win big with roulette and walk away with winningsRoulette players have serious advantages in enjoying their favorite game of chance online these days. The outstanding popularity of internet gaming combined with ever-higher internet speeds augmented by a burgeoning choice in casino websites themselves have created a perfect storm for the online roulette player.

Oddly enough, online roulette has ultimately come full circle to its real-life casino roots. The missing social element in the internet version of “The Devil’s Game” has been resurrected via chat in “live dealer” games, leaving the online player the freedom of choice while allowing interaction – and the nice-looking ladies are a bonus.

Today, choices abound for those seeking online roulette, even within the traditional routes; strange and exotic variations on roulette may exist in various internet casinos, but typically two standard variations on roulette are widely available (perhaps three, if you’re splitting hairs a bit).

How do you play Roulette online and land-based casinos?

Roulette is perhaps the simples game in the casino to play. The center of the action is the roulette wheel itself, which contains at least 35 sequentially-numbered pockets colored either red or black, plus one or two (see the section headed “What are the types of roulette?” below) green-colored pockets labeled with a single zero and double zero.

The player or players may place bets in a number of ways (see the section headed “What are the types of bets in roulette?” below) which essentially amount to choosing the result of the wheel’s next spin. Once all bets are in, the wheel is spun, a ball is rolled onto the wheel, and this eventually comes to a stop in one of the wheel’s pockets. Players who guess correctly win; those who don’t, lose.

multi wheel roulette for free and real money playWhat are the types of bet in roulette?

In roulette, online or not, players may wager for a single spin on whether the winning number is

•  any single number or numbers;

•  low (winning number is between 1-18) or high (19-36);

•  red or black;

•  even or odd;

•  within the first dozen (1-12), second dozen (13-24) or third dozen (25-36);

•  or any combinations of the above-listed bets.

What are the types of roulette are available?

The standard variations are typically known as “European” and “American.” European roulette contains the more player-friendly wheel with just one pocket labeled zero; American roulette includes a “0” and a “00” which increases the house odds.

A “French roulette” variation also exists, though this is really just the European game with some bets added that can cover a certain part of the wheel.

Other variations may include a roulette wheel with fewer numbers or more colors, in case you’re seeking a wackier variety of the classic.

online mobile roulette casinos for free playWhere can I play roulette for free or real money?

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