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Top 5 Unusual Casinos in the World

The aim of casinos worldwide is to attract as many customers as possible. They provide luxuries to make their players feel like high rollers, but good service and promotions aren't always enough to set them apart from their competitors. Smaller casinos and those that don't have many game choices struggle to compete with bigger, more established organizations.

Having a gimmick helps them get noticed. For this reason, many casinos go for bizarre locations or themes. Gamblers are thrill-seekers, and most of them love anything untraditional or unique that adds to the experience. Let's take a look at five of the most unusual casinos that are perfect for these kinds of players.

Casino Jet Lounge

Movie specification
Casino Jet Lounge
Location: Slots: Table Games: Sports Betting: Restaurants: Working Hours:
In Flight No 3+ No Yes 24/7

No matter what class you're in, flying can be restraining and uncomfortable, plus the entertainment options tend to be limited. For this reason, Airjet has decided to give gamblers the different experiences that they are seeking.

The Casino Jet Lounge doesn't just change how you gamble but also how you fly. Instead of the standard rows of seats, this plane has a lounge area that features table games with a dealer and a bar. Passengers are allowed to walk freely during the flight and enjoy available services and games.

There's no denying being able to wager while flying in the sky is a truly unique experience. The combination of white stone, natural wood, soft lighting, and leather finishes gives passengers a touch of luxury like no other casino. It aims to give first-class, business class, and VIP passengers a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying some gambling during their flight.

Casino Jet Lounge

Desert Cave Hotel and Casino

Movie specification
Desert Cave
Location: Slots: Table Games: Sports Betting: Restaurants: Working Hours:
Coober Pedy, Australia 16+ No No Yes 24/7

Down in Coober Pedy, Australia, you'll find a magnificent underground casino, which has been carved out of the desert caves. The town's residents' homes have also been built from the same limestone landscape. This unusual design attracts many curious gamblers and tourists.

The underground cave casino has more than 15 poker games and provides all the amenities, including transfers to and from Ghan Airport, even though it is in a remote location. There are cafes, bars, restaurants, free Wi-Fi, and even Coober Pedy tours throughout the day.

Desert Cave Casino Australia

Rivers Casino

Movie specification
Rivers Casino
Location: Slots: Table Games: Sports Betting: Restaurants: Working Hours:
Des Plaines, Illinois, USA 1,000+ 65+ Yes 7+ 24/7

In Des Plaines, Illinois, Rivers Casino is built on a shallow pit of water as a way to get around the state gambling laws that only allow riverboat casinos. The unique location is minutes away from O'Hare International Airport and attracts plenty of locals and international tourists. For anyone who can't wait until they arrive, it's possible to enjoy the Rivers Casino experience online.

Rivers Casino also has a fantastic game selection and various restaurants and bars. This casino caters to every preference, so if you're a sports-betting and match watch party type of person, this is also a wonderful option.

Rivers Casino Illinois

Grosvenor Casino

Movie specification
Grosvenor Casino
Location: Jackpot Slots: Table Games: Sports Betting: Restaurants: Working Hours:
London, UK Yes 49+ Yes Yes 24/7

The back of a cab is where you can find one of the smallest casinos. Grosvenor Casino gives gambling on the go a whole new meaning. It started as a summer campaign for Grosvenor Casino when they customized London cabs to include a gaming table and dealer.

The cab also has TVs showing sports, a bar and internet gambling, if that's more your style. Gamblers can also use this service to go to the land-based casino free of charge. If you have another destination in mind, you can pay in the form of a donation to the casino's choice of charity.

The casino cab usually operates in Birmingham, but it can be found touring major cities promoting the "Playyourway" campaign. Jo Blundell, the sales and marketing director of Grosvenor, says that anyone who sees the cab is free to hail it down for a truly unique travelling and gambling experience.

Grosvenor Casino London

Resorts World Genting

Movie specification
Resorts World Genting
Location: Slots: Table Games: Sports Betting: Restaurants: Working Hours:
Pahang, Malaysia 3140+ 426+ No 9+ 24/7

Pahang Malaysia is home to Resorts World Genting on the peak of Mount Ulu Kali, which is one of the most difficult-to-reach casinos in the world. Fortunately, visitors have a choice of six hotels, so they don't have to worry about constant travelling.

The mountain peak is the only place in Malaysia where you'll find casinos. Genting Casino and Sky Casino in the resort have a variety of games and facilities and a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

Being so far away from the main cities doesn't mean you'll have limited entertainment options. The casinos are a part of resorts with theme parks, cineplex, showrooms, and concert halls. You'll get the full gambling experience and a wonderful trip by coming to these casinos.

Resorts World Genting casino

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Top 5 Unusual Casinos in the World ► CasinoCanada — BLOG video preview 🏆Read about top-5 unusual casinos here - 🎁Collect hot bonuses for Canadian gamblers here - The most unusual casinos in the world are overviewed over here. Imagine a Casino Jet Lounge gambling hall that is based in the plane, learn about a Desert Cave Hotel and Casino based under the ground, find out how Rivers Casino operates, listen about the smallest Grosvenor Casino, and view Resorts World Genting! Open and learn the most interesting facts about gambling in Canada and beyond!


There's no limit to the potential of casinos and the gambling industry. These establishments give their customers an experience they won't forget and tend to stand the test of time.

Often the story behind how the casino came into being or an unconventional location makes the trip exciting and worthwhile. From mountain tops to underground caves, these unusual casinos allow you to enjoy a classic activity in wonderful new ways while at the same time exploring exciting parts of the world.

The Casino Jet Lounge will change the way you fly and gamble. With its sophisticated design and first-class experience, your travel time will fly by without you noticing. Built on shallow water, its origin story and convenient placement are what makes Rivers Casino a favourite in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Nothing makes a cab ride more fun than a stocked bar and gambling. Getting a ride from a Grosvenor Casino cab is not only convenient but also entertaining. For people who enjoy exotic climates, there’s the casino of Resorts World Genting. It’s not easy to get to it at the top of the mountain, but it’s worth it.

Out of all the underground casinos, Desert Cave Casino is the most unique. It may not have the largest game selection, but gambling in a room carved out of desert stone is something not many people can say they've done.

You can easily enjoy a vacation travelling to these casinos because they all offer amazing facilities off the floor. They’re often part of resorts or hotels, and you'll have no problem finding nearby top quality bars and restaurants.

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