Play the exciting game of Keno with no download needed

Surely the most minimalistic of all gambling games, keno comes to the 21st-century online casino milieu by way of ancient China through the transformative power of Las Vegas, at which this pick ‘em game is a staple at every imaginable outlet, and the familiar 80-number display boards are posted strategically in full view sometimes throughout an entire hotel.

How do you play Keno?

how to play keno in a few easy stepsIt’s a lot like “playing” a megabucks-style state lottery; in a real-life casino, the cards which the player must fill out even look pretty much the same. To play keno, you’ll typically choose up to 20 numbers from among the figures 1 through 80. Paytables vary, but the hugest payouts – we’re talking about progressive jackpot-level wins here – hit with the correct guessing of 16 or more numbers.

You may wager on fewer numbers if you like, but you’re only increasing your odds of losing. The machine and/or software will go ahead and choose 20 numbers from among the original 80, anyway, so you might as well max out your choices and allow more possibility for (albeit lower) payouts.

What are the odds in Keno?

Terrible. Again, the lottery comparison is accurate, and approximately 2 out of every 3 keno cards is returned a loser, i.e. with no winnings at all. Meanwhile, the majority of wins in this game result in low payouts matching the price of the ticket or a little higher.

A pair of salient facts to remember: Scoring 16 correct numbers in a single game of keno is an event of odds just under 1.5 billion to one (hitting all 20, by the way, carries odds of over an unimaginable 3.53 *quintillion* to 1); second, no one in the history of Las Vegas (and, in fact, the world) has hit 18 or more in an 80-number game.

The point here is, yeah, you shouldn’t expect to win at Keno.

Is the online version of keno different from the “real-life casino” keno?

In the internet casino, the game is essentially the same you’ve come to expect from playing the real-life version except with the advantages on the online milieu, namely that the pace of the game is controlled solely by the player – no waiting around!

While the online milieu can offer a few different versions of keno online, just how flexible is this game, really? A few 10-number games exist out there, a few have “wild” numbers and the like, but it’s still called keno to us. The sole play keno online for free and real moneykey difference from casino to casino is in the paytable. It is said that no two keno paytables are exactly alike, so be sure to check out the payouts before playing.

Where can I play Keno online?

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