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10 Most Calming Casino Games to Play

Various online casino games allow players to chill out and enjoy playing without losing significant amounts of money. These calming casino games make use of multiple strategies to accomplish a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

One of the many calming elements is classical music. This music allows players to remain focused and relaxed while playing. Classical music lowers blood pressure and reduces anxiety and any feeling of pain by prompting the brain to release dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone, also known as the “feel-good chemical”.

We have compiled a list of ten most calming casino games to play.

#1 - Poker Online with Friends

Online poker table

Playing Poker online with friends can be fun and relatively easy to set up. Players can choose between the options of playing a relaxing tournament or a cash game. Playing with friends can be a great way to wind down from a stressful day. To make sure you don’t get riled up, don’t play for real money.

Tournaments can be entertaining and relaxing. They tap into your competitive side, allowing you to beat your friends. Many people find the joy of winning quite relaxing. If you do choose to play for real money, try using a fixed bankroll to ease stress of overspending.

#2 - OMG! Kittens slot from WMS

OMG! kittens - slot machine

OMG! Kittens slot machine from WMS is a five-reel game with 40 pay lines. To win, players need to match identical symbols across the pay lines. This game is one of the cutest video slot games, and all the kittens create a relaxing atmosphere.

Players can enjoy the smooth gameplay while being rewarded, should they play for real money. Players are also given the opportunity to play online for free.

#3 - Scratch Cards Online

Image of online scratch card

Many online scratch cards require little to no skills to win and provide players with both an exciting and relaxing game.

Online scratch cards incorporate more significant player interaction, which makes these games more fun than land-based scratch cards. These games have a variety of vivid graphics, entertaining sound effects, and quirky animations. Many online casinos also offer online free play allowing players to try these games out risk-free.

#4 - Bar Bar Black Sheep from Microgaming

Image of bar bar black sheep slot machine.

Bar Bar Black Sheep is one of the top calming casino games. It is a five-reel slot game with 15 pay lines. The game is straightforward to play and has various distinctive features that improve the player's gameplay, such as autoplay.

This slots game makes use of a calm farm theme with an enjoyable and rewarding spin round. Players can find soft colours used in the game and a soothing sound effect can be heard as the player spins the reel.

#5 - Bingo Online

Online Bingo

Bingo is a casino game based on luck. Players usually need to match their elements on their card to the aspect that the caller draws. When players select their numbers in a row, they call out “Bingo!”.

Online Bingo requires minimal action, as players mainly need to pay attention. Playing online Bingo can be relaxing and the suspense of winning can be captivating.

#6 - Huangdi The Yellow Emperor from Microgaming

Huangdi The Yellow Emperor - slot machine.

Huangdi, The Yellow Emperor from Microgaming, is a slot game based on the yellow emperor, Huangdi.

This calm casino game makes use of warm-toned symbols and a relaxing mountain background. Soothing Asian soundtracks complement the traditional Chinese theme. Many online casinos allow players to try the game out for free without playing for real money.

#7 - Social Casino Games like House of Fun

House of Fun - slot machine.

Social online casino games like House of Fun allow the player to escape the real world and sit back to enjoy the gameplay. Most of these games are free. Although players won’t win anything, they can gain experience without the fear of losing any money.

Most social casinos are easy to access via social media. Playing multiplayer games, like House of Fun, creates an online social setting that allows players to enjoy a calm and engaging social gambling experience.

#8 - European Roulette

European roulette table.

One of the most popular calming casino games is European Roulette. Many online casinos implement a design that allows players to feel as if they are in a live casino.

Players can find themselves laid back and enjoying the smooth classical background music as the roulette wheel spins. The music adds to the serenity and subtle atmosphere. Some European Roulette games even use a female voice to depict the dealer.

#9 - Dice Casino Games

Craps table.

Dice casino games require minimal effort and absolutely no skill. These games are purely based on chance and many of these games can also be played for free online.

Online casinos offer a variety of online dice games, including the top-rated Craps. These calming casino games are usually fun. The high-quality graphics and smooth sound of the dice bring a calm tone to gameplay.

#10 - Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt

Gonzo's Quest - slot machine.

Gonzo's Quest from NetEnt is a 3D video slot game where you can sit back and use the autoplay button to enjoy the game. It can also be enjoyed for free.

The green features, soft carved stones, and water fountain create a calm and natural environment. The exciting soundtrack of ambient jungle-like noises brings the game to life.

Try these most calming casino games at the best Canadian casinos


Many people are struggling to juggle between home, work, and fulfilling their hobbies. Yet, it always feels good to enjoy a round or two a calming casino game.

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