NorthStar Gaming CEO Discusses Brand's Canadian Success

In a call to analysts and investors, a stirring speech from the CEO of NorthStar Gaming, Michael Moskowitz, offered further hope to business insiders that the company is headed in the right direction for 2024.

The company, which operates the NorthStarBets brand in Ontario under an Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) licence, had a big year in 2023 with the launch of across Canada. Previously, the site was only available in Ontario, but it is now available in every province and territory after a regulation change.

He told participants on the call that they are well-positioned in Canada: "The market is huge. Ontario, the largest province, was regulated in April 2022. We launched in Ontario in May 2022 and launched our brand in November to the rest of Canada."

"Our product is built in partnership with the best of gaming and tech providers in the industry. It really gives us a unique business proposition and has fundamentally changed the way we deliver content."

Mr Moskowitz alludes to a partnership with British gaming giant Playtech - earlier in 2023, NorthStar Gaming completed a strategic investment with the slot developer in a deal worth C$12.25 million. As part of the deal, Playtech will help drive online operations, managed services and market expansion as part of its duties.

What Are The Factors Driving Its Success?

collaboration northstar gaming and bettorview

NorthStar Gaming has poured a lot of resources into branching out its targeted marketing and responsible gaming practices.

In late November 2023, the company announced a collaboration with BettorView, which is the sports betting industry's only multi-channel marketing and technology provider, according to its website.

At the time, Mr Msokowitz said: "Partnering with BettorView will fuel growth and expansion of the NorthStar Bets player base while also increasing brand awareness amongst priority audiences."

BettorView CEO Javier Vargas said: "Our technology allows our gaming and venue partners to customise and localise content so that it fully resonates for sports fans while also educating them on sports betting and responsible gambling in general."

In the call with investors, Moskowitz highlighted the company's strategy to localise and customise their content: "In terms of differentiation, there are two points to consider. One is our unique insights, which provide a customised content creation engine that feeds through our product's journey. It's focused on local markets and is 100% Canadian."

The approach has been working, at least in relation to turnover and player engagement. Moskowitz confirmed "higher average deposits and higher casino turnover, and GGR attributed to content from players who utilise our insights content."

Market Expectations Kept In Check

However, the rest, he argues, is up for grabs, and he expects NorthStar Gaming to be right in the fight: "We are also extremely realistic about our market expectations…We expect to be a disproportionate percentage of the 20% of the market."

He also raised the possibility of integrating NorthStar Gaming branded table games into their output, with initial testing of a prototype to its online consumer base proving to be "very promising".

Who Are NorthStar Gaming?

According to its website, NorthStar Gaming is a "source of trust, consistency and guidance for Ontarians pursuing a reliable gaming experience."

It claims to utilise the best in class customer service operators and unique content to drive user engagement and satifaction as an operator.

They work in close council with the Responsible Gaming Commission (RGC), focusing on employing the best safeguards to protect their players.

NorthStar Gaming Awards and Recognition

At the end of 2023, NorthStar Gaming was given a Bronze Award for Innovative Media in Consumer Products & Services by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) Awards and a Silver Award for Fan Engagement in Product/Service at the Clio Sports Awards.

The latter came from its novel approach to supporting the Canadian men's soccer team at the 2022 World Cup, encouraging fans to take a 90-minute 'statuory holiday' whenever Les Rouges take to the pitch to cheer them on.

Upon receiving the award, Dante Anderson, Vice President of Marketing, NorthStar Gaming, said: "It's no secret that Ontario is home to a sizable and passionate soccer community; the 90-minute stat holiday engaged and united soccer fans as we all celebrated Canada's historic return to the world stage."

"We are thrilled to be recognised for our innovative media approach and fan engagement strategies. At NorthStar Gaming, we believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity to deliver exceptional experiences to our audiences."

Why Does Canada Have So Much Growth Potential For Online Gaming Businesses?

Firstly, Canada has a well-established regulatory framework for online gambling, giving companies a sense of security and stability. The country has strict laws governing the operations of online casinos and sportsbooks, ensuring fair gaming practices and protecting players' rights. This creates a trustworthy environment for businesses, making it an attractive market.

Secondly, Canada has a high level of internet penetration, with over 90% of its population having access to the internet. This makes it a highly lucrative market for online gambling companies, as they have a large potential customer base to tap into.

Moreover, Canada has a tech-savvy and affluent population, making it an ideal target audience for online gambling businesses. With easy access to technology and disposable income, Canadians are more likely to engage in online gambling activities, contributing to the growth of the industry.

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