How to Become a High Roller Player

Being a high roller at a casino comes with many perks like lavish bonuses, comps, luxurious accommodations, and expensive restaurants. You might have had dreams about the high roller lifestyle and craved some of that for yourself at some point. The question is: "How can you pull it off?"

First, let's define the concept. These are gamblers who wager big. Most people have a misconception that high bidders have to be businessmen, celebrities, or people who have a lot of money. This is partially true. However, it isn't impossible to make your way up.

Having a lot of money doesn't make you a high roller at once. The concept is also about tipping generously, having style, and just loving the thrill of gambling. To get most out of being a high roller, fall in love with the game, place big bets, and have the guts to lose.

High stakes gamblers that keep wagering big for a long time (we're talking years) are a separate category called "whales." Casinos compete to get "whales" and keep them happy as long as they can because this player type brings the casino status and profits. While they might not be the best clients in terms of profits for the casino in the long term, they "own" the largest chunk of the casino's turnover for a given day. You might imagine how important that one client is from a business standpoint.

Strategies to Reach the Stars

As mentioned above, becoming a money player is about betting big and soaking in a luxurious lifestyle. Take a peek at the requirements to reach the status.

  • Colossal Wilds

    Put Yourself Out There

    Sure, if you want to become a high roller, bet big. However, know this: you cannot expect to go to the casino unannounced, wave your money, and get it all. Reaching a high stakes gambler status is like getting into a relationship. Approach a casino host and tell them what your plan is, how much you're going to bet and, in general, what they should expect from you.

    When the link is established, the hosts will make sure you know everything about the casino's high roller and VIP policies. Depending on your bankroll, they might even allow you to negotiate the comps and rewards you want.

  • Expanding Wilds

    Tip Well

    Tipping is an integral part of any casino. It's natural: if you want excellent service, you have to tip. Hollywood celebrities who love to gamble tend to be the most generous tippers out there. There are many stories about their legendary tipping habits.

    Take Ben Affleck as an example. Rumour has it that he once gave away a whopping $140,000 as a tip for the casino staff (almost $5,000 to each staff member).

    Tipping is how you strengthen the bond with the casino.

  • Walking Wilds

    Watch the Staff Watch You

    This point is a more advanced tactic for making your reputation stick. The start and the end of the session are very important for a high roller. Make sure to bet big at the beginning, when the pit boss is still around. You need him to see how much you're betting.

    Another thing to consider is the casino staff. Pay attention, and you'll see them checking out the floor and making mental notes. Make sure they see you and your awesome moves!

  • Sticky Wilds

    Work Your Way Up

    Not all of you might have the large sums to wager right off the bet. What if you're an ordinary middle-class gambler who just loves the game?

    It's possible to play your way to the money players' table. First, become a high roller in a modest casino, win, and climb the ladder, choose a larger pond and target larger fish. Be persistent, and you'll get there sooner rather than later.

High Roller Perks

high roller playerAs now you know the steps that will earn you the "whale" status, let's see what to expect after getting there.


Land-based casinos use "comps" to reward their loyal high bidders. Comps come in many shapes and forms, including free drinks and food, accommodation, and even plane tickets.

With online casinos, comps are a bit different. In some cases, they use a points reward system, a special high roller bonus, or a VIP ladder with more and more perks at the top tiers.

Better Rules

Land-based casinos sometimes negotiate specific rules and personalized reward programs for players with deepest pockets. When given the opportunity, work all your charm and improve your rank among the top bidders.

Loss Rebates

Loss rebate is a type of money encouragement that both online and offline casinos use. It's a cashback on the amount of money you've lost. The percentage depends on the casino and, sometimes, for money players, the percentage is a part of the negotiated rules.

Freeroll Tournaments

High roller tournaments don't have entrance fees. This makes it very convenient for a player to start the game and expect a win without any risk applied. If you lose, you can just walk away.

Usual high-roller tables might also offer freeroll hands, which work similarly to no-risk bets at online bookmakers.

Luxurious Treatment

Apart from room upgrades and plane tickets, being a high roller means a higher profile of existence in general. You should also expect personalized valet parking, invitations to VIP parties, special VIP high-roller tables, more experienced dealers, and higher profile hosts. Each of the perks adds to the royal treatment you deserve.

While land-based casinos entertain the "whales" with lavish upgrades, VIPs playing online also receive similar personalization. Personal customer support, gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, and club gatherings offline, are some of the perks you can expect from online platforms.

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As you can see, being a high roller is all about the experience and the relationship with the casino. Put in the effort, and you might be the next one to finish a victorious poker game and get back home on a private jet!

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