play bingo online for fun and free demo gamesBingo: The proverbial fun-for-all-ages game has never been slicker than in the 21st century. In fact, as archaic and out-of-touch as bingo is often portrayed, suppliers of bingo have been way ahead of the curve in incorporating appropriate technology for a quality virtual bingo experience: Casino staples such as live chatting between players and hourly bonuses have long been available at bingo websites.

The offerings have never been better, either, with innovative new ways to play (and win) created seemingly daily. Today’s virtual bingo places offer progressive jackpots, prize draws, trivia contests and specialty prizes. Most everybody has 75- and 90-ball games plus blackout matches and any number of “special shapes” games as well.

When did online bingo games first start?

The generally-acknowledged pioneer in online bingo websites was launched in 1996, and this was literally the first major innovation to the classic game since its proliferation by toymaker/merchandiser Edwin Lowe in 1930.

The online milieu of course offers opportunities for much larger prizes than games offered in physical bingo halls. In December 2012, a 60-year-old British social worker bagged an incredible £5.9 million (approximately CA$9.53 million) – quite probably the world’s largest-ever bingo payout.

How do I play online bingo?

Canadian players may check out the websites listed on the pages of CasinoCanada for great bingo play online. Visit the chosen website, register (no credit card information is required upon signup, though if you make a deposit, be sure to collect a lucrative welcome bonus), and you’ll be instructed as to when the next games start. (Hint: They’re typically every few minutes around the clock.)

What is “casino bingo”?

Many online casinos offer bingo-type games under the loose rubric of “casino bingo” games. The layout of the actual bingo card is recognizable, but the rules may be tweaked for single-player play in that one must achieve a bingo in a certain number of moves or that payout decreases with more numbers called. These games are essentially novelty items that differ from site to site.

Within the current craze for gaming apps, a few casino bingo games based on speed of play and “leveling up” for rewards have emerged, but these are free play only – No thrill of the jackpot win in those…

Where should I play bingo online?

canadian bingo online for real money playPlease visit any of the online casinos partnered with CasinoCanada for websites which allow Canadian players and are quality-tested for security and fair play. Rest assured that your bingo-playing experience will not be marred by hackers and casino cheats.

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