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A lot of betting options to choose from in High Limit Roulette

So just playing the Devil Game’s at reasonable wagers isn’t enough thrill for you … or maybe you’re merely indulging a fantasy of betting five or six figures’ worth of income on a single spin: The fantasy alone brings an adrenaline rush.

Right, then, let’s talk some high-limit roulette.

high limits and big wins for casino rouletteBefore getting into the wheres and hows, however, note that any host of roulette online or land-based, will typically post separate limits for the specific bet made. Most tables post limits for “outside bets”, i.e. black/red, odd/even and any other bets on outcomes other than the number; “inside bets,” or bets on the actual numbers; and “table bets,” the sum total of a player’s bets on a single spin. If a given casino has an established maximum of $10,000 for an outside bet on its high-limit roulette table, wagers on inside bets might be limited to $1,000 or so.

The thinking on these limits is obvious: They’re in place to protect not the player but the *casino*. The “house” fears the big-money hit of a single number which, when paying out at 35 to 1, can prove costly enough that an entire corporation may have to adjust its balance sheet. (No, really; such a story is included below.) We suppose the Devil’s Game can bite both ways sometimes…

What are the biggest bets in high-limit roulette online?

That’s a good question and one that does not appear to have a concrete answer. With national markets each applying different rules to internet gambling, few online casinos are seemingly willing to draw attention by proclaimed they’re taking 10Ks worth of bets on individual spins of the roulette wheel. The notable exceptions include most of the big-name UK-based gambling websites such as Betfair, which explicitly allows table bets of £25,000 on roulette.

play high limit roulette on your mobile phoneBut – and you had to know that was coming – things aren’t as simple as all that. Most websites offering high-limit roulette or any other casino games, sports betting, bingo, etc., will establish limits for the first-time player; on the other hand, that age old dictum “money talks” is in full effect at online casinos just as much as in “bricks-and-mortar” gaming houses in Las Vegas. Arrangements may be made with the casino, particularly if you’re willing to make a deposit via wire transfer in order to get around problems of credit checks, identity confirmation and the like.

What is the biggest bet I can make on high-limit roulette in a Las Vegas casino?

If you want high-limit roulette in Las Vegas, you’d be best off heading to any casino with VIP gaming. In these areas/rooms, limits are typically non-existent altogether so that the 1% and their ilk may go proper nuts with their bajillions.

As for playing with the plebes at the regular casinos, a few spots like the Wynn Las Vegas allow table bets of up to $10,000 on the main floor’s roulette tables. Imagine being the guy winning $5 bets on black while some high-roller is spreading $10,000 on Orphelins and losing … “these free drinks are great, eh, buddy..?”

These limits are waived all the time for proper high-rollers and/or publicity stunts, of course. Famous lifetime-savings gamblers Chris Boyd and Ashley Revell were allowed to bet on red for a single spin of wheel with wagers of $220,000 at Binion’s Horseshoe Club and $135,000 at the Plaza Hotel & Casino, respectively.

What’s the biggest win ever in high-limit roulette?

big wins for roulette online and land casinosOf course, many wins (and losses; especially the losses) by high-rollers in high-limit roulette and other casino games go unreported to the general public. When playing with amounts measured y most of us in terms of annual salaries, a certain level of discretion is maintained. We do know, though, of one outstanding run that resulted in wider-scale economic ripples. UK billionaire Philip Green for December 2004 to January 2005 turned a profit at the Les Ambassadeurs casino in London of some £3 million (app. Can. $6.3 million), culminating in a single night which netted him £2 million.

As though that win wasn’t staggering enough, consider this: That £3 million represented over 17% of the *expected yearly profit* Les Ambassadeurs parent company London Clubs International (LCI). Shortly after Green’s ridiculous wins, LCI representatives were forced to admit that “profits are likely to fall by several million pounds [this fiscal year].”

“The house always wins”? Not in this case…

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