American sitcom How I Met Your Mother, specifically from the words of Barney Stinson. If you love comedy, you should definitely see the series.

In this comedy series, Barney Simpson is a serial womanizer who has written a playbook on how to court women but has few ideas on handling adulthood responsibilities.

So one time, Ted Mosby, a close friend of Barney, suggests that he needs to focus on how to solve his gambling problems. However, Barney, being the corny individual as always, responds by saying it’s hardly a gambling problem if you are ‘awesome’ at it. If you’re a fan of the series, you know that’s just typical Barney.

Sad But Funny Nonetheless

Sad But Funny Nonetheless - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

Poker players have a habit of taking serious threats for granted and can sometimes go as far as thinking their spouse threatening to leave is merely a joke.

No matter how much you love playing poker, you shouldn’t let it become an addiction. A better solution will be to learn bankroll management, research, and work on your playing skills. That aside, this meme is just hilarious, emphasizing a regular poker player’s bluffing reflexes.

When Grandma Commandeers Your PC

When Grandma Commandeers Your PC - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

Just because your grandma is old doesn’t mean she doesn't know how to have fun. When push comes to shove, she can even teach you how to gamble. She’s at a disadvantage, though, because every time she wants to play, she has to journey down to a land-based casino.

And then, one day, she walks into your room while you’re in the bathroom and sees her favourite bingo game open on your PC. The granny has seen the internet surprise her countless times before, but this is a life-changing discovery. You now have one choice, get her a device or your PC will never remain the same.

South Park (the Manager)

South Park - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

We source this next meme from the Margaritaville episode of this series. It’s kind of subtle dark humor and one that every gambler can relate to. One minute you’re having fun with money in your account, and the next moment everything is gone.

The image is from a scene when Randy comes complaining to the bank manager who now transfers his money to Stan’s portfolio, and the manager says, “Aaaand it’s gone!”. Fun fact about this meme: It’s not just gambling-related; it can apply to numerous scenarios.

Futurama (Bender Bending Rodriguez)

Futurama - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

This funny robot dude in Futurama known as Bender represents people who get pissed off when things don’t go their way. Bender enjoys playing blackjack, but gets thrown out of his favourite casino on the moon, Luna Park.

You can already guess what he says next: fine; I am going to go build my own theme park with blackjack and hookers. This gambling meme is perhaps one of the best around that Futurama fans are familiar with.

This Dude is High

This Dude is High - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

With a statement like this, you can imagine how high this dude is. This isn’t related to any series like the others on this list but that doesn’t make it less hilarious.

The dude wants to stop gambling, but he wants to bet that he can stop. The irony, right? Well, don’t be like this dude.

The Hangover (Alan Garner)

The Hangover - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

Doug Billings is set to marry his fiance but decides to take a quick trip to Las Vegas with his friends Phil, Stu, and spouse’s brother Alan. Alan, the most hilarious character in the movie, brings the heat on when he spikes his friends’ drinks where none of them can remember what happened the previous night.

They’re in sin city, so they sure have to gamble, and that’s around the time Alan mumbles his famous sentence that so matches with a funny personality, “It’s not gambling when you know you’re gonna win”.

When the Game Seeps Out Logic

When the Game Seeps Out Logic - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

Every gambler must have experienced this at one time or the other. You lose over a thousand dollars only to be overly excited when you win $10. It’s funny, but this is something you can definitely relate to, even though yours might not be up to $1.5k.

Pure Bliss

Pure Bliss - Top 10 Gambling-Related Memes

This meme describes the happiness you feel when you’ve just taught a newbie how to play the game. They come into the casino with a burning desire to gamble but have no clue how to play any game. They’re grateful when you teach them and walk away feeling fly like the gambling god you are.


We don’t doubt that our top 10 list of gambling-related memes made you laugh at some point. And while some of you are smiling like the Star Wars guy in the last meme, it would delight you to know there are many hilarious memes out there. Find communities on the platforms like Reddit to give you a good laugh when you’re not spinning or betting.

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