Baccarat online and all about it

online baccarat casino canadaNothing conjures up the sophisticated and elegant atmosphere of casino play than a game of baccarat at an online casino. Seen as a high roller game, online baccarat in Canada has become increasingly popular due to its easy-to-follow rules as well as the fact that in online casinos you can place much lower bets or even play for free. Online baccarat also allows players to place optional side bets as an additional win opportunity unavailable at land-based venues. Before exploiting these unique benefits at one of the recommended online baccarat casinos, check important information shared in this article. Our reviewers explain different types of online baccarat, game rules and payouts, pros & cons and more.


Bet types at online baccarat for real money

Prior to playing online baccarat for real money, it might be a good idea to learn rules and proceedings by playing in fun mode. The object of the game is to predict which of the two will have a stronger hand - the Player or the Banker. The third option is to bet on a tie. There are two important rules when it comes to calculating hand value. The first is that King, Queen, Jack and 10s count as zero and the second that only the last digit is counted. So a Queen, a 7 and a 6 would be 13, but counted as 3. The best hand value one can hope for is 8 or 9. A winning Player bet pays even money, Banker bet wins 0.95:1 and Tie usually pays 8:1. Online baccarat boasts the best odds and a house edge of only 1.06% if you bet on the Banker.

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Try our tips at free baccarat game

One can play baccarat online for free at most online casinos in Canada. It may be possible to play without registration but at some sites the player has to open an account first. Demo mode provides an opportunity to learn the rules and practice risk-free. Winnings, obviously, can’t be withdrawn. However, you can always switch to real money play as soon as you master the game.

Drawing rules are pre-set so players don’t have to make any decisions except for which outcome to bet on. Banker is the best bet owing to the lowest house edge but Player is not far behind (1.24%).  Be careful with Tie, though; it has an edge of over 14%. Unfortunately, playing baccarat at an online live casino for free is not possible. Still, one can get in as much free online baccarat practice and then head over to enjoy live tables.

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How To Start Playing Baccarat Online

  1. Choose your strategy

    As we have indicated as a new player, starting out on the online casino Baccarat free games is maybe your best option, this is where you can develop your online Baccarat betting strategy that will help you find how to win.

  2. Choose where you want to play

    Check out our reviews on online casinos in Canada where you can play Baccarat. In our reviews, we will tell you what games you will find and the casino platform. We will indicate in the reviews if you can play free Flash games or if they use HTML5 technology. Either Flash or HTML5 will let you play via your mobile device, be that Android, iOS or Windows.

  3. Play and Win

    Baccarat is a fun game and the gameplay quick, ideal for playing when you need something to fill the time. Playing for fun or free also means you can develop your online Baccarat strategy, so when you do decide to gamble with real money, you know what you are doing

Great welcome promotions for online baccarat players

Canadian online casinos rarely offer dedicated baccarat bonuses but there are plenty of generic balance-boosting opportunities. The majority presents special deals for new members, either no-deposit bonuses or match bonuses linked to first deposits. These can be very generous in terms of value but the related terms greatly vary between one gaming site and another. The best impose realistic wagering requirements and allow players to clear the bonus by betting on online baccarat games. Ongoing offers most frequently come in the form of deposit match claimable daily or weekly. You might also be able to compete for prizes in table games tournaments, participate in raffles and collect loyalty points redeemable for cash or bonuses.

A few tips for baccarat players

  1. Learn the counting rules

    Be prepared for how the cards are read - that a 10+5 =5, the 10 and other face cards have a value of zero. 9+5=14 but, only the last number is taken, so the result is 4.

  2. Never bet on Tie!

    There are three bets when you play the game Baccarat online; ‘Banker,’ ‘Player’ & ‘Tie.’ Don’t bet on ‘Tie’ it carries a high house edge!

  3. Banker is the best bet

    Even though Banker has a 5% commission on wins when you play Baccarat online, it is still the best bet, as it tends to win 50% of the time!

  4. Manage your bankroll

    Keep to your budget and your gaming will stay fun.

  5. Use Baccarat Bonuses

    Check out bonuses and promotions that you can use on Baccarat. Check our reviews for up-to-date info & how to play help.

  6. Develop a proper strategy

    Take the time to work out a Baccarat strategy; maybe spend some time on demo plays and test some out.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Baccarat

  • You can win money
  • You can lose money

EZ Baccarat

Played like traditional Baccarat, but there is no commission on a Banker bet. Two cards are dealt, and you can bet on Banker or Player. Occasionally 3 cards are dealt. If the Banker wins on a 3-card seven, the payout is 40-1.

Spin review
Spin Best for EZ Baccarat Best for EZ Baccarat
Mobile friendly
Variety of payment options
100% up to C$400


The Punto 2000 or Super6 game of Baccarat online is played like Punto Banco, which is a derivative of the traditional Baccarat, The ‘Player’ is Punto,’ Banker’ is Banco, and Tie is Egalite. The difference is in the odds. In Punto Banco, a Banker win pays 1-2 on 5. In Punto 2000 and Super6, it is 1-2 on a Banker win of 6.

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Jackpot City Best for Punto2000/Super6 Best for Punto2000/Super6
Live chat available
No withdrawal fees
100% up to C$400

Chemin De Fer

Considered the original Baccarat in France, this game gives the players more control over how they play their hands and a different betting system. A banker is from the players, and the others become ‘punters.’ This position changes to another player after a player wins. Not seen as much online as the other Baccarat variations.

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Bob Casino Best for Chemin De Fer Best for Chemin De Fer
Withdrawal time of 0-1 hours
Various payout methods
100% up to C$250 + 100 Free Spins

Real money game vs. Fun mode

Why users play for real money
  1. When playing for real money, you get an opportunity to win real money, making your Baccarat adventure much more fun and rewarding.

  2. Casinos often have bonuses and promotions that can be used to play Baccarat online, but only when real money is in play.

  3. The thrill of playing Baccarat at an online live casino is undeniable, but again this can only be experienced when playing with real money.

Why users play for free
  1. First of all, it's fun, playing for free means you can just let go and enjoy the gameplay, no worries about bets, wins or losses.

  2. Playing a game of Baccarat online for free is a great way to practice the game. It is not overly complicated, but it is slightly different in the ways the cards are read, and bets are made.

  3. Once you understand the game, you can also try out the different variations of Baccarat for free and see which you prefer.


Is it legal to gamble on Baccarat online in Canada?

Yes, it is totally legal, plus you don’t get taxed on your winnings! Always look for licensed sites.

Do you pay a commission when you bet wins?

Yes, if you bet on the ‘Banker,’ you get even odds but pay a 5% commission.

A bet on the ‘Player,’ brings even odds and no commission.

A bet for ‘tie’ gives an 8 -1 payout with no commission.

Who provides the services in online casino with live baccarat?

You can find all the major providers have a Baccarat game or a variation, including Microgaming, Amaya, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Novomatic and many more.

Are there any rules that i must know about Baccarat?

Yes. There’re two main rules you should know about when you want to play Baccarat is that the face cards, King, Queen, Jack and 10s count as zero. The second rule is that only the last digit is counted.