Live Dealer Slots - What Is the Point?

When it comes to playing slot games, there have traditionally been two ways to play it. Either you play it in a physical brick-and-mortar casino and pull a lever, just like they have all over Las Vegas, or you can sit and play comfortably from your own home. Today technology has become so advanced and efficient that we aren’t bound by physical location.

It is now possible to bring the feeling and experience of a physical brick-and-mortar casino into your home. A third option has become increasingly more popular over the last few years - live dealer slots. This is exactly what it sounds like; a live dealer playing the slots game for you. This article will dig a little deeper on this subject and talk about why and how this even is a thing.

What Are Live Dealer Slots to Begin With?

Live dealer slots to begin

This is a good question, and the simplest description is found in the name; it is a live dealer essentially playing slots on your behalf. However, saying this gives a stiff and apathetic description, but this would be accurate. The dealer is, in fact, very engaged and “alive.” It is pretty much like the slot games you are used to playing on a casino website.

Before starting, you calibrate and tinker a bit with the betting options, and once satisfied, you press the spin button. The dealer will either pull the lever or push the button, depending on the casino, and reveal whether you won or not.

This is all possible thanks to live-streaming technology. So everything happening on the dealer’s end will be streamed to you in real-time with high definition picture quality. To mimic a physical brick-and-mortar casino, you are also provided with a chat box so you can interact with your dealer. This makes your live slots experience a lot more realistic.

There is only one live dealer slot game on the market. The game was developed by the undisputed heavyweight of live casino games, Evolution gaming. The game is called Mermaid’s Fortune and is played by dealers dressed as mermaids and appear to be on an exotic island.

Why Would Anyone Play This?

Live Dealer Slots

Great question. It may sound strange when you have never tried it, but it is more fun than it sounds. We were skeptical ourselves in the beginning when live casinos with table games were a new phenomenon, and this might be similar. We believe that online casinos at large are missing the human factor for slot games. 

The lack of interaction and recognition in slots is apparent. Sitting in a dark room playing slots with yourself can quickly become boring and monotonous. To switch it up, having a live dealer drastically shifts the dynamics. Now, suddenly, something new is constantly happening, and you have someone to interact with.

When online casinos became popular around one or two decades ago, slot games were essentially the only thing you could play. Evolution gamings entry to the market and then figuring out how to deliver live games to gamblers changed the entire industry. In our opinion, it was a change for the better. 

With live streaming growing in popularity, the casino world becomes more interconnected as it offers a bridge for gamblers to interact. Online gambling has often been labelled as something you do in solitary, but live casino sections are changing the narrative with live chat windows that connect parties within the space.

Is it Worth Your Time to Play Live Dealer Slots?

Gods of Gold InfiniReels slot

We can tell you this much; this is unlike anything you have tried in the gambling industry before. It is a unique experience that is a happy medium between the physical brick-and-mortar slot machines and the newer online casino slots. Instead of being mindless and effortless like a traditional slot game, you constantly see something new and have someone to turn to. When winning, you are also not celebrating alone. You have someone who is in your corner.

The developers behind the live slot games have put in a lot of money, effort, and thinking to create an appealing environment with a great atmosphere.

If you are a person that likes to play live dealer games in general, this is probably going to be right up your alley. Ironically, if you prefer to play slots games, this will probably fit your preferences as well. The idea here is not to go in and blow an entire bankroll on something you have never played before. Instead, we suggest that you allocate just a few low-cost spins to see how you like the gambling experience. Perhaps it may not suit you, and in that case, you have saved yourself some bankroll that can be better utilized elsewhere.

Is This the Future of Gambling?

Gods of Gold InfiniReels slot

No one can predict the trends of tomorrow with certainty, least of which in such a rapidly paced industry. In the casino industry, trends tend to happen fast, and if they catch some wind, they take off. Something that hasn’t taken off yet is Live dealer slots. So if we are basing the future of this game category on the performance of games such as Mermaid’s Fortune, the future isn’t bright. The game has been released for several years but never really caught traction like many other categories in the industry. 

The gap of human interactions seems to have been sufficiently filled with the live dealer table games instead. If this subset of live gambling would have had something unique and exciting going for it, we can suppose that websites and developers would put more of an emphasis on it. These days, you will find extensive offerings with live dealer games but rarely any live dealer slot games when entering any online casino site. That probably answers our question. However, if this is subject to change in the future, we will just have to wait and see.


Live dealer slots are something that sounds a bit strange, but it can be surprisingly fun. However, the category appeared to never gain much attraction with the “live dealer” gamblers, and subsequently, there is only one live dealer slot game available on the market. If this is going to change in the future, we will have to wait and see.

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