The Martingale System vs. the Paroli System: Which One Is Better?

The Paroli system and the Martingale system are two popular betting systems that have been around for many years. They’re used by players who believe that either one or both can increase their chances of winning. Sometimes, there’s a personal experience connected to their choice. However, when we look at this from a factual point of view, odds or probabilities in casino games are not influenced by any system.

Still, gamblers rarely bet on something of value without using a casino betting system. If you're keen on finding out more about these 2 classic systems, stay tuned for more.


History of betting systems

Many of the gaming theories and principles used today are influenced by the research and findings of French philosophers and mathematicians Blaise Pascal and his close friend, Pierre de Fermat. The 2 exchanged letters and shared ideas and solutions in figuring out various gameplay styles and gambling probabilities.

We also must give credit to the Hungarian mathematician, John von Neumann. He had a great influence on principles associated with game theories. He came up with the first set of formal rules that we use today for modern gaming applications. Through the work of these commendable individuals, players are able to harness different gaming theories and principles to use while gambling.

Tests have shown that betting systems like the Martingale and Paroli systems are not similar to the prisoner's dilemma. In simple terms, the prisoner’s dilemma is when 2 rational players don’t cooperate during the game even if it would work in their favor to do so. Still, the Martingale and Paroli systems have been invented using the exact same thought processors. This is to improve winning chances during gaming.

Why Do Players Have a Fascination With Betting Systems?

Gamblers want to make their gaming experience worthwhile. So betting systems are beacons of hope to gamers. It makes them believe that they can outsmart the game's odds that aren't working in the gambler's favor. Included with this is a belief that the house always wins.

Claiming that the house always wins means that casino payouts don't match up to the probabilities set with the games. Let's face it, casinos are businesses. These establishments won't survive if they give in to offering payouts that could damage their financial position. However, casinos and casino games give an unfair advantage to their establishments. So, it's no surprise to find many inexperienced players wanting to know more about these betting systems and game theories.

An excellent example of these findings includes mathematical calculations which state that you can win roughly 48.6% in European roulette if you place bets on outside bets.

The reality is that payout odds can’t be changed or influenced by betting systems. These systems can try to better RTP scores by raising bets using strategic methods and reducing losses. 

Using the Martingale System

Martinglae strategy system

  • Advantages

  • This betting system is the most classic and popular worldwide, and there have been testimonies shared of wins that have come from using this method. It's a straightforward technique that's heavily dependent on the game and betting units. The betting unit is the minimum table bet found in games such as roulette and blackjack. Martingale starts with wagering one single unit and you do so repeatedly until you land a win. In the event of making a loss, you double the bet size that will follow in a bid to keep making up for losses.
  • Limitations

  • This system may sound like it makes sense initially, but you run the risk of running your funds straight into the ground. This is because you will continue to raise your limits to chase your losses which can be an irresponsible gambling technique. Another thing that you need to consider is that table games have limits, so you may end up reading a table limit while chasing the losses.

Using the Paroli System

Parolli strategy system

  • Advantages

  • In simple terms, the Paroli system can be seen as the reverse technique to the Martingale technique. Instead of raising the bet during a loss, here, you raise the bet after you win, so you get to use winning streaks to your advantage. However, you need to be mindful of the fact that you have to go back to the same betting unit once you've reached 3 consecutive wins.
  • Limitations

  • Let's say that, in a row, you score 40 wagers. Using this system means that you will win, and then raise the bet, raise the bet again, and start the process again from scratch more than 13 times. Now the question is that since we have established that table games have limits, what happens if you reach the table limit while raising your bets? It could have disastrous consequences, especially for those who aren't necessarily confident in their technique.

Where the Paroli System Has the Upper Hand

Something to note about the Martingale system is that there are no winning streaks with this technique. This shows that neither betting system offers promises for returning full potential value to players, no matter the game you play.

To a certain extent, however, the Martingale technique does come with a theoretical advantage since the payouts seem much higher than you would find with the Paroli technique.

Since it cannot be determined how long you can stay in your winning streak, the Paroli system seems to have the upper hand in comparing the two. If you're a gambler looking to make profits from gaming, you wouldn't necessarily have to worry about those table limits like you would when using the Martingale system. Knowing this means that the Paroli system may work in your favor to be the less expensive technique. This is because of the fresh start that you use after every third win.

Realizing That the Odds Don't Change

Baccarat, blackjack, and roulette have some of the best odds that can be found in all casino games. You'll find that they tend to work in favor of the house. So, because of their random nature, it doesn't matter if you're using either 1 of the 2 systems. You’ll continue to remain at a disadvantage.


Use your discretion when gambling, and always remember to gamble responsibly. Regardless of research, there's no guarantee in betting systems.

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