Is There a Way to Cheat a Slot Machine? Spoiler: No!

Have you ever seen advertisements like "Cheat codes for epic jackpot slots" or "How to cheat slot machines in casinos"? We bet, you have. No doubt, there is a category of people who are looking to deceive slots at the gambling houses. That is why many swindlers are trying to play with this request.

Usually, their scheme is displayed in video format or text in e-mails. Their "tutorials" show how to play, and how easy it is to make money by tricking the machine, even with a cell phone. And in the reviews, we can read the joy of a housewife who started earning $100 a day, and a child who bought daddy a car, and a businessman who can afford to buy a new model BMW.

Often the advertising of such methods pops up on various websites or is sent via e-mail. The essence comes down to the sense; only there you may have to pay more money to access information on how to cheat new slot machines. Let's explore the most common fraud methods, which promise to help you learn offline and online slot cheats.

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The Coin on a String (Yo-Yo)

coin on string hack casinoIf you played with a yo-yo, you know that it spins up and down if you control it accurately. That's exactly what happens with a coin on a string. First, it is inserted into the slot machine deep enough for the machine to register it and start the game. Then it is pulled out and used again and again.

This method is very similar to counterfeit coins but eliminates the need for large-scale production of counterfeit coins. With a coin on a string, anyone can try to fool the casino. However, modern casinos protect their slots with optical sensors, making this scheme useless.

Replacing a Chip

Dennis Nikrash, famous American casino fraud, once managed how to hack things differently. He bought a slot machine to play it at home. He realized that the chip of the machine could be reprogrammed and thus he manipulated the outcome of the game. The reprogrammed chips could then be installed in casino slot machines and used to win big money.

He ordered a load of such chips, reprogrammed and replaced them with chips in the casino slots. So he managed to run a successful operation that made him rich. Obviously, he was arrested later, and six years later, he died. Nowadays, such a cheating method is impossible due to lots of security cameras and encoders installed in offline casino device programs.

Online Slot Machines Cheating

If you are offered to buy a unique code or to pay for a win-win strategy to cheat electronic online slot machines, you would better refuse. You'll be wasting your money, and that is why:

  • A hacker who discovered a vulnerability, it is much more profitable not to sell the secret, and use it personally
  • Casino security will definitely detect a software hack. Believe us, it will happen so quickly that you won't be able to make a profit 

Any online slot, as well as offline devices, operates due to special software. Well-known developers of game software, such as Playtech, Microgaming and others, provide reliable script protection against hacking. Therefore, even casino owners can not "spin" slot machines, reducing the percentage of payments. Attempts to crack the game software has been stopped more than once. Therefore, wishing to cheat online slots players should look for another solution for gaining money.

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How Not to Get Caught by Tricks by Crooks?

It would be best to choose an honest and reliable establishment. No major operator would maraud, attracting minors to the game, or promise a guaranteed win by the constant doubling of bets. Moreover, if you are accidentally lucky enough to win a considerable amount in a no-name gambling house, you will very rarely receive it, referring to the rules, or your payment will be refused due to software failure.

If there is any reason for doubt, check twice to be certain of the honesty of the casino you have chosen. Always keep in mind, there are no legal or illegal ways that will show you how to cheat slot machines in casinos. You can be sure that the disappointment of committing casino fraud will overshadow the joy of winning and leave an indelible mark in your memory many years to come.

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