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The Strangest Sports You Can Bet On

If you were to turn back in time and speak to Harry Ogden, the world's first-ever bookmaker, to turn a profit and tell him that you wanted to bet on who would win in a face-slapping contest, you might have received a strange look.

Mr Ogden operated at Newmarket Heath in the United Kingdom during the mid-1790s and concentrated his craft on horse racing, offering punters the chance to bet against their peers at even money. There were no fancy odds, special markets, or length-margin punting. It was as simple as picking your fancy, and sticking with it.

Nowadays, the range of available betting markets has expanded. While predicting whether a horse canters past the finishing line first is still in vogue, there are thousands more outcomes bettors can sink their teeth into - and some of them are rather strange!

Here's our breakdown of the top five weirdest sports to bet on:

Slap Fighting

Slap Fighting

Two people - each blessed in the art of the slap - stand across from the table, staring into each other's eyes with nothing but a cold desire to knock out the other.

They deliver open-handed slaps while the other competitor accepts the blow without flinching. A referee strictly supervises the match, ensuring that all slaps are legal - that is, open-palmed, without twisting the body, and hitting the opponent's cheek only. Matches are usually won when one competitor submits due to pain or gets disqualified for failing to adhere to the rules. Notably, despite its brutal appearance, the sport promotes sportsmanship and respect between competitors.

There are numerous betting opportunities on various aspects of Slap Fighting. This includes, but is not limited to, who will win a particular match, the number of rounds a match will last, the number of slaps exchanged during a match, or which participant will land the first successful slap. It's an emerging market, and as the sport's popularity continues to grow, the betting markets are expected to widen and evolve accordingly.

Harness Racing (Chariots)

Harness Racing (Chariots)

This makes the list purely because of its connotations with Ancient Rome. Except, instead of Julius Maximus watching the action unfold in the Collesuem, it's regular punters looking for some excitement at their online betting site or local betting shop. We are all emperors of our own fortune in the modern world.

Harness Racing involves trotters (horses) that pull a two-wheeled cart, known as a sulky, wherein the driver sits. Here are some of the basic markets:

  1. Win: You bet on a horse you think will win.
  2. Place: Here, you bet on a horse you believe will come either first or second.
  3. Show: In this bet, you wager that a horse will finish in one of the top three spots.
  4. Exacta: You bet on two horses to finish first and second in the exact order.
  5. Trifecta: A bet where you predict the first, second, and third place horses in the correct order.
  6. Superfecta: This is a high-risk bet where you try to predict the first, second, third, and fourth-place horses in the exact order.


Who would have thought that Playstation 4 you got your baby cousin for Christmas would transform them into an elite athlete (kind of)? In what is a nightmare for parents around the world, the eSports arena is now a viable and exciting career opportunity where the world's best gamers battle to win tournaments and astronomical amounts of money.

There are thousands of different betting markets on eSports, each depending on the game in question. The first step is to understand the game on which you plan to bet, including its rules, teams, and players.

Betting options vary based on the game and can include straightforward bets, like who will win the match, and more specific bets, such as predicting the first team to achieve a specific goal within the game. Doing thorough research and considering factors like player forms, team strategies, and recent performances is important before placing your bet.



Firstly, including this genuinely athletic and enterprising sport on this list is meant as no disrespect to those living in South Asia and the millions who follow Kabaddi. It has a rich history, with its roots stemming from ancient times.

This is an educational post - and we are here to teach.

So what is Kabaddi, and is it accurate to say it's akin to an intricate game of tag?

The truth is somewhere in between.

The game requires agility, strength, and strategic planning. It is played between two teams of seven players each. The teams take turns sending a "raider" into the other team's half of the court to tag as many of the opposing team's players as possible while chanting "Kabaddi". The team of the raider has to prevent the tagged players from returning to their half of the court by wrestling them to the ground. The team with the most points at the end of the match is declared the winner.

Betting on the match winner, total points, or player of the match are options of Kabaddi punters.

Ultimate Frisbie

Ultimate Frisbie

I know what you're thinking - frisbee is not a sport, right?

Wrong. And any unfortunate soul who has engaged in a serious game of Ultimate Frisbee can attest to the extraordinary athleticism, skill, and craft required to participate in a game born out of a spherical plastic disc.

The game's objective is to score points by catching the disc in the opponent's end zone, similar to the scoring in American football. However, what sets Ultimate apart is its spirited gameplay. Players cannot run with the disc; instead, they must pass it to their teammates, fostering high teamwork and strategy. The sport also emphasises "Spirit of the Game," a unique culture of sportsmanship that places the responsibility of fair play on the players themselves rather than relying on referees.


There you have it - if we learned nothing else, it's that there are no boundaries for the sports betting enthusiast.

Remember, whenever you bet, you should do so responsibly and only ever bet what you can afford.

Good luck out there!

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