Richmond Casino Referendum’s Uncertain Fate as Polling Shows Split Support

It could not be closer in the voting to whether Richmond will see a new casino built, with polling ahead of voting on November 7th indicating a split.

After more than 900 likely voters were polled in Richmond, 43% of the participants said they would vote "definitely not", while 39% said they would vote "definitely yes". There is a last-minute, frantic race to convince the remaining 18% to vote one way or another before people head to the polls on November 7th.

The project, estimated to cost more than $550 million to build, could raise more than $30 million in tax revenue for the city, according to the casino developers Urban One and Churchill Downs. At the same time, more than 1,300 union jobs will be established in the region, with an average compensation of $55,000.

Some officials in favour of the project are pointing to those sizable low-hanging fruits. They argue the funds will be pumped back into childcare, education, and other state-funded initiatives.

Opponents, however, point to potential addiction issues arising in the local community and not enough responsible play measures in place.

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What Will The Casino Look Like?

Plans for the new development include various exciting gambling options, such as slot machines, an on-site sportsbook, and various table games.

In addition to the gambling facilities, there will also be a luxurious 250-room hotel for guests. The development will also feature a sprawling 55-acre (22-hectare) outdoor park, in stunning surroundings.

For dining, there will be a variety of culinary options available to satisfy every palate. And for entertainment, a state-of-the-art 3,000-seat concert venue will host various performances and events.

Second Time Lucky For Yes Voters?

This isn't the first time local residents have been asked for their point of view on whether a casino should be built in Richmond.

A vanishingly slender 51%- 49% NO result in 2021 put the brakes on plans to develop the current iteration, which is getting a second run at it.

At the time, those residing in the south of the city were more amenable to the plans of Urban One and then-partner Peninsula Pacific Entertainment, which has since been aquired by Churchill Downs after a $2.5 billion purchase in 2022.

Do Proponents Have A Point?

The vested interest that the developers have in establishing this casino goes without saying, but some recent studies suggest they have a point about the net benefits to local communities.

A study conducted by the American Gaming Association (AGA) found that the establishment of land-based casinos in New York City generated $6.5 billion in economic activity and created more than 25,000 jobs. This led to an overall increase in tax revenue for the region, with $2 billion in tax revenue being re-circulated around the state's economy.

At the time of writing, Virginia is ranked 20th in the amount of gross gaming revenue from land-based casinos in states that legalise gambling, having raised $563.21 million in 2022.

When you consider Arkansas, a massively conservative state, reported casino revenue of $614.12 million, it would be hard to dismiss the theory that there is a massive and dormant growth potential in Virginia.

When Will We Know The Results?

Counting will get underway immediately on November 7th, and results are expected through by November 8th.

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